Special Report: IACP Convention: New Use of Force Products

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mhe 2000 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Show in San Diego featured a wide variety of products from hundreds of manufacturers. Advances in software and hardware, the latest soft body armor and new radar/lidar products are covered in separate articles. The following is just a sampling of new use-of-force products. Armor Holdings Armor Holdings introduced new products in each of its police oriented divisions, including American Body Armor, Defense Technology, Federal Laboratories, Protech and Safariland.

Of special interest to both tactical officers and to departments that issue less-lethal options is the new Defrec 23 DS 12 gauge bean bag. The "Drag Stabilized" bean bag filled with number nine birdshot is a sock-style projectile with four tails of fabric to improve accuracy. The 23DS sock uses a blend of cotton and ballistic material to reduce the likelihood of a fabric rupture upon impact. The aerodynamic 23 DS has greater accuracy and greater distances than flat and rolled bean bags. The projectile weighs 1.4 ounces, has a velocity of 280 fps and a maximum effective range of 80 feet.

Also new from DefTec for tactical officers is a welcome upgrade to the famous No. 25 Distraction Device. Defrec added additional ports in the gun steel body that eliminate the tendency to launch if the hand-tossed device lands in a certain way. DefIec solved the launch problem while maintaining the performance of the light, sound and pressure wave.

DefTec introduced a version of the No. 25 Distraction Device with a secondary safety clip for the pin's ring. This keeps the pin from being pulled if the ring gets snagged. DefFec also introduced a Command Initiated version of the No. 25. This fuse allows the Distraction Device to be remotely activated from applications like a "bang pole."

New from Safariland is the Tube Belt Levitation System. This new concept in duty belts is designed to eliminate sharp edges and pressure points found on duty belts. The new duty belt system fits a wide variety of body shapes and contours. It includes a new lock-up design to attach holsters and belt accessories with maximum comfort.

Combined Tactical Systems New for 2001 from Combined Tactical Systems is a 37 turn Super Sock, an advanced less-lethal, bean bag munition. CTS introduced the 12 gauge Super Sock in late 1998. Bean bag rounds have traditionally been rectangular bags, rolled like a newspaper to fit the shotshell. As the opened, the flat bag had a tendency to "sail" off the point of aim. The accuracy potential of less-lethal munitions determines the range at which they can be used. The "sock" bean bag with its trailing "tail" is more accurate than the flat bean bag, allowing both more reliable shot placement and greater deployment ranges.

The 37 mm Super Sock weighs 1.4 ounces, has a velocity of 300 fps and groups into ten inches at 15 yards using a smooth bore, full-length riot gun. The 37 mm Super Sock has a payload of .20 caliber rubber pellets and a maximum effective range of 60 feet. The Super Sock has an impact imprint diameter of 2.5 inches. Also introduced by CTS late in 2000 was a 12 gauge Flash-Bang. This is designed to be used as an airburst diversionary device. The Flash-Bang has a 1.1 second delay, typical of hand-tossed devices, and a range of 100 yards.

FN Herstal New for 2001, FN Herstal introduced a mil-spec paintball system designed to fire a wide variety of less-lethal projectiles. Their XM303 compressed air launcher is available as a stand-alone rifle and as an under-barrel attachment to typical patrol rifles. The .68 caliber paintballs are available with impact, marking, illuminating and malodorant effects. Significant about the FN XM303 is the extended effective range. Against a torso target, the XM303 has a 90% hit probability at 80 yards and a 75% probability at 110 yards. The XM303 fires only in semi-auto mode and has a drum magazine capacity of 15 rounds. …