He's Only 15, but Marr Jr Is Ready to Rock ; HOME NEWS

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Nile Marr is hardly the average 15-year-old, dreaming of being a rock star and arguing with his parents about how loud he can play his music. His father is Johnny Marr, guitarist from the legendary Smiths and now Modest Mouse. A musician in his own right, Marr junior plays his first solo gig next weekend to a packed "all ages" audience in Manchester.

Solo greatness almost came even earlier, a few months ago, when Nile was offered the main support slot to Paulo Nutini on his UK tour. If this had gone ahead, Nile would have played to 4,000 people a night. But the deal was scuppered when insurance people got wind of the fact that he is only 15 - and refused to cover the gig.

Despite playing instruments, including the piano, the guitar and the drums from the age of six, he did not regard the transition to becoming a musician as inevitable.

"I never thought I would be a musician - not because my dad did it, just because that's not the thing I saw myself doing," he told Designer Magazine. "But when you grow up with music playing all the time and musicians coming and going through your life, you're bound to love music and everything about it."

Given his father's intense approach to music it is, perhaps, not surprising that Nile cites some equally serious musicians as his musical influences.

Never mind The Libertines, or Arctic Monkeys, Nile looks to Bob Dylan, John Martyn and Nick Drake for his inspiration. "The first album my dad ever bought me was Bob Dylan's Desire and that record just changed my life," he said.

"I would listen to it all the time and fall asleep to it every night. Listening to Bob Dylan since as long as I can remember made me play a certain way." A drumming gig in a teenage band led to forming his own line-up, Kid 4077, but it broke up last year and Nile has moved on to become a singer songwriter. …