Pay Close Attention If This Makes Sense

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Now that has gone all "newsy" on us (the blog is credited with breaking the whole Brett-Favre-Sending-Raunchy-Pictures Scandal, which in our eyes turned it into a mainstream media outlet), we're on the hunt for sites with more snark and less news.

Luckily, we didn't have to search long for sites that employ the ol' Jon Stewart 'looks like news, sounds like entertainment" methods.

One of our standbys is the sometimesraunchy, often-funny The site has evolved to the point where it has plenty of gadgets and whatzits and widgets on its homepage, all dedicated to the pseudo-news of sports.

We love the lead stories at SportsPickle, such as a recent one about the staff of the original "" website getting laid off because the coach in question has been gone for three seasons. We also like "Today in Revisionist Sports History," which puts a devious spin on similar features of respectable sites. For example, there's the "Mordecai Three Finger' Brown pitches a shutout as the Chicago Cubs defeat the Detroit Tigers, 2-0, to sweep the World Series. Unfortunately, Brown had no finger on which to wear his championship ring."

The photo essays are also worth a peek, although use caution if you plan on checking out the site at the office. "Historic Baseball Facial Hair Owners" includes a classic line attached to a photo of famously hairy St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bruce Sutter. "Look at those two Cardinals," the comment notes of the birds on Sutter's uniform. "They just arrived and are waiting for Sutter to go to bed. Then they'll take loose beard hairs for their nest."

And then there's, which makes sure to include the disclaimer, "This article is satire and is not intended as actual news," in red letters on every page, in case you can't figure it out. We liked this site the first time we saw it, especially because the main story was about a trade rumor in the works. "According to multiple sources around the NBA, ESPN basketball writer Marc Stein is working on a Carmelo Anthony to the Nets trade rumor," the site posted in deadpan style. …