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From Colony to Country: The Revolution in American Thought, 1750-1820
Ralph Ketcham. Macmillan, 1974
From Colony to Nation: Women Activists and the Gendering of Politics in Belize, 1912-1982
Anne S. Macpherson. University of Nebraska Press, 2007
From Colony to Superpower: U.S. Foreign Relations since 1776
George C. Herring. Oxford University Press, 2008
From Community to Metropolis: A Biography of São Paulo, Brazil
Richard M. Morse. University of Florida Press, 1958
From Complexity to Life: On the Emergence of Life and Meaning
Niels Henrik Gregersen. Oxford University Press, 2003
FREE! From Comte to Benjamin Kidd: The Appeal to Biology or Evolution for Human Guidance
Robert Mackintosh. MacMillan, 1899
From Conciliation to Conquest: The Sack of Athens and the Court-Martial of Colonel John B. Turchin
George C. Bradley, Richard L. Dahlen. University of Alabama Press, 2006
From Conflict Resolution to Reconciliation
Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov. Oxford University Press, 2004
From Conflict to Creativity: How Resolving Workplace Disagreements Can Inspire Innovation and Productivity
Sy Landau, Barbara Landau, Daryl Landau. Jossey-Bass, 2001
From Conflict to Crisis: The Danger of U.S. Actions
Jeanne M. Haskin. Algora, 2012
From Constantine to Julian: Pagen and Byzantine Views; a Source History
Samuel N. C. Lieu, Dominic Montserrat. Routledge, 1996
From Continuity to Contiguity: Toward a New Jewish Literary Thinking
Dan Miron. Stanford University Press, 2010
From Cosmos to Chaos: The Science of Unpredictability
Peter Coles. Oxford University Press, 2006
From Cotton Belt to Sunbelt: Federal Policy, Economic Development, and the Transformation of the South, 1938-1980
Bruce J. Schulman. Oxford University Press, 1991
From Cotton Field to Schoolhouse: African American Education in Mississippi, 1862-1875
Christopher M. Span. University of North Carolina Press, 2009
From Coveralls to Zoot Suits: The Lives of Mexican American Women on the World War II Home Front
Elizabeth R. Escobedo. University of North Carolina Press, 2013
From Crisis to Growth in Africa?
Mats Lundahl. Routledge, 2001
From Cuenca to Queens: An Anthropological Story of Transnational Migration
Ann Miles. University of Texas Press, 2004
From Day to Day
Odd Nansen, Katherine John. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1949
From D-Day through Victory in Europe: The Eye-Witness Story as Told by War Correspondents on the Air
Paul M. Hollister, Robert Strunsky. Columbia Broadcasting System, 1945
From Death to Rebirth: Ritual and Conversion in Antiquity
Thomas M. Finn. Paulist Press, 1997
From Deborah to Esther: Sexual Politics in the Hebrew Bible
Lillian R. Klein. Fortress Press, 2003
From Defense to Development? International Perspectives on Realizing the Peace Dividend
Ann Markusen, Sean Digiovanna, Micheal C. Leary. Routledge, 2003
From Deficit to Deluge: The Origins of the French Revolution
Thomas E. Kaiser, Dale K. Van Kley. Stanford University Press, 2011
From Dependency to Independence: Economic Revolution in Colonial New England
Margaret Ellen Newell. Cornell University Press, 1998
From Depression to War: American Society in Transition--1939
August C. Bolino. Praeger Publishers, 1998
From Descartes to Kant: Readings in the Philosophy of the Renaissance and Enlightenment
T. V. Smith, Marjorie Grene. University of Chicago Press, 1940
From Dictatorship to Democracy: Rebuilding Political Consensus in Chile
Joseph S. Tulchin, Augusto Varas. Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1991
From Difficult to Disturbed: Understanding and Managing Dysfunctional Employees
Laurence Miller. AMACOM, 2008
From Diplomacy to Resistance; a History of Jewish Palestine, 1930-1945
Yehuda Bauer. Jewish Publication Society, 1970
From Disadvantaged Girls to Successful Women: Education and Women's Resiliency
Pamela LePage-Lees. Praeger, 1997
From Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law
Martha C. Nussbaum. Oxford University Press, 2010
From Documentation to Information Science: The Beginnings and Early Development of the American Documentation Institute-American Society for Information Science
Irene S. Farkas-Conn. Greenwood Press, 1990
From Domestic Manufacture to Industrial Revolution: The Case of the Rhineland Textile Districts
Herbert Kisch. Oxford US, 1989
From Dominance to Disappearance: The Indians of Texas and the Near Southwest, 1786-1859
F. Todd Smith. University of Nebraska Press, 2005
From Dreyfus to Petain: The Struggle of a Republic
Wilhelm Herzog, Walter Sorell. Creative Age Press, 1947
From Early Child Development to Human Development: Investing in Our Children's Future
Mary Eming Young. World Bank, 2002
From East to West: Odyssey of a Soul
Roy Bhaskar. Routledge, 2000
From Ec to EU: An Historical and Political Survey
Richard McAllister. Routledge, 1997
From Edison to Enron: The Business of Power and What It Means for the Future of Electricity
Richard Munson. Praeger, 2005
From Elite to Mass Politics: Italian Socialism in the Giolittian Era, 1900-1914
James Edward Miller. Kent State University Press, 1990
From Empire to International Commonwealth: A Biography of Lionel Curtis
Deborah Lavin . Clarendon Press, 1995
From Enlightenment to Receptivity: Rethinking Our Values
Michael Slote. Oxford University Press, 2013
From Envisioning to Designing E-Development: The Experience of Sri Lanka
Nagy K. Hanna. World Bank, 2007
From Erasmus to Tolstoy: The Peace Literature of Four Centuries: Jacob Ter Meulen's Bibliographies of the Peace Movement before 1899
Peter Van den Dungen. Greenwood Press, 1990
From Ethnic Conflict to Stillborn Reform: The Former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia
Shale Horowitz. Texas A&M University Press, 2005
From Euclid to Eddington, a Study of Conceptions of the External World
Edmund Whittaker. Cambridge University Press, 1949
From Every People and Nation: The Book of Revelation in Intercultural Perspective
David Rhoads. Fortress Press, 2005
From Exclusion to Inclusion: The Long Struggle for African American Political Power
Ralph C. Gomes, Linda Faye Williams. Praeger, 1995
From Exile to Redemption: The Fiction of Isaac Bashevis Singer
Grace Farrell Lee. Southern Illinois University Press, 1987
From Failed Communism to Underdeveloped Capitalism: Transformation of Eastern Europe, the Post-Soviet Union, and China
Adam Zwass. M. E. Sharpe, 1995
From Failing Hands: The Story of Presidential Succession
John D. Feerick. Fordham University Press, 1965
From Family Firms to Corporate Capitalism: Essays in Business and Industrial History in Honour of Peter Mathias
Kristine Bruland, Patrick O'Brien. Clarendon Press, 1998
From Feasting to Fasting, the Evolution of a Sin: Attitudes to Food in Late Antiquity
Veronika E. Grimm. Routledge, 1996
From Fetish to Subject: Race, Modernism, and Primitivism, 1919-1935
Carole Sweeney. Praeger, 2004
From Fetus to Child: An Observational and Psychoanalytic Study
Elizabeth Bott Spillius, Alessandra Piontelli. Tavistock/Routledge, 1992
From Fief to Indenture: The Transition from Feudal to Non-Feudal Contract in Western Europe
Bryce D. Lyon. Harvard University Press, 1957
From First to Last: The Life of Major General William B. Franklin
Mark A. Snell. Fordham University Press, 2002
From Flood Control to Integrated Water Resource Management: Lessons for the Gulf Coast from Flooding in Other Places in the Last Sixty Years
James P. Kahan, Mengjie Wu, Sara Hajiamiri, Debra Knopman. Rand, 2006
From Followers to Leaders: Managing Technology and Innovation in Newly Industrialized Countries
Naushad Forbes. Routledge, 2002
From Fort Laramie to Wounded Knee: In the West That Was
Charles W. Allen, Richard E. Jensen. University of Nebraska Press, 1997
From Fort Marion to Fort Sill: A Documentary History of the Chiricahua Apache Prisoners of War, 1886-1913
Alicia Delgadillo, Miriam A. Perrett. University of Nebraska Press, 2013
From Francophonie to World Literature in French: Ethics, Poetics, & Politics
Thérèse Migraine-George. University of Nebraska Press, 2013
From French Community to Missouri Town: Ste. Genevieve in the Nineteenth Century
Bonnie Stepenoff. University of Missouri Press, 2006
From Frontier Policy to Foreign Policy: The Question of India and the Transformation of Geopolitics in Qing China
Matthew W. Mosca. Stanford University Press, 2013
From Galileo to Cosmic Rays: A New Look at Physics
Harvey Brace Lemon. University of Chicago Press, 1934
From Garden Cities to New Towns: Campaigning for Town and Country Planning, 1899-1946
Dennis Hardy. E & FN Spon, 1991
From Garrick to Gluck: Essays on Opera in the Age of Enlightenment
Daniel Heartz. Pendragon Press, 2004
From Garrison State to Nation-State: Political Power and the Russian Military under Gorbachev and Yeltsin
John P. Moran. Praeger, 2002
From Gautier to Eliot: The Influence of France on English Literature, 1851-1939
Enid Starkie. Hutchinson, 1960
From Genesis to Genetics: The Case of Evolution and Creationism
John A. Moore. University of California Press, 2002
From Ghetto to Emancipation: Historical and Contemporary Reconsiderations of the Jewish Community
David N. Myers, William V. Rowe. University of Scranton Press, 1997
From Gibbon to Auden: Essays on the Classical Tradition
G.W. Bowersock. Oxford University Press, 2009
From Goals to Data and Back Again: Adding Backbone to Developmental Intervention for Children with Autism
Jill Fain Lehman, Rebecca Klaw. Jessica Kingsley, 2003
From Gods to God: How the Bible Debunked, Suppressed, or Changed Ancient Myths & Legends
Avigdor Shinan, Yair Zakovitch, Valerie Zakovitch. University of Nebraska Press, 2012
From Goethe to Hauptmann: Studies in a Changing Culture
Camillo von Klenze. Biblo and Tannen, 1966
From Good Goddess to Vestal Virgins: Sex and Category in Roman Religion
Ariadne Staples. Routledge, 1998
From Good King Wenceslas to the Good Soldier Esvejk: A Dictionary of Czech Popular Culture
Andrew Roberts. Central European University Press, 2005
From Goosecreek to Gandercleugh: Studies in Scottish-American Literary and Cultural History
Andrew Hook. Tuckwell Press, 1999
From Greenhouse to Icehouse: The Marine Eocene-Oligocene Transition
Donald R. Prothero, Linda C. Ivany, Elizabeth A. Nesbitt. Columbia University Press, 2003
From Guilt to Shame: Auschwitz and After
Ruth Leys. Princeton University Press, 2007
From Hayes to McKinley: National Party Politics, 1877-1896
H. Wayne Morgan. Syracuse University Press, 1969
From Heaven to Earth: Images and Experiences of Development in China
Elisabeth Croll. Routledge, 1994
From Higher Aims to Hired Hands: The Social Transformation of American Business Schools and the Unfulfilled Promise of Management as a Profession
Rakesh Khurana. Princeton University Press, 2007
From Hinton to Hamlet: Building Bridges between Young Adult Literature and the Classics
Sarah K. Herz, Donald R. Gallo. Greenwood Press, 1996
From Hitler's Doorstep: The Wartime Intelligence Reports of Allen Dulles, 1942-1945
Neal H. Petersen, Allen Welsh Dulles. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996
From Hobbits to Hollywood: Essays on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings
Ernest Mathijs, Murray Pomerance. Rodopi, 2006
From Home Guards to Heroes: The 87th Pennsylvania and Its Civil War Community
Dennis W. Brandt. University of Missouri Press, 2006
From Homeland to New Land: A History of the Mahican Indians, 1600-1830
William A. Starna. University of Nebraska Press, 2013
From Homer to Menander: Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction
L. A. Post. University of California Press, 1951
From Hot War to Cold: The U.S. Navy and National Security Affairs, 1945-1955
Jeffrey G. Barlow. Stanford University Press, 2009
From Hunting to Drinking: The Devastating Effects of Alcohol on an Australian Aboriginal Community
David McKnight. Routledge, 2002
From Idiocy to Mental Deficiency: Historical Perspectives on People with Learning Disabilities
David Wright, Anne Digby. Routledge, 1996
From Idolatry to Advertising: Visual Art and Contemporary Culture
Susan G. Josephson. M. E. Sharpe, 1996
From Ikaria to the Stars: Classical Mythification, Ancient and Modern
Peter Green. University of Texas Press, 2004
From Immigrant to Inventor
Michael Pupin. Scribner's Sons, 1923
From Impotence to Authority: The Spanish Crown and the American Audiencias, 1687-1808
Mark A. Burkholder, D. S. Chandler. University of Missouri Press, 1977
From Indifference to Entrapment: The Netherlands and the Yugoslav Crisis, 1990-1995
Norbert Both. Amsterdam University Press, 2000
From Industry to Arms: The Political Economy of High Technology
Anthony Difilippo. Greenwood Press, 1990
From Inside Brazil: Development in a Land of Contrasts
Vinod Thomas. World Bank, 2006