National Bike Registry: Website Ready to Fight Bicycle Theft

Article excerpt

Centric Media Inc., owner of, has purchased the assets of the National Bike Registry (NBR) and will invest a million dollars in a major overhaul of NBR, which will use the power of the Internet to create an effective, centralized national bicycle registration system.

"A truly effective national bike registration system has only been a promise; we're going to make it a reality," said Eddie Orton, president of the Berkeley, Calif.-based "Our mission is to work closely with law enforcement agencies and the bicycle industry to help return stolen bikes to their owners, prevent their theft and alleviate the fear of theft that sometimes hinders bicycle sales."

Crime Stopping Key: The Law Enforcement Link

Over one million bicycles are stolen every year in the United States. The majority of recovered bikes never get returned, because law enforcement officials cannot locate the owners. For this reason, the major focus in the overhaul of the NBR will be to link closely with the police, offering them access to NBR's centralized database of registered bicycles. This can exponentially expand the chances of getting a stolen bicycle returned to its owner. is working toward linking thousands of community and campus police stations, as well as state, county and federal law enforcement groups, to its database. Currently hundreds of law enforcement agencies have access to the NBR. is enhancing the NBR with a number of services. Its new website allows hassle-free, online registration. The new online pricing system is as follows: $5 for three years, $10 for a 10-year registration, $25 for 30-year lifetime registration, $25 for a family membership (five bikes for ten years). You have access to update new bicycle purchases and the ability to update personal files at anytime through the online service. …