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ONE OF Jonathan Ross's greatest loves is kung fu movies, and he pays tribute to them tonight in Stop! Kung Fu! (10.30pm BBC Choice). This new, six-part series focuses on the more arcane characteristics of "chop-socky" flicks. In the company of two loyal sidekicks, a martial arts anorak (known as Kung Fu Ricky) and an alluring Chinese femme fatale named Sarllya, Ross runs through such comic countdowns as the Top Five Kung Fu Babes and the Top Five Kung Fu Death Scenes. During the series, he will be joined by fellow fans such as Eddie Izzard, Richard Blackwood, Simon Pegg, and Adam and Joe.

IN THE wake of his charismatic central turn in the multi-Oscar- winning Gladiator, Russell Crowe has become a front-rank Hollywood action hero. The Insider (8pm Sky Premier), however, proves that he is capable of far greater subtlety and range than his most famous role allowed. In Michael Mann's riveting thriller, based on a true story, Crowe delivers a magnetic performance as Jeffrey Wigand, a tobacco company executive. He becomes so troubled by the cover-ups in his industry that he blows the whistle to a TV producer (Al Pacino, above, with Crowe) from 60 Minutes. …