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China and Japan in Our University Curricula
Edward C. Carter. American council, Institute of Pacific relations, 1929
China and Japan: History, Trends, and Prospects
Christopher Howe. Oxford University Press, 1996
China and North Korea: From Comrades-In-Arms to Allies at Arm's Length
Andrew Scobell. Strategic Studies Institute, 2004
China and Southeast Asia, the Politics of Survival: a Study of Foreign Policy Interaction
Melvin Gurtov. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1975
China and Southeast Asia, the Politics of Survival: A Study of Foreign Policy Interaction
Melvin Gurtov. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1975
China and Southeast Asia: Global Changes and Regional Challenges
Ho Khai Leong, Samuel C. Y. Ku. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2005
China and Southeast Asia's Ethnic Chinese: State and Diaspora in Contemporary Asia
Paul J. Bolt. Praeger Publishers, 2000
China and Soviet Russia
Henry Wei. Van Nostrand Co., 1956
China and Taiwan: Cross-Strait Relations under Chen Sui-Bian
Sheng Lijun. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2002
FREE! China and the Allies - Vol. 1
A. Henry Savage Landor. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1901
FREE! China and the Chinese
Herbert Allen Giles. Columbia University Press, 1902
China and the Cold War: A Study in International Politics
Michael Lindsay. Melbourne University Press, 1955
FREE! China and the Far East
George H. Blakeslee. Thomas Y. Crowell & Cp., 1910
China and the Internet: Politics of the Digital Leap Forward
Christopher R. Hughes, Gudrun Wacker. Routledge Courzon, 2003
China and the Long March to Global Trade: The Accession of China to the World Trade Organization
Sylvia Ostry, Alan S. Alexandroff, Rafael Gomez. RoutledgeCourzon, 2003
China and the Major Powers in East Asia
A. Doak Barnett. The Brookings Institution, 1977
FREE! China and the Manchus
Herbert A. Giles. The University Press, 1912
China and the South China Sea Dialogues
Lai To Lee. Praeger, 1999
China and the West, a Sketch of Their Intercourse: A Sketch of Their Intercourse
W. E. Soothill. Oxford university Press, H. Milford, 1925
China and the World Trading System: Entering the New Millennium
Deborah Z. Cass, Brett G. Williams, George Barker. Cambridge University Press, 2003
China and the World: Chinese Foreign Policy Faces the New Millennium
Samuel S. Kim. Westview Press, 1984 (4th edition)
FREE! China and the World-War
W. Reginald Wheeler. Macmillan Company, 1919
China at the Brink: The Political Economy of Reform and Retrenchment in the Post-Mao Era
Peter M. Lichtenstein. Praeger Publishers, 1991
FREE! China at the Conference: A Report
Westel W. Willoughby. Johns Hopkins Press, 1922
FREE! China Awakened
Min-Ch'Ien T. Z. Tyau, Hsu Shih-Ch'Ang, John Newell Jordan. The Macmillan Company, 1922
China before the Han Dynasty
William Watson. Frederick A. Praeger, 1961
China between Empires: The Northern and Southern Dynasties
Mark Edward Lewis. Belknap Press, 2008
China Briefing: The Contradictions of Change
William A. Joseph, Karen S. Fein. M. E. Sharpe, 1997
China Business: The Rules of the Game
Carolyn Blackman. Allen & Unwin, 2000
China Court: the Hours of a Country House: A Novel
Rumer Godden. Viking Press, 1961
China Deconstructs: Politics, Trade, and Regionalism
David S. G. Goodman, Gerald Segal. Routledge, 1994
China Diary: The Life of Mary Austin Endicott
Shirley Jane Endicott. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2003
China during the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976: A Selected Bibliography of English Language Works
Tony H. Chang. Greenwood Press, 1999
China Fights Back: An American Woman with the Eighth Route Army
Agnes Smedley. The Vanguard Press, 1938
China in My Life: A Historian's Own History
C. Martin Wilbur, Anita M. O'Brien. M. E. Sharpe, 1996
China in Revolt: How a Civilization Became a Nation
T'Ang Leang-Li. N. Douglas, 1927
China in Revolution: The Yenan Way Revisited
Mark Selden. M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 1995
China in Revolution: An Analysis of Politics and Militarism under the Republic
Harley Farnsworth Macnair. The University of Chicago Press, 1931
China in the 1990s
Robert Benewick, Paul Wingrove. UBC Press, 1995
China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know
Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom. Oxford University Press, 2010
China in the 21st Century: Long-Term Global Implications
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1996
China in the Information Age: Telecommunications and the Dilemmas of Reform
Milton Mueller, Zixiang Tan. Praeger, 1997
China in the Post-Utopian Age
Christopher J. Smith. Westview Press, 2000
China in the Sixteenth Century: The Journals of Matthew Ricci, 1583-1610
Louis J. Gallagher, Matthew Ricci. Random House, 1953
China in the World Market: Chinese Industry and International Sources of Reform in the Post-Mao Era
Thomas G. Moore. Cambridge University Press, 2002
FREE! China in Transformation
Archibald R. Colquhoun. Harper & Brothers, 1912
China in Transition: Communism, Capitalism, and Democracy
Ronald M. Glassman. Praeger, 1991
China in World History
Paul S. Ropp. Oxford University Press, 2010
China Inside Out: Contemporary Chinese Nationalism and Transnationalism
Pál Nyíri, Joana Breidenbach. Central European University Press, 2005
China Looks Forward
Sun Fo. The John Day Company, 1944
China Magnificent: Five Thousand Years of Chinese Art
Dagny Carter. Reynal & Hitchcock, 1935
China Marches West: The Qing Conquest of Central Eurasia
Peter C. Perdue. Belknap Press, 2005
China Modernizes: Threat to the West or Model for the Rest?
Randall Peerenboom. Oxford University Press, 2007
The China of Chiang K'Ai-Shek
Paul M. A. Linebarger. World Peace Foundation, 1941
China Only Yesterday, 1850-1950: A Century of Change
Emily Hahn. Doubleday, 1963
China Policy, Old Problems and New Challenges
A. Doak Barnett. The Brookings Institution, 1977
The China Question: Great Power Rivalry and British Isolation, 1894-1905
T. G. Otte. Oxford University Press, 2007
FREE! China Revolutionized
John Stuart Thomson. The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1913
China since the Cultural Revolution: From Totalitarianism to Authoritarianism
Jie Chen, Peng Deng. Praeger Publishers, 1995
China since Tiananmen: The Politics of Transition
Joseph Fewsmith. Cambridge University Press, 2001
China Speaks on the Conflict between China and Japan
Chih Meng. The Macmillan Company, 1932
China Statistical Abstract
State Statistical Bureau Of The People'S Republic Of China. Praeger, 1991
China Statistical Yearbook 1989
State Statistical Bureau. Praeger Publishers, 1990
The China Strategy: Harnessing the Power of the World's Fastest-Growing Economy
Edward Tse. Basic Books, 2010
The China That Is to Be
Kenneth Scott Latourette. Oregon State System of Higher Education, 1949
The China Threat: Perceptions, Myths and Reality
Herbert Yee, Ian Storey. Routledge, 2002
China through My Window
Naomi Woronov. Sharpe, 1988
China Today: Economic Reforms, Social Cohesion, and Collective Identies
Taciana Fisac, Leila Fernández-Stembridge. Routledge Courzon, 2003
China To-Day: Economic
J. B. Condliffe. World Peace Foundation, 1932
China Trade and Price Statistics, 1989
State Statistical Bureau Of The People's Republic Of China. Praeger Publishers, 1991
China Unbound: Evolving Perspectives on the Chinese Past
Paul A. Cohen. Routledge, 2003
China under Communism
Alan Lawrance. Routledge, 1998
FREE! China under the Empress Dowager: Being the History of the Life and Times of Tzu Hsi
J. O. P. Bland, E. Backhouse. J. B. Lippincott, 1910
China Urban Statistics
China. Longman Group Ltd., 1985
China Yesterday and To-Day
Julia E. Johnsen, Ping Wen Kuo. The H. W. Wilson Company, 1928
China, a Macro History
Ray Huang. M. E. Sharpe, 1997
China, Arms Control, and Nonproliferation
Wendy Frieman. Routledge, 2004
China, Sex, and Prostitution
Elaine Jeffreys. Routledge, 2004
China, Taiwan, and the Offshore Islands: Together with An Implication for Outer Mongolia and Sino-Soviet Relations
Thomas E. Stolper. M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 1985
China, the Land and the People: A Human Geography
L. H. Dudley Buxton. The Clarendon Press, 1929
FREE! China, the Long-Lived Empire
Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore. Century, 1900
China, the United States, and the Global Economy
Shuxun Chen, Charles Wolf Jr.. Rand, 2001
China, the United States, and the Soviet Union: Tripolarity and Policy Making in the Cold War
Robert S. Ross. M. E. Sharpe, 1993
China, Where It Is Today and Why
Thomas F. Millard. Harcourt Brace and Company, 1928
China: Higher Education Reform
World Bank. World Bank, 1997
China: a Nation in Evolution
Paul Monroe. The Macmillan Company, 1928
China: Confucian and Communist
Helmut G. Callis. Henry Holt, 1959
China: Its People, Its Society, Its Culture
Chang-tu Hu. HRAF Press, 1960
China: Land of Famine
G. M. Wrigley, Walter H. Mallory. American Geographical Society, 1926
China: An Analysis
Frank J. Goodnow. Johns Hopkins Press, 1926
China: Transition to a Market Economy
C. H. Chai. Oxford University Press, 1998
China: An Introduction
Lucian W. Pye, Mary W. Pye. Little, Brown, 1984 (3rd edition)
China: An Introduction
Lucian W. Pye. Little, Brown & Company, 1978 (2nd edition)
China: A Short Cultural History
C. P. Fitzgerald, C. G. Seligman. D. Appleton-Century, 1938
Loren Fessler. Time Inc., 1963
The China-Burma-India Campaign, 1931-1945: Historiography and Annotated Bibliography
Eugenel Rasor. Greenwood Press, 1998
China's Agriculture at the Crossroads
Yongzheng Yang, Weiming Tian. Macmillan, 1999
China's Arms Sales: Motivations and Implications
Daniel L. Byman, Roger. Cliff. Rand, 1999
China's Automobile Industry: Policies, Problems, and Prospects
Eric Harwit. M. E. Sharpe, 1995
China's Bitter Victory: The War with Japan, 1937-1945
James C. Hsiung, Steven I. Levine. M.E. Sharpe, 1992