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An Alternative to Layoffs

I enjoyed reading about Acxiom's use of voluntary pay cuts to prevent layoffs ("Creative Cost Cutting," CE: June 2001). It was refreshing to see how a company was able to overcome a daunting challenge without sacrificing one of their most valuable resources: people. Equally refreshing was the employees' response in taking up the challenge. It's nice to see a company realize the answer to every economic problem isn't to push the panic button and institute wholesale layoffs.

By leveraging their existing resources, more companies may find their solutions start from within. Regardless of how fast the economy moves and technology develops, the driver is still people.

Jeff A. Sexton

Senior Account Executive

Cohn & Wolfe

New York, NY

Kind Words

Your publication continues to present valuable information and insights in a most attractive fashion. CE is nearing the top of my monthly must-reads. Keep up the great work.

Bruce Cotter

Butler, MD

Back to Old School Branding

I liked the Editor's Note on brand blow-out (CE: July 2001). It's extraordinary to me just how much fuzziness there is over this topic and odd to think that maybe, just maybe, the best examples of what branding is still about today can be found in what companies like P&G were quietly doing 125 years ago-before jargon junked it all up. …