First Global Research Facility Dedicated to ADR Launched

Article excerpt

The American Arbitration Association recently launched the Global Center for Dispute Resolution Research, the first research facility dedicated to examining the use and effectiveness of dispute resolution practices worldwide. The Global Center, an autonomous and self-governing organization, is based in New York City.

The focus of the Global Center's work will be on gathering information about business-to-business disputes through global data collection, analysis, and independently sponsored research. It will have two governing bodies - a board of trustees, which will deal with governance and funding, and a Research Advisory Committee, which will establish the Global Center's research agenda, make grants to researchers, and ensure that rigorous methods of analysis are utilized in the research. Richard W. Naimark, AAA senior vice president, has been named executive director of the Global Center.

"Over the past five years there has been a steady growth in the inclusion of dispute resolution provisions in business contracts particularly in the international arena," said William K. Slate II, AAA president and CEO. "This trend is being led by some of the nation's largest companies, and, while there is ample anecdotal evidence about the effectiveness of dispute resolution techniques, virtually no research has been done in the field. The willingness of these companies to rely on dispute resolution methods should not have to be an act of faith. What we are establishing is a center for research that will move the use of dispute resolution onto a new plane and significantly strengthen its effectiveness and broaden its acceptance as a mainstream business risk management tool. …