16th World Productivity Congress and European Productivity Conference

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A report by Dr Andrew Muir IMS Deputy Chairman and WAPS Fellow on day one of the Congress.

The 16th World Productivity Congress and European Productivity Conference was held 2-5 November 2010 at the Maritim Pine Beach Resort-Convention Centre, Belek-Antalya, Turkey.

The theme for the Congress was 'Productivity at the Crossroads: Creating a Socially, Economically and Environmentally Responsible World'.

The Congress was, for the first time, held in partnership with the European Productivity Conference, and was thus jointly organised by the World Confederation of Productivity Science and the European Association of National Productivity Centres. The host organising body was MPM, the National Productivity Centre of Turkey.

In order to give some indication of the scope of the Congress, there were no fewer than 1 50 papers presented in five separate streams running in parallel over three days. In addition, there were seven keynote speakers and John Heap, a past Chairman of the IMS and current President of the WCPS, delivered the James L Riggs memorial lecture.

Supplementary to this, was a poster programme with some 23 posters on display, illustrating projects currently being undertaken on such diverse subjects as 'Shanghai's Economic Growth and the Influences of Its Industrial Labour Productivity Since the Reform and Opening-up' and, 'Business to Business Online - The New Paradigm of Productivity Growth in the Romanian Trade Area'. All in all, a very intense three days for the 400 plus delegates from 25 different countries, that were in attendance.

Opening of the Congress - day one

The President of the Republic of Turkey, His Excellency Abdullah Gul's message to the congress was: "Today, the need for re-evaluating the world's economic circumstances in line with productivity principles is a must. Keeping the balance between the unlimited needs and the limited resources will be succeeded only with collaboration of the world's capacities at the international level in all fields". His message went on, "I would like to emphasise my conviction that instead of wasting the world's resources by neglecting to use rational and productive methods; increasing global wealth, providing wealth with fairer distribution at the national and international levels, sparing resources for combating hunger and poverty will contribute to world peace. The republic of Turkey has always been a supporter of such activities". His message concluded, "At the congress, the effects and the results of the global crises will be discussed and the experiences of the countries about overcoming the crises will be shared, the solution suggestions of different countries will be discussed and the crises the world is going through will be examined extensively in the framework of productivity .

Consequently, I would like to state my contentment and support for the 16th World Productivity Congress and the European Productivity Conference 2010 taking place in my country".

Keynote speaker - Ms. Guler Sabanci - Chairman and Managing Director of Sabanci Holding, Turkey.

Guler Sabanci is among the 10 most powerful women in global business, indeed Fortune magazine ranked Ms Sabanci as number seven in its annual '50 Most Powerful Woman in Business' list. She oversees more than 30 group companies in Turkey, which generated total revenues of $12.2 billion in 2009. She has focused the group on core businesses like cement, energy and retail. She has also launched a transition into low carbon emission projects, with the company's cement group investing significantly in the production of electricity from waste gas - a first for Turkey.

Her presentation concentrated on the impact of the global recession and the economic slow down that continued during 2009. Globally, she said, wide-ranging public intervention applied nearly everywhere to support demand and lower uncertainty and systematic risk in financial markets. …