2001 Review of the Year: War & Terrorism - RUDY GIULIANI: He Was a Rock, but He Managed to Be Compassionate, Too

Article excerpt

Rudolph Giuliani had a press conference just before Christmas and indulged himself one last time. Days away from stepping down as Mayor of New York City after eight years, he wanted to remind us one last time what a wonderful job he had done.

He is quite shameless. When New York magazine put adverts on the sides of the city buses a couple of years ago saying it was the one good thing in the city that the mayor couldn't claim credit for, he sued to have them removed.

A strict Roman Catholic who almost became a priest as a young man, he pioneered the politics of intolerance. Crime was not tolerated, but neither were critics or political opponents.

While getting the prostitutes and pimps from Times Square became part of the Giuliani legacy, the man himself titillated the city by publicly dumping his wife of several years while escorting another woman to functions. Nor did he do himself any political favours when he dithered over running for the US Senate against Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2000, before finally accepting the challenge and then abruptly dropping out. …