Forge of Union, Anvil of Liberty: A Correspondent's Report on the First Federal Elections, the First Federal Congress, and the Bill of Rights


One of the most important news stories of the last two centuries comes to life in this "eyewitness account" of America's first Federal elections and of the First Congress and President Washington creating the Bill of Rights. In this swift-moving and colorful chronicle, written by St. John as though he were an on-the-scene reporter, you will discover how Congressman James Madison became in the formative months of the new Republic the power behind Washington in the executive branch--while wheeling and dealing in Congress, and still championing a separation of powers; how Madison had to fight both friend and foe of the Constitution to pass a Federal Bill of Rights in the First Congress; why Washington and Madison saw the future of America in the frontier West and not in Europe; and how Spanish and British intrigues, with the aid of hostile Indian tribes on the American frontier, posed a threat to the survival of the new national government. Retired Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Warren E. Burger said,,"this book, like the first two of St. John's trilogy, tells an exciting story of our nation's founding, which should engage readers of all ages and backgrounds". This book and its predecessors are a captivating history lesson--told like a banner headline news story--for Americans wanting to know the roots of the political freedoms they enjoy today.