Handbook for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods


This volume presents a collection of articles selected from Teaching of Psychology, sponsored by APA Division 2. It contains the collective experience of teachers who have successfully dealt with students' statistics anxiety, resistance to conducting literature reviews, and related problems. For those who teach statistics or research methods courses to undergraduate or graduate students in psychology, education, and the social sciences, this book provides many innovative strategies for teaching a variety of methodological concepts and procedures in statistics and research methods courses.

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Includes content by:
  • Kenneth A. Weaver
  • David E. Johnson
  • John F. Walsh
  • Leslie J. Cake
  • Roy C. Hostetter
  • Kenneth A. Weaver
  • David E. Johnson
  • John F. Walsh
  • Leslie J. Cake
  • Roy C. Hostetter
  • Jane L. Buck
  • Mark E. Ware
  • Jeffrey D. Chastain
  • Bernard C. Beins
  • Paul C. Smith
  • Joseph S. Rossi
  • Sharon Derry
  • Joel R. Levin
  • Leona Schauble
  • Herbert Friedman
  • Nigel Barber
  • James H. Korn
  • Kathleen Hogan
  • Kitty Klein
  • Brian Cheuvront
  • Ralph L. Rosnow
  • David B. Strohmetz
  • Anne A. Skleder
  • Kathleen E. Joswick
  • Retta E. Poe
  • Blaine F. Peden
  • Art Kohn
  • James A. Polyson
  • Kenneth A. Blick
  • Thomas L. Wilson
  • Douglas A. Hershey
  • Bryan Gibson
  • Michael J. Marshall
  • David R. Linden
  • Miriam D. Goldstein
  • J. Roy Hopkins
  • Michael J. Strube
  • Mark W. Vernoy
  • William E. Addison
  • Ruth L. Ault
  • Joe W. Hatcher Jr.
  • Scott W. Vanderstoep
  • John J. Shaughnessy
  • Catherine S. McDonald
  • Keith A. Peterson
  • Terry Cronan-hillix
  • Pamela Reed Gibson
  • Arnold S. Kahn
  • Virginia Andreoli Mathie
  • Steven Prentice-dunn
  • Michael C. Roberts
  • Mary C. Starke
  • Paul A. Gore Jr.
  • Cameron J. Camp
  • Andrea A. Welch
  • Charles A. Waehler
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Mahwah, NJ
Publication year:
  • 1999
  • 2nd