Go Higher: The Midlands - Child of the Sixties Enters the Ivy League

Article excerpt

WARWICK UNIVERSITY is one of Britain's brightest and best, but unlike the other British "Ivy League" universities, it is not steeped in tradition. It was founded in the Sixties and is set on a modern campus, not in the historic town of castle fame, but on the edge of Coventry.

It has built itself up in a short space of time into one of Britain's top ten universities and one of the top five research universities; 40 per cent of its 15,000 plus students are postgraduate. The business school is one of the best in the country, with top grades in teaching and research.

Nineteen out of 21 departments have been ranked as excellent under the old ranking system or scored 21 points and above under the current system (24 points is the top score).

Estelle Morris, the Education Secretary, took her Warwick- validated teaching degree in the college that eventually became the university's Institute of Education.

It has a thriving science park and strong links with industry - 60 per cent of its income comes from commercial activities. …