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Hippolytus in Drama and Myth: The Hippolytus of Euripides, a New Translation by Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland, Hazel E. Barnes, Euripides. University of Nebraska Press, 1960
Hiram Walker (1816-1899) and Walkerville from 1858
Howard R. Walton. Newcomen Society in North America, 1958
Hiratsuka Raicho and Early Japanese Feminism
Hiroko Tomida. Brill, 2004
Hired Guns: Views about Armed Contractors in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Sarah K. Cotton, Ulrich Petersohn, Molly Dunigan, Q. Burkhart, Megan Zander-Cotugno, Edward O’Connell, Michael Webber. Rand, 2010
Hired Hands: Seasonal Farm Workers in the United States
Stephen H. Sosnick. McNally & Loftin, West, 1978
Hired Pens: Professional Writers in America's Golden Age of Print
Ronald Weber. Ohio University Press, 1997
Hired Swords: The Rise of Private Warrior Power in Early Japan
Karl F. Friday. Stanford University, 1992
Hiring Professionals under NAFTA
David Etherington, Donna Lea Hawley. Quorum Books, 1998
Hirohito and War: Imperial Tradition and Military Decision Making in Prewar Japan
Peter Wetzler. University of Hawaii Press, 1998
Hirohito: The Emperor and the Man
Edwin P. Hoyt. Praeger Publishers, 1992
Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Physical, Medical, and Social Effects of the Atomic Bombings
Eisei Ishikawa, David L. Swain, Committee for the Compilation of Materials on Damage Caused by the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Basic Books, 1981
Hiroshima Diary: The Journal of a Japanese Physician, August 6-September 30, 1945
Michihiko Hachiya, Warner Wells. University of North Carolina Press, 1995
His Current Woman
Jerzy Pilch, Bill Johnston. Northwestern University Press, 2002
His Exits and His Entrances: The Story of Shakespeare's Reputation
Louis Marder. J. B. Lippincott, 1963
His Hiding Place Is Darkness: A Hindu-Catholic Theopoetics of Divine Absence
Francis X. Clooney. Stanford University Press, 2014
His Invention So Fertile: A Life of Christopher Wren
Adrian Tinniswood. Oxford University Press, 2001
His Last Bow: Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle, Owen Dudley Edwards. Oxford University Press, 1993
His Majesty's Enemies: Great Britain's War against Holocaust Victims and Survivors
Itamar Levin, Matasha Dornberg, Judith Yalon-Fortus. Praeger, 2001
His Majesty's Opposition: Structure and Problems of the British Labour Party, 1931-1938
Dean E. McHenry. University of California Press, 1940
His Majesty's Rebels: Communities, Factions, and Rural Revolt in the Black Forest, 1725-1745
David Martin Luebke. Cornell University Press, 1997
His Master's Voice/ Die Stimme Seines Herrn: The German Catalogue
Alan Kelly. Greenwood Press, 1994
FREE! His Own People
Booth Tarkington, Lawrence Mazzanovich, F. R. Gruger. Doubleday, Page, 1907
His Presence in the World: A Study in Eucharistic Worship and Theology
Nicholas Lash. Sheed & Ward, 1968
His Secretary: And a Concordia Courting, An Indian's Dithyramb, One New - Year's Eve, Are They Psychoids?
Kate Stephens. Antigone Press, 1927
His Way: A Biography of Robert Muldoon
Barry Gustafson. Auckland University Press, 2000
Hispanic American Relations with the United States
William Spence Robertson, David Kinley. Oxford University Press, 1923
The Hispanic Connection: Spanish and Spanish-American Literature in the Arts of the World
Zenia Sacks Dasilva. Praeger, 2004
Hispanic Entrepreneurs in the 2000s: An Economic Profile and Policy Implications
Alberto Dávila, Marie T. Mora. Stanford University Press, 2013
The Hispanic Image on the Silver Screen: An Interpretive Filmography from Silents into Sound, 1898-1935
Alfred Charles Richard Jr.. Greenwood Press, 1992
Hispanic Methodists, Presbyterians, and Baptists in Texas
Paul Barton. University of Texas Press, 2006
FREE! The Hispanic Nations of the New World: A Chronicle of Our Southern Neighbors
William R. Shepherd. Yale University Press, 1921
Hispanic Spaces, Latino Places: Community and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary America
Daniel D. Arreola. University of Texas Press, 2004
Hispanic/Latino Theology: Challenge and Promise
Ada MarÍa Isasi-DÍaz, Fernando F. Segovia. Fortress Press, 1996
Hispanic-American History: A Syllabus
William Whatley Pierson Jr.. University of North Carolina Press, 1926
Hispanic-American Writers
Harold Bloom. Chelsea House, 1998
Hispaniola: Caribbean Chiefdoms in the Age of Columbus
Samuel M. Wilson. University of Alabama Press, 1990
Histological Technique: A Guide for Use in a Laboratory Course in Histology
B. F. Kingsbury, O. A. Johannsen. J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1927
Historia Novella: The Contemporary History
Edmund King, K. R. Potter, William of Malmesbury. Oxford University Press, 1998
The Historia Novella
William of Malmesbury, K. R. Potter. T. Nelson, 1955
The Historia Vie [Sic] Hierosolimitane
C. W. Grocock, J. E. Siberry. Clarendon Press, 1997
The Historian and Character: And Other Essays by David Knowles, Collected and Presented to Him by His Friends, Pupils and Colleagues on the Occasion of His Retirement .... University of Cambridge
Unknown, 1963
The Historian and Historical Evidence
Allen Johnson. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1926
Historian and Scientist: An Essay on the Nature of History and the Social Sciences
Gaetano Salvemini. Harvard University Press, 1939
Historian of the Strange: Pu Songling and the Chinese Classical Tale
Judith T. Zeitlin. Stanford University, 1993
Historians and Their Craft: A Study of the Presidential Addresses of the American Historical Association
Herman Ausubel. Columbia University Press, 1965
The Historian's Business, and Other Essays
Richard Pares, R. A. Humphreys, Elisabeth Humphreys. Clarendon Press, 1961
Historians of China and Japan
W. G. Beasley, E. G. Pulleyblank. Oxford University Press, 1961
Historians of Economics and Economic Thought: The Construction of Disciplinary Memory
Steven G. Medema, Warren J. Samuels. Routledge, 2001
Historians of India, Pakistan and Ceylon
C. H. Philips. Oxford University Press, 1961
The Historians of Late Antiquity
David Rohrbacher. Routledge, 2002
Historians of Modern Europe
Hans A. Schmitt. Louisiana State University Press, 1971
Historians of the Middle East
Bernard Lewis. Oxford University Press, 1962
Historian's Quest
Gabriel Jackson. Knopf, 1969
An Historian's World: Selections from the Correspondence of John Franklin Jameson
Elizabeth Donnan, Leo F. Stock, John Franklin Jameson. American Philosophical Society, 1956
Historic Architecture in the Caribbean Islands
Edward E. Crain. University Press of Florida, 1994
Historic Documents of World War II
Walter Consuelo Langsam. Van Nostrand, 1958
FREE! Historic Girls: Stories of Girls Who Have Influenced the History of Their Times
E. S. Brooks. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1915
Historic Houses of Early America
Elise Lathrop. Tudor Publication Company, 1927
Historic Native Peoples of Texas
William C. Foster. University of Texas Press, 2008
Historic U.S. Court Cases: An Encyclopedia - Vol. 2
John W. Johnson. Routledge, 2001 (2nd edition)
Historical and Ethnographical Material on the Jivaro Indians
M. W. Stirling. Govt. Print. Off., 1938
Historical and Geographical Influences on Psychopathology
Patricia Cohen, Cheryl Slomkowski, Lee N. Robins. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999
Historical and Multicultural Encyclopedia of Women's Reproductive Rights in the United States
Judith A. Baer. Greenwood Press, 2002
FREE! Historical and Political Essays
William Edward Hartpole Lecky. Longmans, Green, 1908
Historical Archaeology: Back from the Edge
Pedro Paulo A. Funari, Martin Hall, Siân Jones. Routledge, 1999
The Historical Christ and the Jesus of Faith: The Incarnational Narrative as History
C. Stephen Evans. Clarendon Press, 1996
A Historical Commentary on Diodorus Siculus, Book 15
P. J. Stylianou. Oxford University, 1998
A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures: Continental Europe and Its Empires
Prem Poddar, Rajeev S. Patke, Lars Jensen. Edinburgh University Press, 2008
FREE! The Historical Development of Modern Europe: From the Congress of Vienna to the Present Time, 1815-1897
Charles McLean Andrews. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1904
Historical Dictionary of American Education
Richard J. Altenbaugh. Greenwood Press, 1999
Historical Dictionary of European Imperialism
James S. Olson, Robert Shadle, Ross Marlay, William G. Ratliff, Joseph M. Rowe Jr.. Greenwood Press, 1991
Historical Dictionary of France from the 1815 Restoration to the Second Empire
Edgar Leon Newman, Robert Lawrence Simpson. Greenwood Press, 1987
The Historical Dictionary of Golfing Terms: From 1500 to the Present
Peter Davies. University of Nebraska Press, 2005
Historical Dictionary of Late Medieval England, 1272-1485
Ronald H. Fritze, William B. Robison. Greenwood Press, 2002
Historical Dictionary of Law Enforcement
Mitchel P. Roth. Greenwood Press, 2001
Historical Dictionary of Panama
Basil C. Hedrick, Anne K. Hedrick. Scarecrow Press, 1970
Historical Dictionary of Poland, 966-1945
George J. Lerski. Greenwood Press, 1996
Historical Dictionary of School Segregation and Desegregation: The American Experience
Jeffrey A. Raffel. Greenwood Press, 1998
Historical Dictionary of the 1950s
James S. Olson. Greenwood Press, 2000
Historical Dictionary of the 1960s
James S. Olson, Samuel Freeman. Greenwood Press, 1999
Historical Dictionary of the British Empire
James S. Olson, Robert S. Shadle. Greenwood Press, 1996
Historical Dictionary of the Elizabethan World: Britain, Ireland, Europe, and America
John A. Wagner. Oryx Press, 1999
Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution 1789-1799 - Vol. 1
Samuel F. Scott, Barry Rothaus. Greenwood Press, 1985
Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution 1789-1799 - Vol. 2
Samuel F. Scott, Barry Rothaus. Greenwood Press, 1985
Historical Dictionary of the French Second Empire, 1852-1870
William E. Echard. Greenwood Press, 1985
Historical Dictionary of the Music and Musicians of Finland
Ruth-Esther Hillila, Barbara Blanchard Hong. Greenwood Press, 1997
Historical Dictionary of the Spanish American War
Donald H. Dyal, Brian B. Carpenter, Mark A. Thomas. Greenwood Press, 1996
Historical Dictionary of the Spanish Empire, 1402-1975
James S. Olson, Sam L. Slick, Samuel Freeman, Virginia Garrard Burnett, Fred Koestler. Greenwood Press, 1992
Historical Dictionary of the Third French Republic, 1870-1940 - Vol. 2
Patrick H. Hutton, Amanda S. Bourque, Amy J. Staples. Greenwood Press, 1986
Historical Dictionary of the Third French Republic, 1870-1940 - Vol. 1
Patrick H. Hutton, Amanda S. Bourque, Amy J. Staples. Greenwood Press, 1986
Historical Dictionary of the Third French Republic, 1870-1940 - Vol. 1
Patrick H. Hutton, Amanda S. Bourque, Amy J. Staples. Greenwood Press, 1986
Historical Dictionary of the U.S. Army
Jerold E. Brown. Greenwood, 2001
A Historical Dictionary of the U.S. Merchant Marine and Shipping Industry: Since the Introduction of Steam
René De La Pedraja. Greenwood Press, 1994
Historical Dictionary of Women's Education in the United States
Linda Eisenmann. Greenwood Press, 1998
Historical Encyclopedia of American Women Entrepreneurs: 1776 to the Present
Jeannette M. Oppedisano. Greenwood Press, 2000
Historical Encyclopedia of Atomic Energy
Stephen E. Atkins. Greenwood Press, 2000
Historical Encyclopedia of School Psychology
Thomas K. Fagan, Paul G. Warden. Greenwood Press, 1996
An Historical Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Bernard Reich, Joseph E. Goldberg, Stephen H. Gotowicki, Sanford R. Silverburg, Mark Daryl Erickson. Greenwood Press, 1996
Historical Encyclopedia of U.S. Independent Counsel Investigations
Gerald S. Greenberg. Greenwood Press, 2000
Historical Encyclopedia of U.S. Presidential Use of Force, 1789-2000
Karl R. Derouen Jr.. Greenwood Press, 2001