Aspects of Complexity: Managing Projects in a Complex World

Article excerpt

TERRY COOKE-DAVIES, PhD Aspects of Complexity:: Managing Projects in a Complex World PMI, 2011, ISBN: 9781935589303, paperback, 250 pp.. $23.95 Member, $29.95 Nonmember.

Complexity in projects can be difficult to define but easy to recognize. This collection of analyses aimed to deal with complexity in a way that would appeal to both academics and practitioners.

The study arose from a series of four academic and business roundtables sponsored by PMI in the United States, Australia, Malta and Brazil, Researchers will appreciate the content's academic rigor, and practitioners will appreciate the reader-friendly style and tone,

This book has been written with three different audiences in mind: people who manage programs and projects, managers in organizations to which programs and projects make a substantial contribution, and members of the academic research community who have an interest in how complexity shapes and influences the practice of program and project management.

Part 1 focuses primarily on the learning of experts, offering a deeper, more detailed investigation and analysis of principal aspects of project complexity, including strategic management, the reluctance to take on project management or "fear of flying," the impact of complexity on cost and schedule estimates, managing projects with high complexity, tools for complex projects, and developing managerial competence for complex projects. …