Southwest Asia Service Medal Recognizes 1991 Persian Gulf War Duty

Article excerpt

Today, there are 582,136 Persian Gulf War vets in civilian life. And 105,922 are still on active duty. Together, they form a significant potential pool of members.

Executive Order 12754 established a campaign medal for the Persian Gulf War on March 12, 1991. It was awarded to all U.S. troops who served in Southwest Asia-or its contiguous waters or airspace-from Aug. 2, 1990, to Nov. 30, 1995.

For the medal's purpose, the land area of Southwest Asia included Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. "Contiguous waters" was defined as the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden and the portion of the Arabian Sea that lay north of 10 degrees North latitude and west of 68 degrees East longitude.

GIs who served under U.S. Central Command in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Jordan-or their territorial waters or airspace-between Jan. 17, 1991, and April 11, 1991, also received the medal. This included, for example, the four Patriot missile batteries manned by U. …