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WINSTON CHURCHILL DRANK Johnnie Walker (whether Red or Black is a matter of some dispute). Prince Charles favors Laphroaig. Author Christoplier llitchens, with whom I've had the pleasure of knocking back more than a few wee drams, is partial to Lagavulin. Personally, I enjoy many Scotches hut generally find a lightly pealed single malt aged at least 18 years most satisfying.

The distilleries at which these and other fine Scotches are produced welcome the public for tours and taslings.

Dewar's World of Whisky in Aberfeldy. about an hour and half north of Glasgow, is the most informative and elaborate.

Glemnorangie offers "Malt Whisky Weekends" at its "Highland home" about 33 miles north of I nverness. Accommodations, meals, afternoon teas, entertainment, golf, and fishing are included.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is an unusually beautiful city, with many exceptional restaurants and pubs featuring extensive whisky collections. Among the city's best hotels is the Balmoral, which is within easy walking distance of Edinburgh Castle, the Museum of Scotland, St. Giles Cathedral, and Hollyrood-Scotland's new $800 million Parliament.

Years ago, Glasgow was a bleak city. Today, it is a thriving commercial hub. Not far away is Airth Castle, now a hotel, with dinner and ghost stories told by a raconteur wearing a kilt.

You can't overnight at CawdorCastle, the home of the Dowager Countess Cawdor, but letting visitors tour the rooms and grounds for a fee is one way a royal makes ends meet these days.

HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, purchased and restored the 16th-century Mey Castle after the death of her beloved husband. King George VI. For years thereafter it was her summer resiclence. …