History of Warships: From Ancient Times to the Twenty-First Century

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HISTORY OF WARSHIPS: From Ancient Times to the Twenty-First Century By James L. George 376 Ppg's, 43 pix, 6x9", Hardback. ISBN #1-55750-312-5; $32.95. U.S. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD; 1-800-- 233-8764; www.nip.org

Celebrating 100 years of outstanding publishing, the Naval Institute Press has just released another compelling reference book that is a perfect primer for every naval enthusiast.

There have been many illustrated histories of individual ship designs and of naval battles and war, but until now there has never been a comprehensive single volume survey of the world's warships from antiquity to the present and beyond. The culmination of a lifetime of research and hands-on experience, this exciting tour de force by naval analyst James L. George not only describes the major types of naval combatants through history but compares, contrasts, and analyzes them in a highly readable, easy-to-use format that is sure to prove indispensable to naval professionals, history buffs, and warship enthusiasts.

Organized by the four major ages of warships - galley, sail, steam, and modern - George graphically presents the design evolution, construction, and operational uses of specific ship types, including their defenses, weapons, propulsion, and famous sea battles. …