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CANBERRA TIMES (Australia): "Is Your Boss Ruining Your Family?" Article quotes Dawn Carlson, professor of Management and H.R. Gibson Chair of Organizational Development, about her research findings, which show stress and tension caused by an abusive boss at work filters through to an employee's personal relationships at home.

TIME INC: "The Official Blog Post of Beer and Football: Why Sports Sponsorships Work." Article cites research by Kirk Wakefield, the Edwin W. Streeman Professor of Retail Marketing and the executive director of Sports Sponsorships & Sales and Music & Entertainment Marketing, on how effective corporate sponsorship of professional sports is on fan purchasing habits.

NEWSBLAZE: "Managerial Discretion Affects Board and Shareholder Reactions to Information about CEO Quality." Article cites a study coauthored by Theodore Waldron, assistant professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, on findings that a company's share price and its CEO's compensation can be influenced by thirdparty endorsements of the CEO, as well as the strategic options, called managerial discretion, that executives have at their disposal to manage the company. …