From the Desks of Charles and David Koch

Article excerpt

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear friends, donors, and fellow "Koch-heads,"

At our secret get-together in Vail in June 201 1, we warned you that the looming presidential election would be a battle "for the life or death of this country." Hey, it was poetic license. Yet before we're all taxed and regulated into oblivion, we'd like to brief you on the performance of our investments in 2012's volatile political futures market.

Discretion is the better part of value

Privately, we pledged to spend a combined total of $60 million to defeat Obama. Many of you also offered to contribute $ 1 million or more, placed in what some call "dark money" groups due to their discreet investor relations. Americans for Prosperity, which David helped found in 2004, spent more than $36 million via its "social welfare" nonprofit- with complete donor privacy.

A conservative approach

As Koch Industries has stated, our company's support for candidates "is not based on party affiliation." Sure enough, a full 5 percent of our firm's $2.2 million in publicly disclosed corporate donations went to Democrats. (We personally had a harder time finding deserving Democrats; all $410,000 of our public donations supported Republicans.)

Beating the competition

We blew our liberal rivals away, spendingwise. George Soros? He could only scrounge up $2.6 million for super-PACS and Democrats, though he reportedly pledged to spend another $ 1 million in private. …