Making the Shift: A Call to Action

Article excerpt

How do we ensure mat the best thing that ever happened to us as individuals, me prospect of extended and healthier lives, is a boon to the broader community, now and into the future? Here are a few ideas (for more ideas, visit

Create a gap year for grown-ups. The gap year, often an important rite of passage for youth moving into adulthood, could offer older adults a chance for reflection, renewal and redirection - a possible foundation for starting a new stage of life.

Establish school for the second half of life. Let us develop a new kind of education suited to the new stage of life - learning that blends vocational preparation, personal transformation and intellectual stimulation.

Expand national service opportunities. Many older people are looking to national service programs, such as AmeriCorps, as a way to give back and get a leg up on a new career.

Fund Encore Fellowships. Encore Fellowships - paid internships for those in their encore years - are highly effective in delivering new sources of talent to me nonprofit world while helping Fellows transition to encore careers.

Revamp human resources policies. …