'Can I Get on to a Criminology Programme? Are There Online Postgraduate Courses for Deaf People?' ; POSTGRADUATE QUERIES

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Guilt-edged chance

I'm interested in studying criminology but I don't have a law background - I have a BA in English - although I've done voluntary work with victim support. Would I get on to a postgraduate course, and how much would it cost part-time? Yes, you probably can get on to a course. Your voluntary work would help, although more popular courses may want a background in the social sciences or law.

These days, you can combine criminology with a range of subjects such as human rights, community safety or international law. Courses tend to be found in the departments of sociology, law or social sciences. Some universities have their own centres of criminal justice, like Hull, Portsmouth and Loughborough.

The University of Leicester's criminology department has both taught and online courses. Applicants need a 2.1 degree and your voluntary work would give you an advantage over those without experience. But it depends who you are up against; if 30 probation officers apply, you'd have less chance Most applicants have done voluntary work in the probation sector or youth work, or come from a criminology or sociology background. Some study purely for personal interest, but most want a career in academic criminology. Right now, the most popular subject is security and risk assessment, especially with regard to global terrorism.

If you have a job in mind - for example in the legal profession, the police, or community work - ask course tutors about the destinations of former students. This will give you an idea of whether the course will take you where you want to go.

A part-time course costs about [pound]1,500 a year for UK students, although this depends on the institution.

Essential skills on the web

I recently graduated from the OU with a BSc. Because I am a deaf/ hard of hearing person, the courses were very much online. I would like to proceed to a Masters on a similar basis, but there appears to be little information on postgraduate online courses. …