Tea and Antipathy

Article excerpt

Who's cashing i? on (and clashing within) the Tea Party movement

DALE ROBERTSON, TEAPARTY.ORG: Claiming to be the founder of the Tea Party movement, he's bought up domain names like teaparty.org and tried to sell them off. Competing Tea Partiers have tried to discredit him by circulating a photo of him carrying a racist sign at a rally (right).

TEA PARTY EXPRESS: This nationwide bus tour is organized by a political action committee called Our Country Deserves Better; the original idea was cooked up by cop consulting firm Russo Marsh & Rogers. According to Politico, the Tea Party Express has raised more than $2.7 million; of the $4.1 million spent by the pac, nearly half has gone to Russo Marsh.

MARK MECKLER, TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: The former political consultant turned Tea Party spokesman has come under fire for his ties to the gop. He once worked for the group that underwrote the anti-Hillary Clinton movie at the center of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision - which allows unlimited corporate money to flow into the election system so many Tea Partiers despise. …