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Edwin H. Sutherland. J.B. Lippincott, 1924
Robert H. Gault. D.C. Heath, 1932
Crip Theory: Cultural Signs of Queerness and Disability
Robert McRuer. New York University Press, 2006
The Cripps Mission
R. Coupland. Oxford University Press, 1942
Crises in the Balkans: Views from the Participants
Constantine P. Danopoulos, Kostas G. Messas. Westview Press, 1997
FREE! Crises in the History of the Papacy: A Study of Twenty Famous Popes Whose Careers and Whose Influence Were Important in the Development of the Church and in the History of the World
Joseph McCabe. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1916
Crisis and Commitment: United States Policy toward Taiwan, 1950-1955
Robert Accinelli. University of North Carolina Press, 1996
Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic World, 1391-1648
Benjamin R. Gampel. Columbia University Press, 1997
Crisis and Escalation in Cyberspace
Martin C. Libicki. Rand, 2012
Crisis and Leadership: Epistles of Maimonides
Moses Maimonides, Abraham S. Halkin. Jewish Publication Society of America, 1985
Crisis and Opportunity: Sustainability in American Agriculture
John E. Ikerd. University of Nebraska Press, 2008
Crisis and Renewal in France, 1918-1962
Kenneth Mouré, Martin S. Alexander. Berghahn Books, 2002
Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach
Kathleen Fearn-Banks. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002 (2nd edition)
Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach
Kathleen Fearn-Banks. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1996
Crisis Diplomacy: A History of U.S. Intervention Policies and Practices
D. A. Graber. Public Affairs Press, 1959
The Crisis in Economic Theory
Daniel Bell Irving Kristol. Basic Books, 1981
The Crisis in Economics
Edward Fullbrook. Routledge, 2003
Crisis in Education: A Challenge to American Complacency
Bernard Iddings Bell. Whittlesey House, 1949
The Crisis in Higher Education - Vol. 35
Joseph Froomkin. Academy of Political Science, 1983
The Crisis in Keynesian Economics - Vol. 9
John Richard Hicks. Basic Books, 1975
Crisis in Lebanon
Fahim I. Qubain. Middle East Institute, 1961
Crisis in the Arabian Gulf: An Independent Iraqi View
Omar Ali. Praeger Publishers, 1993
The Crisis in the Churches: Spiritual Malaise, Fiscal Woe
Robert Wuthnow. Oxford University Press, 1997
Crisis in the Congo: A United Nations Force in Action
Ernest W. Lefever. Brookings Institution, 1965
Crisis in the Philippines
Catherine Porter. Alfred A. Knopf, 1942
The Crisis in the University
Sir Walter Moberly. SCM Press, 1949
Crisis in the World Economy
Andre Gunder Frank. Holmes & Meier, 1980
The Crisis in Victorian Politics, 1879-1881: A Personal Retrospect
Alfred Deakin, A. La Nauze, R. M. Crawford. Melbourne University Press, 1957
The Crisis in World Population: A Sociological Examination, with Special Reference to the Underdeveloped Areas
J. O. Hertzler. University of Nebraska Press, 1956
Crisis Intervention: Theory and Methodology
Donna C. Aguilera. Mosby, 1998 (8th edition)
Crisis Management in a Complex World
Dawn R. Gilpin, Priscilla J. Murphy. Oxford University Press, 2008
The Crisis Manager: Facing Risk and Responsibility
Otto Lerbinger. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1997
The Crisis of 1830-1842 in Canadian-American Relations
Albert B. Corey. Yale University Press, 1941
Crisis of Abundance: Rethinking How We Pay for Health Care
Arnold Kling. Cato Institute, 2006
The Crisis of American Foreign Policy: Wilsonianism in the Twenty-First Century
G. John Ikenberry, Thomas J. Knock, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Tony Smith. Princeton University Press, 2009
The Crisis of American Labor
Sidney Lens . Sagamore Press, 1959
The Crisis of America's Cities
Randall Bartlett. M. E. Sharpe, 1998
The Crisis of Argentine Capitalism
Paul H. Lewis. University of North Carolina Press, 1990
The Crisis of Authority in Catholic Modernity
Michael J. Lacey, Francis Oakley. Oxford University Press, 2011
The Crisis of Care: Affirming and Restoring Caring Practices in the Helping Professions
Susan S. Phillips, Patricia Benner. Georgetown University Press, 1994
A Crisis of Community: The Trials and Transformation of a New England Town, 1815-1848
Mary Babson Fuhrer. University of North Carolina Press, 2014
Crisis of Conservatism? The Republican Party, the Conservative Movement and American Politics after Bush
Joel D. Aberbach, Gillian Peele. Oxford University Press, 2010
The Crisis of Democratic Representation in the Andes
Scott Mainwaring, Ana María Bejarano, Eduardo Pizarro Leongómez. Stanford University Press, 2006
The Crisis of Democratic Theory: Scientific Naturalism & the Problem of Value
Edward A. Purcell Jr.. University Press of Kentucky, 1973
Crisis of Doubt: Honest Faith in Nineteenth-Century England
Timothy Larsen. Oxford University Press, 2006
A Crisis of Expectations: UN Peacekeeping in the 1990s
Ramesh Thakur, Carlyle A. Thayer. Westview Press, 1995
The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered
George Soros. PublicAffairs, 1998
A Crisis of Governance: Zimbabwe
Jacob Chikuhwa. Algora, 2004
The Crisis of Israelite Religion: Transformation of Religious Tradition in Exilic and Post-Exilic Times
Bob Becking, Marjo C. A. Korpel. Brill, 1999
The Crisis of Leninism and the Decline of the Left: The Revolutions of 1989
Daniel Chirot. University of Washington Press, 1991
The Crisis of Literature in the 1790s: Print Culture and the Public Sphere
Paul Keen. Cambridge University Press, 1999
The Crisis of London
Andy Thornley. Routledge, 1992
A Crisis of Meaning: How Gay Men Are Making Sense of AIDS
Steven Schwartzberg. Oxford University Press, 1996
The Crisis of Parliaments: English History, 1509-1660
Conrad Russell. Oxford University Press, 1971
The Crisis of Social Democracy in Europe
Michael Keating, David McCrone. Edinburgh University Press, 2013
A Crisis of Spirit: Our Desperate Search for Integrity
Anita Spencer. Insight Books, 1996
Crisis of the House Divided: An Interpretation of the Issues in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Harry V. Jaffa. Doubleday, 1959
The Crisis of the National State
W. Friedmann. Macmillan & Co Ltd, 1943
Crisis on the Left: Cold War Politics and American Liberals, 1947-1954
Mary Sperling McAuliffe. University of Massachusetts Press, 1978
Crisis Stability and Long-Range Strike: A Comparative Analysis of Fighters, Bombers, and Missiles
Forrest E. Morgan. Rand, 2013
Crisis Theory
David Z. Rich. Praeger, 1997
Crisis, Miracles, and Beyond: Negotiated Adaptation of the Danish Welfare System
Erik Albæk, Leslie C. Eliason, Asbjørn Sonne Nørgaard, Herman M. Schwartz. Aarhus University Press, 2008
Crisis, Recovery, and the Role of Accounting Firms in the Pacific Basin
David L. McKee, Don E. Garner, Yosra Abuamara McKee. Quorum Books, 2002
Crisis: In the Third World
Andre Gunder Frank. Holmes & Meier Publishers, 1981
FREE! The Crisis
Winston Churchill. Grosset & Dunlap, 1912
Criteria for Competence: Controversies in the Conceptualization and Assessment of Children's Abilities
Michael Chandler , Michael Chapman . Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991
Criteria for Retirement: A Report of a National Conference on Retirement of Older Workers Held at Arden House, Harriman Campus of Columbia University, January 24-26, 1952
Geneva A. Mathiasen. Putnam, 1953
Criteria for the Life History, with Analyses of Six Notable Documents
John Dollard. P. Smith, 1949
FREE! Critical & Historical Essays - Vol. 2
Thomas Babington Macaulay. J. M. Dent & Sons, 1907
Critical Acts: Latin American Women and Cultural Criticism
Elizabeth A. Marchant. University Press of Florida, 1999
Critical Aesthetics and Postmodernism
Paul Crowther. Clarendon Press, 1993
Critical Americans: Victorian Intellectuals and Transatlantic Liberal Reform
Leslie Butler. University of North Carolina Press, 2007
A Critical and Cultural Theory Reader
Antony Easthope, Kate McGowan. Open University Press, 2004 (2nd edition)
Critical and Effective Histories: Foucault's Methods and Historical Sociology
Mitchell Dean. Routledge, 1994
A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Ezekiel
G. A. Cooke. T. & T. Clark, 1936
FREE! A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Psalms
Charles Augustus Briggs. C. Scribner's Sons, 1906
FREE! A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Books of Chronicles
Edward Lewis Curtis, Albert Alonzo Madsen. C. Scribner's Sons, 1910
FREE! A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians
Ernest De Witt Burton. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1920
FREE! A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians
Alfred Plummer. Scribner, 1915
FREE! Critical and Historical Essays: Lectures Delivered at Columbia University
Edward MacDowell, W. J. Baltzell. Elkin, 1912
Critical Angles: European Views of Contemporary American Literature
Marc Chénetier. Southern Illinois University Press, 1986
Critical Applied Linguistics: A Critical Introduction
Alastair Pennycook. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001
Critical Approaches to Fieldwork: Contemporary and Historical Archaeological Practice
Gavin Lucas. Routledge, 2001
Critical Approaches to Medieval Literature: Selected Papers from the English Institute, 1958-1959
Dorothy Bethurum. Columbia University Press, 1960
Critical Citizens: Global Support for Democratic Government
Pippa Norris. Oxford University Press, 1999
The Critical Composer: The Musical Writings of Berlioz, Wagner, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, and Others
Irving Kolodin. Howell, Soskin, 1940
Critical Concerns in Transfer Pricing and Practice
Wagdy M. Abdallah. Praeger, 2004
Critical Condition: Feminism at the Turn of the Century
Susan Gubar. Columbia University Press, 2000
Critical Consciousness: A Study of Morality in Global, Historical Context
Elena Mustakova-Possardt. Praeger, 2003
Critical Constructivism Primer
Joe L. Kincheloe. Peter Lang, 2005
Critical Cyberculture Studies
David Silver, Adrienne Massanari. New York University Press, 2006
A Critical Dictionary of Sociology
Raymond Boudon, Francois Bourricaud. Routledge, 1989
A Critical Difference: T. S. Eliot and John Middleton Murry in English Literary Criticism, 1919-1928
David Goldie. Clarendon Press, 1998
A Critical Discourse Analysis of Family Literacy Practices: Power in and out of Print
Rebecca Rogers. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003
Critical Economic Methodology: A Personal Odyssey
Lawrence A. Boland. Routledge, 1997
Critical Education against Global Capitalism: Karl Marx and Revolutionary Critical Education
Paula Allman. Bergin and Garvey, 2001
Critical English for Academic Purposes: Theory, Politics, and Practice
Sarah Benesch. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001
FREE! Critical Essays of the Early Nineteenth Century
Raymond Macdonald Alden. C. Scribner's Sons, 1921
Critical Essays of the Eighteenth Century, 1700-1725
Willard Higley Durham. Russell & Russell, 1961
Critical Essays on Alice Walker
Ikenna Dieke. Greenwood Press, 1999