Project Manager Soldier Warrior (PM SWAR)

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PM SWAR supports soldiers through the acquisition of warrior systems: Land Warrior, Air Warrior and Future Warrior. The product managers develop components into single integrated systems designed to increase combat effectiveness, decrease combat load and improve mission flexibility. Whenever possible, technologies are spiraled forward, out of these Warrior system programs to put them into the hands of soldiers more quickly.

Land Warrior (LW) is a first-generation, modular, integrated fighting system for infantry soldiers and soldiers in support of the close fight. LW combines an assortment of up-to-date commercial off-theshelf and government technologies with newly developed components and technologies to create a lethal, survivable soldier system linked into the digitized battlefield. LW combines computers, lasers, geolocation and radios with soldiers' mission equipment to achieve the Army Vision of enhancing the individual soldier's close combat tactical awareness. LW will be interoperable with other Army systems and with other U.S. services and allied military systems. The systems approach optimizes and integrates these capabilities without adding to the soldier's combat load or logistical footprint.

The LW-Stryker interoperable (LW-SI) system will meet requirements through spiral development and risk reduction activities early on. Spiral development will be conducted from the initial leader capability down to squad leader level. This started with an operational assessment in the third quarter of FY 2003 using the commander's digital assistant. The Army will continue to gather software stability and reliability data and end-user feedback during field trials as a direct, risk-reduction feed to LW-SI development. LW-SI ensembles and Stryker vehicle kits will be fielded to the Stryker brigade combat teams (SBCTs) beginning in FY 2007 to complete fielding in FY 2009. …