Anorexia's Fallen Angel

Article excerpt

by Barbara McLintock


Reviewed by Danette Dooley

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When award-winning investigative journalist Barbara McLintock set out to write a book about the controversial Montreaux Clinic in British Columbia, she did so with four years of research backing up her horrifying conclusions about the clinic that had treated thousands of anorexia sufferers. Her knowledge of the subject area adds credibility to her gut-wrenching story.

Anorexia's Fallen Angel is the story of Peggy Claude-Pierre's rise to fame for her miraculous treatment of near-death anorexics. In a last ditch effort to save lives, Claude-Pierre was determined to use whatever method necessary--no matter how frowned upon by the medical profession--to get her skeleton-like patients to eat. Such methods included force-feedings by jamming a spoon into an uncooperative patient's mouth.

The idea to open a clinic for anorexics came to Claude-Pierre when her daughters began suffering from the illness. Sadly, though, her treatment regime discouraged family members from contacting their loved ones while they were patients at the clinic.

Following her own lack of credentials, those she hired to work at Montreaux had little training. …