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The Fox's Craft in Japanese Religion and Folklore: Shapeshifters, Transformations, and Duplicities
Frank Reynolds, Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Michael Bathgate. Routledge, 2003
The Fractious Nation? Unity and Division in Contemporary American Life
Jonathan Rieder. University of California Press, 2003
The Fractured Metropolis: Improving the New City, Restoring the Old City, Reshaping the Region
Jonathan Barnett. Westview Press, 1996
Fractured Minds: A Case-Study Approach to Clinical Neuropsychology
Jenni A. Ogden. Oxford University Press, 2005
The Fragile Community: Living Together with AIDS
Mara B. Adelman, Lawrence R. Frey. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1997
Fragile Democracies: The Legacies of Authoritarian Rule
Gretchen Casper. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995
Fragile Dominion: Complexity and the Commons
Simon A. Levin. Perseus Publishing, 2000
Fragile Evidence: A Critique of Reading Assessment
Sharon Murphy, Peter Johnston, Jane Hansen, Patrick Shannon. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998
Fragile Lives: Death, Dying, and Care
Beverley McNamara. Open University Press, 2001
Fragile Lives: Death, Dying and Care
Beverley McNamara. Allen & Unwin, 2001
A Fragile Relationship: The United States and China since 1972
Harry Harding. Brookings Institutuion, 1992
A Fragile Revolution: Consumers and Psychiatric Survivors Confront the Power of the Mental Health System
Barbara Everett. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2000
The Fragile Scholar: Power and Masculinity in Chinese Culture
Song Geng. Hong Kong University Press, 2004
The Fragile Thread: The Meaning of Form in Faulkner's Novels
Donald M. Kartiganer. University of Massachusetts Press, 1979
Fragment of a Novel Written by Jane Austen, January-March 1817: Now First Printed from the Manuscript
Jane Austen. The Clarendon Press, 1925
A Fragment on Government: And An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
Jeremy Bentham, Wilfrid Harrison. Basil Blackwell, 1948
FREE! A Fragment on Government
Jeremy Bentham, F. C. Montague. The Clarendon Press, 1891
The Fragmentation of Policing in American Cities: Toward An Ecological Theory of Police-Citizen Relations
Hung-En Sung. Praeger, 2002
Fragmented Lives, Assembled Parts: Culture, Capitalism, and Conquest at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Alejandro Lugo. University of Texas Press, 2008
Fragmented Worlds, Coherent Lives: The Politics of Difference in Botswana
Pnina Motzafi-Haller. Bergin & Garvey, 2002
The Fragmenting Family
Brenda Almond. Oxford University Press, 2006
Fragmenting Modernism: Ford Madox Ford, the Novel, and the Great War
Sara Haslam. Manchester University Press, 2002
Fragmenting Societies? A Comparative Analysis of Regional and Urban Development
David C. Thorns. Routledge, 1992
FREE! Fragments from France
Bruce Bairnsfather. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1917
Fragments of a Political Diary
Joseph M. Baernreither, Joseph Redlich. Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1930
FREE! The Fragments of Empedocles
Empedocles, William Ellery Leonard. Open Court Pub. Co., 1908
The Fragments of Parmenides
A. H. Coxon, Richard Schofield. Parmenides, 2009 (Revised edition)
Fragments of the Present: Searching for Modernity in Vietnam's South
Philip Taylor. Allen & Unwin, 2001
Fragments: Essays in Subjectivity, Individuality, and Autonomy
Pedro Blas González. Algora, 2005
Fragments: Studies in Ellipsis and Gapping
Shalom Lappin, Elabbas Benmamoun. Oxford University Press, 1999
The Frail Elderly: Problems, Needs, and Community Responses
Carole Cox. Auburn House Paperback, 1993
The Frail Social Body: Pornography, Homosexuality, and Other Fantasies in Interwar France
Carolyn J. Dean. University of California Press, 2000
The Frailest Leaves: Whitman's Poetic Technique and Style in the Short Poem
John E. Schwiebert. Peter Lang, 1992
The Frame of Order: An Outline of Elizabethan Belief Taken from Treatises of the Late Sixteenth Century
James Winny. Allen and Unwin, 1957
Frame Reflection: Toward the Resolution of Intractable Policy Controversies
Donald A. Schön, Martin Rein. Basic Books, 1994
Frame Structures: Early Poems, 1974-1979
Susan Howe. New Directions Publishing, 1996
Framed by Gender: How Gender Inequality Persists in the Modern World
Cecilia L. Ridgeway. Oxford University Press, 2011
Framed Time: Toward a Postfilmic Cinema
Garrett Stewart. University of Chicago Press, 2007
Framed: America's Fifty-One Constitutions and the Crisis of Governance
Sanford Levinson. Oxford University Press, 2012
Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Howard Gardner. BasicBooks, 1993 (2nd edition)
A Framework for Cognitive Economics
Roger A. McCain. Praeger Publishers, 1992
A Framework for Immigration: Asians in the United States
Uma A. Segal. Columbia University Press, 2002
Framework for Industrialization in Africa
Thomas A. Taku. Praeger, 1999
A Framework for Modernization within the United States Air Force
Glenn A. Kent, David A. Ochmanek. Rand, 2003
A Framework for Physical Education in the Early Years
Hazel Kathleen Manners, Margaret E. Carroll. Falmer Press, 1995
A Framework for Political Analysis
David Easton. Prentice-Hall, 1965
A Framework for Strategy Development
John G. McGinn, Gregory F. Treverton, Jeffrey A. Isaacson, David C. Gompert M., Elaine Bunn. Rand, 2002
The Framework of Hemisphere Defense
Stetson Conn, Byron Fairchild. Office of the Chief of Military History, 1960
The Framework of Operational Warfare
Clayton R. Newell. Routledge, 1991
Framing Borders in Literature and Other Media
Werner Wolf, Walter Bernhart. Rodopi, 2006
Framing Chief Leschi: Narratives and the Politics of Historical Justice
Lisa Blee. University of North Carolina Press, 2014
Framing Compellent Strategies
Gregory F. Treverton. Rand, 2000
Framing Democracy: A Behavioral Approach to Democratic Theory
Jamie Terence Kelly. Princeton University Press, 2012
Framing Elizabethan Fictions: Contemporary Approaches to Early Modern Narrative Prose
Constance C. Relihan. Kent State University Press, 1996
Framing Equal Opportunity: Law and the Politics of School Finance Reform
Michael Paris. Stanford Law Books, 2010
Framing Female Lawyers: Women on Trial in Film
Cynthia Lucia. University of Texas Press, 2005
FREE! The Framing of the Constitution of the United States
Max Farrand. Yale University Press, 1913
Framing Pieces: Designs of the Gloss in Joyce, Woolf, and Pound
John Whittier-Ferguson. Oxford University Press, 1996
Framing Places: Mediating Power in Built Form
Kim Dovey. Routledge, 1999
Framing Public Life: Perspectives on Media and Our Understanding of the Social World
Stephen D. Reese, Oscar H. Gandy Jr., August E. Grant. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001
Framing Public Memory
Kendall R. Phillips. University of Alabama Press, 2004
Framing Terrorism: The News Media, the Government, and the Public
Pippa Norris, Montague Kern, Marion Just. Routledge, 2003
Framing the Bride: Globalizing Beauty and Romance in Taiwan's Bridal Industry
Bonnie Adrian. University of California Press, 2003
Framing the Canterbury Tales: Chaucer and the Medieval Frame Narrative Tradition
Katharine S. Gittes. Greenwood Press, 1991
Framing the Early Middle Ages: Europe and the Mediterranean 400-800
Chris Wickham. Oxford University Press, 2005
Framing the Family: Narrative and Representation in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods
Rosalynn Voaden, Diane Wolfthal. Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2005
Framing the Intifada: People and Media
Akiba A. Cohen, Gadi Wolfsfeld. Ablex, 1993
Framing the Jina: Narratives of Icons and Idols in Jain History
John E. Cort. Oxford University Press, 2010
Framing the Past: The Historiography of German Cinema and Television
Bruce A. Murray, Christopher J. Wickham. Southern Illinois University Press, 1992
Framing the West: Race, Gender, and the Photographic Frontier in the Pacific Northwest
Carol J. Williams. Oxford University Press, 2003
France against Herself: A Perceptive Study of France's Past, Her Politics, and Her Unending Crises
Herbert Leuthy. Praeger, 1955
France and America in the Revolutionary Era: The Life of Jacques-Donatien Leray de Chaumont, 1725-1803
Thomas J. Schaeper. Berghahn Books, 1995
FREE! France and England: Their Relations in the Middle Ages and Now
T. F. Tout. University Press, 1922
France and European Integration: Towards a Transnational Polity?
Michel R. Gueldry. Praeger, 2001
France and Germany at Maastricht: Politics and Negotiations to Create the European Union
Colette Mazzucelli. Garland, 1997
France and Latin-American Independence
William Spence Robertson. The Johns Hopkins Press, 1939
France and New England - Vol. 3
Allan Forbes, Paul F. Cadman, Walton Advertising and Printing Company, Boston. State Street Trust Co., 1929
FREE! France and the Alliances: The Struggle for the Balance of Power
André Tardieu. The Macmillan Company, 1908
France and the Cult of the Sacred Heart: An Epic Tale for Modern Times
Raymond Jonas. University of California Press, 2000
France and the Nazi Menace: Intelligence and Policy Making, 1933-1939
Peter Jackson. Oxford University Press, 2000
France and the Saar, 1680-1948
Laing Gray Cowan. Columbia University Press, 1950
France and the Second World War: Occupation, Collaboration, and Resistance
Peter Davies. Routledge, 2001
France and the United States: Their Diplomatic Relations, 1789-1914
Henry Blumenthal. University of North Carolina Press, 1970
France and Women, 1789-1914: Gender, Society and Politics
James F. McMillan. Routledge, 2000
France at War in the Twentieth Century: Propaganda, Myth and Metaphor
Valerie Holman, Debra Kelly. Berghahn Books, 2000
France at War: Vichy and the Historians
Sarah Fishman, Laura Lee Downs, Ioannis Sinanoglou, Leonard V. Smith, Robert Zaretsky, David Lake. Berg, 2000
FREE! France at War: On the Frontier of Civilization
Rudyard Kipling. Doubleday Page & Company, 1915
France between the Wars: Gender and Politics
Siân Reynolds. Routledge, 1996
France during World War II: From Defeat to Liberation
Thomas R. Christofferson, Michael S. Christofferson. Fordham University Press, 2006
France Faces Depopulation
Joseph J. Spengler. Duke University Press, 1938
FREE! France Facing Germany: Speeches and Articles
Georges Clemenceau, Ernest Hunter Wright. E. P. Dutton, 1919
France in Focus: Film and National Identity
Elizabeth Ezra, Sue Harris. Berg, 2000
France in Indochina: Colonial Encounters
Nicola Cooper. Berg, 2001
France in Modern Times: 1760 to the Present
Gordon Wright. Rand McNally, 1960
FREE! France in the American Revolution
James Breck Perkins. Houghton Mifflin, 1911
France in the Making, 843-1180
Jean Dunbabin. Oxford University Press, 2000
France in the Modern World
Niles M. Hansen. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1969
France in the New World: Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society
David Buisseret, French Colonial Historical Society. Michigan State University Press, 1998
FREE! The France of Today
Barrett Wendell. C. Scribner, 1916 (2nd edition)
France Restored: Cold War Diplomacy and the Quest for Leadership in Europe, 1944-1954
William I. Hitchcock. University of North Carolina Press, 1998