Cavanaugh to Retire from Asa

Article excerpt

Gloria Cavanaugh has announced that she will retire from her position as president and CEO of the American Society on Aging (ASA), based in San Francisco, after three decades at the helm of the organization. As the first full-time employee of the then Western Gerontological Society in 1975, she began managing the fledgling regional association when it still managed its several dozen membership names on index cards stored in a shoe box. Under her leadership, ASA has grown into a national network of nearly 10,000 members, plus publication subscribers, conference attendees and collaborative partners.

According to Robyn L. Golden, chair of ASA's board of directors, Cavanaugh has worked with the board and staff to help ASA become the premier national organization focused on the education and training of professionals devoted to working in the field of aging. "Her commitment has supported broad-ranging educational efforts and national conferences devoted to bringing together practitioners, researchers, educators and policymakers from the many different disciplines to share information, resources and support," Golden said. …