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Chinese Communist Literature
Cyril Birch. Frederick A. Praeger, 1963
The Chinese Communist Party's Nomenklatura System: A Documentary Study of Party Control of Leadership Selection, 1979-1984
John P. Burns. M. E. Sharpe, 1989
Chinese Conflict Management and Resolution
Guo-Ming Chen, Ringo Ma. Ablex, 2002
The Chinese Conquer China
Anna Louise Strong. Doubleday, 1949
Chinese Cubans: A Transnational History
Kathleen López. University of North Carolina Press, 2013
Chinese Culture, Organizational Behavior, and International Business Management
Ilan Alon. Praeger, 2003
Chinese Death Rituals in Singapore
Tong Chee-Kiong. RoutledgeCourzon, 2004
Chinese Democracy after Tiananmen
Yijiang Ding. Columbia University Press, 2002
Chinese Democracy and the Crisis of 1989: Chinese and American Reflections
Roger V. Des Forges, Lou Ning, Wu Yen-Bo. State University of New York Press, 1993
Chinese Earth-Sheltered Dwellings: Indigenous Lessons for Modern Urban Design
Gideon S. Golany. University of Hawaii Press, 1992
Chinese Economic Coercion against Taiwan: A Tricky Weapon to Use
Murray Scot Tanner. Rand, 2007
Chinese Economic Policy: Economic Reform at Midstream
Bruce L. Reynolds, Ilpyong J. Kim. Paragon House, 1988
Chinese Economic Transition and International Marketing Strategy
Ilan Alon. Praeger, 2003
The Chinese Economy under Deng Xiaoping
Robert F. Ash, Y. Y. Kueh. Oxford University, 1996
The Chinese Economy
Solomon Adler. Monthly Review Press, 1957
Chinese Education under Communism
Chang-Tu Hu. Teachers College, Columbia University, 1962 (2nd edition)
Chinese Enterprise, Transnationalism, and Identity
Edmund Terence Gomez, Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao. Routledge, 2003
Chinese Entrepreneurship and Asian Business Networks
Thomas Menkhoff, Solvay Gerke. RoutledgeCurzon, 2002
Chinese Ethics in a Global Context: Moral Bases of Contemporary Societies
W. L. Idema, Anselm W. MÜller. Brill, 2002
Chinese Family and Marriage in Singapore
Maurice Freedman. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1957
Chinese Family and Society
Olga Lang. Yale University Press, 1946
The Chinese Family in the Communist Revolution
C. K. Yang, Talcott Parsons. Technology Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1959
Chinese Femininities, Chinese Masculinities: A Reader
Susan Brownell, Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom. University of California Press, 2002
Chinese Fiction of the Cultural Revolution
Lan Yang. Hong Kong University Press, 1998
Chinese Fiction of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: Essays
Patrick Hanan. Columbia University Press, 2004
Chinese Film Theory: A Guide to the New Era
George S. Semsel, Xia Hong, Hou Jianping, Li Xiaohong, Fan Yuan. Praeger Publishers, 1990
The Chinese Financial System
Cecil R. Dipchand, Zhang Yichun, Ma Mingjia. Greenwood Press, 1994
Chinese Fossil Vertebrates
Spencer G. Lucas. Columbia University Press, 2001
The Chinese Gentry; Studies on Their Role in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Society
Chung-Li Chang. University of Washington Press, 1955
Chinese Gordon
H. E. Wortham. Little, Brown & Company, 1933
Chinese Ideas about Nature and Society: Studies in Honour of Derk Bodde
Charles Le Blanc, Susan Blader. Hong Kong University Press, 1987
Chinese Ideas in the West, Prepared for the Committee on Asiatic Studies in American Education
Derk Bodde. American Council on Education, 1948
The Chinese in the United States of America
Rose Hum Lee. Hong Kong University Press, 1960
The Chinese in the West Indies, 1806-1995: A Documentary History
Walton Look Lai. University of the West Indies Press, 1998
Chinese Indonesians: Remembering, Distorting, Forgetting
Tim Lindsey, Helen Pausacker. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2005
The Chinese Inflation, 1937-1949
Shun-Hsin Chou. Columbia University Press, 1963
The Chinese Insomniacs: New Poems
Josephine Jacobsen. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1981
Chinese Intellectuals and the West, 1872-1949
Y. C. Wang. University of North Carolina Press, 1966
The Chinese Kinship System
Han-Yi-Fêng. Harvard University, 1948
Chinese Labor in a Korean Factory: Class, Ethnicity, and Productivity on the Shop Floor in Globalizing China
Jaesok Kim. Stanford University Press, 2013
Chinese Landscape Painting
Sherman E. Lee. Cleveland Museum of Art, 1962 (2nd edition)
Chinese Landscapes: The Village as Place
Ronald G. Knapp. University of Hawaii Press, 1992
The Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy
John Defrancis. University of Hawaii Press, 1986
Chinese Legal Reform: The Case of Foreign Investment Law
Yan Wang. Routledge, 2002
The Chinese Legal System: Globalization and Local Legal Culture
Pitman B. Potter. Routledge, 2001
Chinese Literature: A Historical Introduction
Ch'ên Shou-Yi. Ronald Press, 1961
Chinese Martial Arts Cinema: The Wuxia Tradition
Stephen Teo. Edinburgh University Press, 2009
Chinese Marxism in Flux, 1978-84: Essays on Epistemology, Ideology, and Political Economy
Bill Brugger. M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 1985
Chinese Media, Global Contexts
Chin-Chuan Lee. Routledge, 2003
Chinese Mexicans: Transpacific Migration and the Search for a Homeland, 1910-1960
Julia María Schiavone Camacho. University of North Carolina Press, 2012
The Chinese Mind: Essentials of Chinese Philosophy and Culture
Charles A. Moore. University of Hawaii Press, 1968
The Chinese Model: A Political, Economic and Social Survey
Werner Klatt, Institute of Modern Asian Studies. Hong Kong University Press, 1965
Chinese Money in Global Context: Historic Junctures between 600 BCE and 2012
Niv Horesh. Stanford University Press, 2014
Chinese Monumental Art
Peter C. Swann, Claude Arthaud, Francois Hebert-Stevens. Viking Press, 1963
Chinese National Cinema
Yingjin Zhang. Routledge, 2004
Chinese Nationalism in Perspective: Historical and Recent Cases
C.X. George Wei, Xiaoyuan Liu. Greenwood Press, 2001
Chinese Nationalism
Geremie R. BarmÉ, Jonathan Unger. M. E. Sharpe, 1996
Chinese Negotiating Style: Commercial Approaches and Cultural Principles
Lucian W. Pye. Quorum Books, 1992
FREE! The Chinese Nightingale: And Other Poems
Vachel Lindsay. The Macmillan Company, 1917
Chinese Overseas: Comparative Cultural Issues
Tan Chee-Beng. Hong Kong University Press, 2004
Chinese Painting
William Cohn. Phaidon Press, 1948
Chinese Paintings, XI-XIV Centuries
James Cahill. Crown Publishers, 1962
The Chinese People: New Problems and Old Backgrounds
George H. Danton. Marshall Jones Co., 1938
The Chinese People's Movement: Perspectives on Spring 1989
Tony Saich. Sharpe, 1990
A Chinese Physician: Wang Ji and the Stone Mountain Medical Case Histories
Joanna Grant. Routledge Courzon, 2003
Chinese Policy toward Russia and the Central Asian Republics
Mark Burles. Rand, 1999
Chinese Political Philosophy
William S. A. Pott. Alfred A. Knopf, 1925
Chinese Political Thought: A Study Based upon the Theories of the Principal Thinkers of the Chou Period
Elbert Duncan Thomas. Prentice-Hall, 1927
Chinese Politics and the Cultural Revolution: Dynamics of Policy Processes
Byung-Joon Ahn. University of Washington Press, 1976
Chinese Politics and the Succession to Mao
John Gardner. Holmes & Meier, 1982
Chinese Politics from Mao to Deng
Victor C. Falkenheim. Paragon House, 1989
Chinese Porcelains from the Ardebil Shrine
John Alexander Pope. Smithsonian Institution Freer Gallery of Art, 1956
Chinese Pottery of the Han Dynasty
Berthold Laufer. Charles E. Tuttle, 1962 (2nd edition)
Chinese Professionals and the Republican State: The Rise of Professional Associations in Shanghai, 1912-1937
Xiaoqun Xu. Cambridge University Press, 2001
The Chinese Reassessment of Socialism 1976-1992
Yan Sun. Princeton University Press, 1995
Chinese Regionalism: The Security Dimension
Richard H. Yang, Jason C. Hu. Westview Press, 1994
Chinese Religions
Julia Ching. MacMillan, 1993
Chinese Religious Life
David A. Palmer, Glenn Shive, Philip L. Wickeri. Oxford University Press, 2011
The Chinese Renaissance
Hu Shih. The University of Chicago Press, 1934
Chinese Responses to U.S. Military Transformation and Implications for the Department of Defense
James C. Mulvenon, Murray Scot Tanner, Michael S. Chase, David Frelinger, David C. Gompert, Martin C. Libicki, Kevin L. Pollpeter. Rand, 2005
The Chinese Revolution in Historical Perspective
John E. Schrecker. Praeger, 2004
The Chinese Revolution in Historical Perspective
John E. Schrecker. Praeger, 1991
FREE! The Chinese Revolution
Arthur Judson Brown. Student Volunteer Movement, 1912
The Chinese Revolution
Edward J. Lazzerini. Greenwood Press, 1999
Chinese Rural Development: The Great Transformation
William L. Parish. M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 1985
Chinese Rural Society in Transition: A Case Study of the Lake Tai Area, 1368-1800
James C. Shih. Institute of East Asian Studies, 1992
Chinese Sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Alan Priest, Tet Borsig. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1944
Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance
Elizabeth J. Perry, Mark Selden. RoutledgeCurzon, 2003 (2nd edition)
Chinese Sources for the Taiping Rebellion, 1850-1864
J. C. Cheng. Hong Kong University Press, 1963
Chinese Spatial Strategies: Imperial Beijing, 1420-1911
Jianfei Zhu. Routledge, 2003
The Chinese State in the Era of Economic Reform: The Road to Crisis
Gordon White. M. E. Sharpe, 1991
Chinese Stories from Taiwan, 1960-1970
Joseph S. M. Lau, Timothy A. Ross. Columbia University Press, 1976
Chinese Students and Scholars in American Higher Education
Jianyi Huang. Praeger, 1997
Chinese Subculture and Criminality: Non-Traditional Crime Groups in America
Ko-Lin Chin. Greenwood Press, 1990
FREE! The Chinese System of Public Education
Ping Wen Kuo. Teachers College Columbia University, 1915
A Chinese Testament: The Autobiography of Tan Shih-Hua
S. Tretiiakov. Simon & Schuster, 1934
Chinese Theater: From Its Origins to the Present Day
Colin Mackerras. University of Hawaii Press, 1988
Chinese Thought in a Global Context: A Dialogue between Chinese and Western Philosophical Approaches
Karl-Heinz Pohl. Brill, 1999
Chinese Traditional Historiography
Charles S. Gardner. Harvard University Press, 1961 (Revised edition)
The Chinese Triangle of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong: Comparative Institutional Analyses
Alvin Y. So, Nan Lin, Dudley Poston. Greenwood Press, 2001