City's Birthplace Hit Again

Article excerpt

Selkirk Settlement monument missing another six plaques

Now there are only two plaques left.

Leaders of Winnipeg's Scottish community say thieves have made off with another six bronze plaques from a monument that marks the Selkirk Settlement of 1812.

Earlier this month, eight of the original 16 plaques were ripped from the concrete base of the monument. Six more were discovered missing on Friday.

The monument on Waterfront Drive is a stone's throw from the first wheat field planted in the black Red River gumbo.

It's where dispossessed Scots made a new home at Fort Douglas after fleeing the highland clearances in their homeland.

It's where Winnipeg was born.

The stepping stones in that journey are recorded in the bronze ring on the spot.

They mark the clans, the fur trade, kilted warriors and at least one fabled aristocrat.

The latest thefts occurred barely a week before the current Lord Selkirk is to visit Winnipeg for a week of celebrations marking the settlement his ancestor founded in 1812. …