International Encyclopedia of Learned Societies and Academies


This book provides historical sketches of the most significant learned societies and academies located outside the United States. Complementing Kiger's Research Institutions and Learned Societies, which covers the United States, this volume includes profiles, arranged alphabetically, on 100 societies located in fifty countries. Each profile provides comprehensive, uniform, up-to-date information on both the history and current operations of the subject society. Entries conclude with sources of additional information. Appendices provide chronologies, genealogies, and topical listings. The work is fully indexed.

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Includes content by:
  • Michael T. Queyja
  • Rupert Myers
  • J. Bartlett Ronald
  • M. Innas Ali
  • P. Verdoodt
  • Michael T. Queyja
  • Rupert Myers
  • J. Bartlett Ronald
  • M. Innas Ali
  • P. Verdoodt
  • Aristides A. P. LeÃo
  • Kiril A. Manov
  • Michael R. Dence
  • Ta-You Wu
  • Teresa Ross Arrington
  • Conrad Grau
  • Manuel Quintana Marrero
  • Ladislav Tondl
  • Erik Dal
  • Abdel Mongy Abou Aziz
  • GÖsta Mickwitz
  • James J. Cooke
  • Eva-Maria Streier
  • Evangelos Yocaris
  • Peter Tamasi
  • Noel H. Mayfield
  • Chiarella Esposito
  • Suh Ton-Kak
  • Jean M. Kiger
  • N. Hawcroft
  • M. D. Shami
  • JosÉ Pinto Peixoto
  • Armando J. L. Pombeiro
  • P. E. Spargo
  • Antoinette Emch-DÉriaz
  • Ichael De L. Landon
  • Joseph J. Kincaid
  • G. B. Marini-BettÒlo
  • Melvin S. Arrington
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Westport, CT
Publication year:
  • 1993