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The Tennessean

A NEW resolve has been woven into the fibre of the American spirit. This resolve will help us to stand up to the new challenges ahead. The planes that struck our symbols of world trade and military strength on Sept. 11 have created a ripple effect that will surely spread across this great land of ours. Each concentric circle of this ripple will bring to Americans the understanding that a new way of life has now been handed to us. But Americans will stand together as one people and one voice, shouting loud and clear that this insult to our nation will not deter our resolve to overcome this enemy called terrorism. This war will be fought on a different battlefield and will take longer to win. But we Americans are awake now and we will win... 911 has been dialled and our country will answer and respond. (Frank Boehm)

The New York Times

WILL GRATUITOUS violence in movies and the cheap and titillating confrontation of talk shows give way to a longing for more serious themes? Will the surge of bipartisan spirit endure, washing away the pettiness that devalues public life and alienates voters? When John F Kennedy was assassinated, I was a young reporter working in Omaha. I was a true child of the Fifties, innocent and conventional in my ambitions. I remember thinking then: "This doesn't happen here. This will change us." But I couldn't have anticipated the cataclysmic change to come, from Vietnam, through social upheaval, to Watergate. Almost 40 years later I feel as uncertain as then, knowing that change is coming again in forms we cannot foresee. (Tom Brokaw)

Christian Science Monitor

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE once said: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." That may seem a stretch, as we nervously wait to see if further attacks and economic bad news will follow. We feel tension between our commitment to democratic values and our need for greater security. The revelation of terrorist networks operating on US soil tears at our unity. Still, there are reasons to believe Nietzsche today. The immediate response to the disaster gives reason for confidence. …