Justice Denied: The Ng Case, the Most Infamous and Expensive Murder Case in History


Accused serial killers -- Charlie Chitat Ng and Leonard Lake -- purportedly committed some of the grisliest crimes in the annals of criminal history. They allegedly kidnapped their victims, tortured them physically and mentally, wiped out entire families -- including babies yet, many believe, Charlie "the Cheetah" Ng, has defied justice by cheating the death penalty.

How has Charlie Ng -- whose torture sessions were videotaped -- managed to escape justice? Not only does this book unstintingly reveal the shocking, ruthless acts of these suspected killers and how they were finally caught, but it grapples with the larger question of how vicious murderers can manipulate the justice system.

Bringing Charlie Ng to trial for these horrifying crimes of has taken over 13 years and $16 million -- more money than any case in history! Will justice be finally served? Will the family members of the innocent individuals whose lives were so cruelly snuffed out by this suspected, diabolical pair ever find solace? To answer these questions, the authors interviewed scores of law officers, prosecutors, district attorneys, attorneys general, and judges.

Nowhere else will all the fascinating twists and turns of this notorious case be found. This groundbreaking, page-turner may forever shake your belief in the inevitable triumph of justice.

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