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Constitutional Change in the United States: A Comparative Study of the Role of Constitutional Amendments, Judicial Interpretations, and Legislative and Executive Actions
John R. Vile. Praeger Publishers, 1994
Constitutional Conscience: The Moral Dimension of Judicial Decision
H. Jefferson Powell. University of Chicago Press, 2008
Constitutional Debates on Freedom of Religion: A Documentary History
John J. Patrick, Gerald P. Long. Greenwood Press, 1999
Constitutional Democracy
János Kis. Central European University Press, 2003
Constitutional Democracy
Dennis C. Mueller. Oxford University Press, 2000
Constitutional Development in Alabama, 1798-1901: A Study in Politics, the Negro, and Sectionalism
Malcolm Cook McMillan. University of North Carolina Press, 1955
Constitutional Development in the South Atlantic States. 1776-1860
Fletcher M. Green. The University of North Carolina Press, 1930
Constitutional Developments in Nigeria: An Analytical Study of Nigeria's Constitution-Making Developments and the Historical and Political Factors That Affected Constitutional Change
Kalu Ezera. Cambridge University Press, 1960
FREE! The Constitutional Doctrines of Justice Harlan - Vol. 4
Floyd Barzilia Clark. The Johns Hopkins Press, 1915
FREE! The Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution 1625-1660
Samuel Rawson Gardiner. Clarendon Press, 1906 (3rd Rev. edition)
Constitutional Documents of the Reign of James I A.D. 1603-1625
J. R. Tanner. Unknown, 1930
Constitutional Documents of the Reign of James I: A. D. 1603-1625
J. R. Tanner. Cambridge University Press, 1952
Constitutional Environmental Rights
Tim Hayward. Oxford University Press, 2005
Constitutional Faith
Sanford Levinson. Princeton University Press, 2011
Constitutional Futures: A History of the Next Ten Years
Robert Hazell. Oxford University Press, 1999
Constitutional Government and Democracy: Theory and Practice in Europe and America
Carl J. Friedrich. Ginn, 1950 (Revised edition)
The Constitutional History of Medieval England from the English Settlement to 1485
J. E. A. Jolliffe. D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 1937
The Constitutional History of Medieval England: From the English Settlement to 1485
J. E. A. Jolliffe. Adam and Charles Black, 1937
FREE! A Constitutional History of the House of Lords
Luke Owen Pike. MacMillan, 1894
Constitutional Interpretation: Illusion and Reality
Jeffrey M. Shaman. Greenwood Press, 2001
Constitutional Journal: A Correspondent's Report from the Convention of 1787
Jeffrey St. John. Jameson Books, 1987
Constitutional Law as Fiction: Narrative in the Rhetoric of Authority
L. H. Larue. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995
Constitutional Law in the Political Process
John R. Schmidhauser. Rand McNally, 1963
Constitutional Patriotism
Jan-Werner Müller. Princeton University Press, 2007
Constitutional Policy and Change in Europe
Joachim J. Hesse, Nevil Johnson. Oxford University Press, 1995
Constitutional Politics in the States: Contemporary Controversies and Historical Patterns
G. Alan Tarr. Greenwood Press, 1996
Constitutional Reform and Effective Government
James L. Sundquist. Brookings Institutuion, 1986 (Revised edition)
Constitutional Reform and the Future of the Republic of China
Joseph Bosco, Paul S. P. Hsu, Chang Chün-Hung, Jason C. Hu, Parris Chang, Ying-Mao Kau, Cheng Hsing-Ti, Andrew J. Nathan, Antonio Chiang, Chi Schive , Chin Sheng-Pao, Chi Su , Hungdah Chiu, Hung-Mao Tien, Chu Yun-Han, Tsai Shih-Yuan, David Dean, N. T. Wang, Harvey J. Feldman, Edwin A. Winckler, Hong Yuh-Chin, Yao Chia-Wen, Columbia University Taiwan Area Studies Program. M. E. Sharpe, 1991
Constitutional Reform
Rodney Brazier. Oxford University Press, 1998 (2nd edition)
Constitutional Remedies: A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
Michael L. Wells, Thomas A. Eaton. Praeger, 2002
The Constitutional Right to Suicide: A Legal and Philosophical Examination
G. Steven Neeley. P. Lang, 1996
The Constitutional Structure of the Commonwealth
K. C. Wheare. Clarendon Press, 1960
The Constitutional System of Brazil
Herman G. James. The Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1923
The Constitutional System: The Group Character of the Elected Institutions
Henry J. Merry. Praeger Publishers, 1986
FREE! A Constitutional View of the Late War between the States: Its Causes, Character, Conduct, and Results Presented in a Series of Colloquies at Liberty Hall - Vol. 1
Alexander H. Stephens. National Publishing, 1868
Constitutionalism and Dictatorship: Pinochet, the Junta, and the 1980 Constitution
Robert Barros. Cambridge University Press, 2002
Constitutionalism in the Approach and Aftermath of the Civil War
Paul D. Moreno, Johnathan O’Neill. Fordham University Press, 2013
Constitutionalism: The Philosophical Dimension
Alan S. Rosenbaum. Greenwood Press, 1988
Constitutionalism: The Philosophical Dimension
Alan S. Rosenbaum. Greenwood Press, 1988
Constitutions and Constitutional Trends since World War II: An Examination of Significant Aspects of Postwar Public Law with Particular Reference to the New Constitutions of Western Europe
Arnold J. Zurcher. New York University Press, 1951
Constitutions of Europe: Texts Collected by the Council of Europe Venice Commission - Vol. 1
Council Of Europe Venice Commission. Brill, 2004
Constitutions of Europe: Texts Collected by the Council of Europe Venice Commission - Vol. 2
Council Of Europe Venice Commission. Brill, 2004
Constitutions of Nations: "The First Compilation in the English Language of the Texts of the Constitutions of the Various Nations of the World, Together with Summaries, Annotations, Bibliographies, and Comparative Tables" - Vol. 1
Amos J. Peaslee. Rumford Press, 1950
Constitutions of the Communist Party-States
Jan F. Triska. Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University, 1968
Constitutions, Electoral Laws, Treaties of States in the Near and Middle East
Helen Clarkson Miller Davis. AMS Press, 1953 (2nd edition)
The Constrained Court: Law, Politics, and the Decisions Justices Make
Michael A. Bailey, Forrest Maltzman. Princeton University Press, 2011
Constraint on Trial: Dirk Volckertsz Coornhert and Religious Freedom
Gerrit Voogt. Truman State University Press, 2000
Constraints and Impacts of Privatization
V. V. Ramanadham. Routledge, 1993
Constraints on Language Acquisition: Studies of Atypical Children
Helen Tager-Flusberg. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994
The Constructed Past: Experimental Archaeology, Education, and the Public
Peter G. Stone, Philippe G. Planel. Routledge, 1999
Constructibility and Mathematical Existence
Charles S. Chihara. Clarendon Press, 1990
Constructing (In)Competence: Disabling Evaluations in Clinical and Social Interaction
Dana Kovarsky, Judith Felson Duchan, Madeline Maxwell. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999
Constructing a Colonial People: Puerto Rico and the United States, 1898-1932
Pedro A. Caban. Westview Press, 1999
Constructing a European Market: Standards, Regulation, and Governance
Michelle P. Egan. Oxford University Press, 2001
Constructing a Security Community in Southeast Asia: ASEAN and the Problem of Regional Order
Amitav Acharya. Routledge, 2001
Constructing Affirmative Action: The Struggle for Equal Employment Opportunity
David Hamilton Golland. University Press of Kentucky, 2011
Constructing and Reconstructing Childhood: Contemporary Issues in the Sociological Study of Childhood
Allison James, Alan Prout. Falmer Press, 1997
Constructing Autocracy: Aristocrats and Emperors in Julio-Claudian Rome
Matthew B. Roller. Princeton University Press, 2001
Constructing Bangladesh: Religion, Ethnicity, and Language in An Islamic Nation
Sufia M. Uddin. University of North Carolina Press, 2006
Constructing Belonging: Class, Race, and Harlem's Professional Workers
Sabiyha. Routledge, 2004
Constructing Cassandra: Reframing Intelligence Failure at the CIA, 1947-2001
Milo Jones, Philippe Silberzahn. Stanford University Press, 2013
Constructing China's Jerusalem: Christians, Power, and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou
Nanlai Cao. Stanford University Press, 2011
Constructing Clienthood in Social Work and Human Services: Interaction, Identities, and Practices
Christopher Hall, Kirsi Juhila, Nigel Parton, Tarja Pösö. Jessica Kingsley, 2003
Constructing Community: Moral Pluralism and Tragic Conflicts
J. Donald Moon. Princeton University Press, 1993
Constructing Corporate America: History, Politics, Culture
Kenneth Lipartito, David B. Sicilia. Oxford University Press, 2004
Constructing Democracy: Human Rights, Citizenship, and Society in Latin America
Elizabeth Jelin, Eric Hershberg. Westview Press, 1996
Constructing Early Christian Families: Family as Social Reality and Metaphor
Halvor Moxnes. Routledge, 1997
Constructing East Asia: Technology, Ideology, and Empire in Japan's Wartime Era, 1931-1945
Aaron Stephen Moore. Stanford University Press, 2013
Constructing Europe's Identity: The External Dimension
Lars-Erik Cederman. Lynne Rienner, 2001
Constructing Experience
Charles Bazerman. Southern Illinois University Press, 1994
Constructing Identities in Late Antiquity
Richard Miles. Routledge, 1999
Constructing Identities in Mexican-American Political Organizations: Choosing Issues, Taking Sides
Benjamin Márquez. University of Texas Press, 2003
Constructing International Relations in the Arab World
Fred H. Lawson. Stanford University Press, 2006
Constructing Mark Twain: New Directions in Scholarship
Laura E. Skandera Trombley, Michael J. Kiskis. University of Missouri Press, 2001
Constructing Mathematical Knowledge: Epistemology and Mathematics Education
Paul Ernest. Falmer Press, 1994
Constructing Measures: An Item Response Modeling Approach
Mark Wilson. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005
Constructing National Interests: The United States and the Cuban Missile Crisis
Jutta Weldes. University of Minnesota Press, 1999
Constructing Panic: The Discourse of Agoraphobia
Lisa Capps, Elinor Ochs. Harvard University Press, 1995
Constructing Place: Mind and Matter
Sarah Menin. Routledge, 2003
Constructing Public Opinion: How Political Elites Do What They like and Why We Seem to Go along with It
Justin Lewis. Columbia University Press, 2001
Constructing Realities: Transformations through Myth and Metaphor
Marilyn Charles. Rodopi, 2004
Constructing Rhetorical Education
Marie Secor, Davida Charney. Southern Illinois University Press, 1992
Constructing Russian Culture in the Age of Revolution, 1881-1940
Catriona Kelly, David Shepherd. Oxford University Press, 1998
Constructing The Beginning: Discourses of Creation Science
Simon Locke. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999
Constructing the Canon of Children's Literature: Beyond Library Walls and Ivory Towers
Anne Lundin. Routledge, 2004
Constructing the Child Viewer: A History of the American Discourse on Television and Children, 1950-1980
Carmen Luke. Praeger Publishers, 1990
Constructing the Field: Ethnographic Fieldwork in the Contemporary World
Vered Amit. Routledge, 2000
Constructing the Image of the Mexican Revolution: Cinema and the Archive
Zuzana M. Pick. University of Texas Press, 2010
Constructing the Self, Constructing America: A Cultural History of Psychotherapy
Philip Cushman. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1995
Constructing the Stable State: Goals for Intervention and Peacebuilding
Kathleen Hill Hawk. Praeger, 2002
Constructing the World Polity: Essays on International Institutionalization
John Gerard Ruggie. Routledge, 1998
Constructing White-Collar Crime: Rationalities, Communication, Power
Joachim J. Savelsberg, Peter Brühl. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994
Construction and Analysis of Achievement Tests: The Development of Written and Performance Tests of Achievement for Predicting Job Performance of Public Personnel
Dorothy C. Adkins, Ernest S. Primoff, Harold L. McAdoo, Claude F. Bridges, Bertram Forer. U.S. Govt. Print. off., 1947
Construction and Representation of Race and Ethnicity in the Caribbean and the World
Mervyn C. Alleyne. University of the West Indies Press, 2002
The Construction and Use of Achievement Examinations: A Manual for Secondary School Teachers
Herbert E. Hawkes, C. R. Mann. Houghton Mifflin, 1936
The Construction of An Urban Past: Narrative and System in Urban History
Harry Jansen, Feike De Jong. Berg, 2001
The Construction of Communities in the Early Middle Ages: Texts, Resources and Artefacts
Richard Corradini, Max Diesenberger, Helmut Reimitz. Brill, 2003
Construction of Educational and Personnel Tests
Kenneth L. Bean. McGraw-Hill, 1953
The Construction of Index Numbers
Warren Milton Persons. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1928
The Construction of Knowledge in Islamic Civilization: Qudama B. Jafar and His Kitab Al-Kharaj Wa-Sina'at Al-Kitaba
Paul L. Heck. Brill, 2002