The New Third World


This engaging & accessible text provides an excellent interdisciplinary exploration of the meanings, measures, patterns, & problems associated with the concept of the "Third World." Fully revised & updated, it provides geographical, political & economic perspectives on issues of development through a series of thematic & region-specific chapters. Contents: Preface, Jim Norwine. Introduction, Alfonso Gonzalez. THEMATIC & SYSTEMATIC PATTERNS. The Third World: Definitions & New Perspectives on Development, Srinivas R. Melkote & Allen H. Merriam. Indexes & Trends in Socioeconomic Development, A. Gonzalez. Coming out of the Country: Population Growth, Migration, & Urbanization, Gary S. Elbow. Health: One World or Two? R. Warwick Armstrong & Jerome D. Fellmann. Gender Bias in Development, Janet Henshall Momsen. Worlds Within Worlds: The Separate Reality of Indigenous Peoples Today, Brian Goehring. The Global Spread of the Democratic Revolution, Thomas D. Anderson. THIRD WORLD REGIONS. The Caribbean Basin: Cultural & Political Diversity Overview, T. D. Anderson. South America: Continent of Contrasts, A. Gonzalez. The Arab World: Advance amid Diversity, Raja Kamal & Souheil Moukaddem. South Asia: A Region of Conflicts & Contradictions, Bheru Sukhwal. East & Southeast Asia: Perspectives on Growth & Change, Stephen S. Chang. Sub-Saharan Africa: Problems, Progress, & Potentials, Harold A. Fisher. Newly Industrializing Countries: A Discussion of Terms, S. S. Chang & Joseph G. Spinelli. Is There Room for the Third World? Joel Lieske.