Editor's Note

Article excerpt

The troop drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan brings with it an opportunity to regroup, reassess and refocus, preparing the force for what lies ahead. While we continue to meet the steady, consistent demand for Army Reserve capabilities, we are presented with the opportunity to take a look back at a near-decade at war. We can see what worked and what didn't work, and the ways we can continue to "Sustain the Force".

In this issue we highlight numerous programs designed to address the stress and strain of multiple deployments on both Soldiers and Families- Command Sgt. Maj. Michael D. Schultz takes a look at a few of the best on pages 4-7. Also, check out award-winning journalist Sgt. 1st Class Mark Burrell's "Supplying Afghanistan" on pages 22 - 25 for a glimpse of how Task Force Bastogne keeps essential supplies coming 24/7 in a fast-paced environment.

Finally, a note from Paul Adams, whose dedication to telling the Army Reserve story has been the cornerstone of Warrior-Citizen for the better part of a decade:

It has been an incredible opportunity to serve this country, the Army and the Army Reserve infederai civil service over the last 35 and one-half years. As Editor-in-Chief of ARMT RESERVE Magazine and WARRIOR-CITIZEN MAGAZINE, since 2004, it has been an honor to work with some of the Army's best photojournalists. …