Jim C. Stinic Audio-Video Lending Library Update

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Finally, the Jim C. Stinic Audio-Video Lending Library is once again open for business. This list is constantly being updated and you will find a more extensive list, including other videotapes and hundreds of audio cassettes, on the website. We have lots more great jazz to bring to you!

These library offerings cover every type of jazz, from very early New Orleans to modem. Most of them are truly outstanding and they are, this being the IAJRC, mostly performances that you've probably never heard before. Donations are welcome.

Rental Information (available to members only) Videos

US$5.00, first video cassette; US$2.00 each additional.

Canada: add US$1.00 per video cassette.

Audio cassette dubs of the above videos are also available.

Audio Cassettes

US $3.00, first cassette, US $1.50 each additional.

Canada: add US $.50 each.

Other countries, cost will vary for postage: e-mail or write for quote. Payment must be in US funds. All checks or money orders should be made payable to the IAJRC, not the librarian:

Fred Hofmann, 130 Sand Castle Way, Neptune Beach, Florida 32266 fredhofmann@comcast.net Fax: (00)1-904-246-5566

Provenance note: The name in parenthesis at end of each listing identifies the donor of material. IAJRC inventory numbers are approximate so please include full details with any enquiry.

Interviews and airchecks on audiocassettes

1) Milt Hinton Story (Mac Clark)

2) Lil Armstrong (Mac Clark)

3) Coleman Hawkins (Mac Clark)

4) Bruce Hutchinson with Marcus Belgrave (Mark Ladenson)

5) Ramsey Lewis with Eddie Harris and Les McCann (Mark Ladenson)

6) The Sterling Bose Story w/ George Kay (Mac Clark)

7) The Raymond Burke Story w/George Kay (Mac Clark)

8) Tom Alexander interviews Larry Clinton (Vol. 1 & 2) (Mac Clark)

9) Deane Kincaide - interview and music (Vol 1 & 2) (Mac Clark)

10) Red Norvo - interview and music (Vol. 1 & 2) (Mac Clark)

11) Artie Shaw, November 1984, CJRT - Radio Toronto (Mac Clark)

12) Benny Goodman w/ Jerry Williams, WRKO, Boston, June 11, 1986, (Mac Clark)

13) Kay Starr (Mac Clark)

14) Jelly Roll Morton w/ Gabriell Heatter, 30 September 39 (Mac Clark)

15) Eddie Condon Memorial, 5 May 75, BBC, Part I (Mac Clark)

16) Same. 5-12-75. BBC. Part II (Mac Clark)

17-18) What's Left Of Goldkette -1968 (Part 1).

Group discussion initiated by clarinettist-alto saxophonist Doc Ryker of the surviving members of the mid-1920s Goldkette orchestras, including Ryker, trombonist Bill Rank, pianist Itzy Riskin, violinist Joe Venuti, trombonist Spiegel Willcox, drummer Chauncey Morehouse, pianist-arranger Bill Challis, alto saxophonist Owen A. Bartlett, and others. (Phil Oldham)

19) Same. (Part 2) (Phil Oldham) - Sorry, not available.

20) Buster Smith. Interview 1982. (Don Manning)

21) Presentation by Jim Weaver at Boston Convention, 1989. Audiocassette to accompany written text. (Jim Weaver)

22) Yank Lawson Interview, 1993. (Paul Goodman)

23) Benny Goodman - interview by Peter Clayton. (Raymond Slayton)

24) Edith Wilson (radio actress, 'Aunt Jemima') - by Studs Terkel, Chicago (Tom Duncan)

25) Ray Noble - November 1977 interview by John Jensen. Vol. 1 (Tom Duncan)

26) Ray Noble, Vol 2 (Tom Duncan)

27) Benny Goodman - interviewed by Joe Thompson, 1978 and 1979 (Tom Duncan)

28) Wilber DeParis, from Atlantic 1233 (Tom Duncan)

29) Mary Lou Williams - interview by Sonny Buxton (Tom Duncan)

30) Michel Petrucciani Concert - Introduced and interviewed by Alyn Shipton. BBC, 24 December 1994 (Tony Adkins)

31) same - Part 2 (Tony Adkins)

32) Jazz Jamaica, Gary Crosby Band. BBC, 31 Dec 1994 (Tony Adkins)

33) same-Part 2 (Tony Adkins)

34) Nat & George (Nat King Cole & George Benson) BBC broadcast (Tony Adkins)

35) George Shearing Interview by June Knox-Mawer on BBC, 29 December 1994 (Tony Adkins)

36) Parker's Mood - radio play on BBC, 7 November 1991 (Tony Adkins)

37) Artie Shaw at BBC - Part A: Kaleidoscope; from John Dunn Show. …