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FIFTY YEARS ago this autumn, the contraceptive pill was invented. To mark the anniversary, this week's Knowledge Talks (10pm BBC Knowledge) is mounting "A Debate on the Pill". Four million women in the UK are currently using this method of contraception, but in spite of this widespread usage, it has been the subject of many criticisms and health scares. To examine the revolution in fertility and personal choice that the Pill has brought modern generations, a panel of experts has been convened at the Science Museum in London. Sheena MacDonald (right) will host the debate between such guests as Carl Djerassi, a chemist dubbed "the father of the Pill", and Lara Marks, the author of Sexual Chemistry, a recent book charting the history of the potent contraceptive.

TALL, GOOD-LOOKING and clean-cut, the actor Tim Robbins has in the past been given the role of American hero and all-round nice guy - think of his wronged prisoner in The Shawshank Redemption. This makes his casting as a sinister neighbour in Arlington Road (8pm Sky Premier) all the more effective. In Mark Pellington's riveting thriller, he plays Oliver Lang, an apparently respectable pillar of the community in suburban Washington DC who befriends his neighbour, Michael Farady (Jeff Bridges), a paranoid college professor coming to terms with the recent murder of his wife. Despite Lang's calm, warm family image, Farady begins to suspect that he is hiding a sinister secret. …