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The Liberal Tradition: A Study of the Social and Spiritual Conditions of Freedom
William Aylott Orton. Yale University Press, 1945
Liberal Utilitarianism and Applied Ethics
Matti Häyry. Routledge, 1994
A Liberal Vocationalism
Harold Silver, John Brennan. Methuen, 1988
Liberalism and Community
Steven Kautz. Cornell University Press, 1995
Liberalism and Conservatism: The Nature and Structure of Social Attitudes
Fred N. Kerlinger. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1984
Liberalism and Its Practice
Dan Avnon, Avner De-Shalit. Routledge, 1999
Liberalism and Prostitution
Peter De Marneffe. Oxford University Press, 2010
Liberalism and Social Reform: Industrial Growth and Progressiste Politics in France, 1880-1914
David M. Gordon. Greenwood Press, 1996
Liberalism and the Challenge of Fascism: Social Forces in England and France, 1815-1870
J. Salwyn Schapiro. McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1949
Liberalism beyond Justice: Citizens, Society, and the Boundaries of Political Theory
John Tomasi. Princeton University Press, 2000
Liberalism Divided: Freedom of Speech and the Many Uses of State Power
Owen M. Fiss. Westview Press, 1996
Liberalism Divided: A Study in British Political Thought, 1914-1939
Michael Freeden. Oxford University, 1986
Liberalism in the Bedroom: Quarreling Spouses in Nineteenth-Century Lima
Christine Heunefeldt. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000
Liberalism in the South
Virginius Dabney. The University of North Carolina Press, 1932
The Liberalism of Thomas Arnold: A Study of His Religious and Political Writings
Eugene L. Williamson Jr.. University of Alabama, 1964
Liberalism Undressed
Jethro K. Lieberman. Oxford University Press, 2012
Liberalism versus Postliberalism: The Great Divide in Twentieth-Century Theology
John Allan Knight. Oxford University Press, 2013
Liberalism, Constitutionalism, and Democracy
Russell Hardin. Oxford University Press, 1999
Liberalism, Democracy, and Development
Sylvia Chan. Cambridge University Press, 2002
Liberalism, Justice, and Markets: A Critique of Liberal Equality
Colin M. Macleod. Clarendon Press, 1998
Liberalism: Politics, Ideology, and the Market
John A. Hall. University of North Carolina Press, 1988
Liberalism's Crooked Circle: Letters to Adam Michnik
Ira Katznelson. Princeton University Press, 1996
Liberalization and Redemocratization in Latin America
George A. Lopez, Michael Stohl. Greenwood Press, 1987
Liberalization in the Developing World: Institutional and Economic Changes in Latin America, Africa, and Asia
Alex E. Fernández Jilberto, André Mommen. Routledge, 1996
Liberalization, Crisis, and Change in Colombian Agriculture
Carlos Felipe Jaramillo. Westview Press, 1998
Liberalizing the European Media: Politics, Regulation, and the Public Shere
Shalini Venturelli. Oxford University, 1998
The Liberals in Power, 1905-1914
Colin Cross. Barrie and Rockliff, 1963
The Liberated Female: Life, Work, and Sex in Socialist Hungary
Ivan Volgyes, Nancy Volgyes. Westview Press, 1977
Liberating Education
Zelda F. Gamson. Jossey-Bass, 1984
Liberating Judgment: Fanatics, Skeptics, and John Locke's Politics of Probability
Douglas John Casson. Princeton University Press, 2011
Liberating Literature: Feminist Fiction in America
Maria Lauret. Routledge, 1994
Liberating Paul: The Justice of God and the Politics of the Apostle
Neil Elliott. Fortress Press, 2005
Liberating Praxis: Paulo Freire's Legacy for Radical Education and Politics
Peter Mayo. Praeger, 2004
Liberating Theory
Michael Albert, Leslie Cagan, Noam Chomsky, Robin Hahnel, Mel King, Lydia Sargent, Holly Sklar. South End Press, 1986
Liberation and Change
Gustavo Gutiérrez, Richard Shaull, Ronald H. Stone. John Knox Press, 1977
Liberation Ecologies: Environment, Development, Social Movements
Richard Peet, Michael Watts. Routledge, 1996
Liberation Ethics: Sources, Models, and Norms
Thomas L. Schubeck. Fortress Press, 1993
Liberation Historiography: African American Writers and the Challenge of History, 1794-1861
John Ernest. University of North Carolina Press, 2004
Liberation in South America, 1806-1827: The Career of James Paroissien
R. A. Humphreys. The Athlone Press, 1952
Liberation in Southern Africa: Regional and Swedish Voices : Interviews from Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Frontline and Sweden
Tor Sellström. Nordic Africa Institute, 2002
The Liberation of Guam, 21 July-10 August 1944
Harry A. Gailey. Presidio Press, 1997
The Liberation of Italy, 1943-1947
Luigi Villari. C.C. Nelson Publishing, 1959
Liberation Theologies in the United States: An Introduction
Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas, Anthony B. Pinn. New York University Press, 2010
Liberation Theology after the End of History: The Refusal to Cease Suffering
Daniel M. Bell Jr.. Routledge, 2001
Liberation Theology and the Liberal Society
Michael Novak. American Enterprise Institute, 1987
Liberation Theology in the Philippines: Faith in a Revolution
Kathleen M. Nadeau. Praeger, 2002
Liberation Theology: Human Hope Confronts Christian History and American Power
Rosemary Radford Ruether. Paulist Press, 1972
Liberators and Patriots of Latin America: Biographies of 23 Leaders from Doña Marina (1505-1530) to Bishop Romero (1917-1980)
Jerome R. Adams. McFarland, 1991
Liberia Rediscovered
James C. Young. Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., 1934
Liberia: The Eye of the Storm: A Review of the Literature on Internally Displaced, Refugees and Returnees
Desirée Nilsson. Nordic African Institute, 2003
Charles Morrow Wilson. William Sloane Associates, 1947
Liberia's Civil War: Nigeria, ECOMOG, and Regional Security in West Africa
Adekeye Adebajo. Lynne Rienner, 2002
Libertarian Accounts of Free Will
Randolph Clarke. Oxford University Press, 2003
The Libertarian Reader
Tibor R. Machan. Rowman & Littlefield, 1982
Libertarianism without Inequality
Michael Otsuka. Clarendon, 2003
Libertarianism: What Everyone Needs to Know
Jason Brennan. Oxford University Press, 2012
Libertas as a Political Idea at Rome during the Late Republic and Early Principate
Unknown, 1950
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite: The American Revolution & the European Response
Charles W. Toth. Whitston, 1989
Liberties & Communities in Medieval England: Collected Studies in Local Administration and Topography
Helen M. Cam . Barnes & Noble Books, 1963
The Libertine's Nature
Lars-Henrik Schmidt. Aarhus University Press, 2005
Liberty and Authority in Free Expression Law: The United States and Canada
Karla K. Gower. LFB Scholarly, 2002
Liberty and Equality in Caribbean Colombia, 1770-1835
Aline Helg. University of North Carolina Press, 2004
Liberty and Justice: A Historical Record of American Constitutional Development
James Morton Smith, Paul L. Murphy. Alfred A. Knopf, 1958
Liberty and Learning: Milton Friedman's Voucher Idea at Fifty
Robert C. Enlow, Lenore T. Ealy. Cato Institute, 2006
Liberty and Locality in Revolutionary France: Six Villages Compared, 1760-1820
Peter Jones. Cambridge University Press, 2003
Liberty and Order: Public Order Policing in a Capital City
P. A.J. Waddington. UCL Press, 1994
Liberty and Property: Political Ideology in Eighteenth-Century Britain
H. T. Dickinson. Holmes & Meier, 1977
Liberty and Property
R. V. Coleman. Scribner, 1951
Liberty in the Modern State
Harold J. Laski. Harper & Brothers, 1930
The Liberty Lobby and the American Right: Race, Conspiracy, and Culture
Frank P. Mintz. Greenwood Press, 1985
The Liberty of Servants: Berlusconi's Italy
Maurizio Viroli, Antony Shugaar. Princeton University Press, 2012
The Liberty of Strangers: Making the American Nation
Desmond King. Oxford University Press, 2004
Liberty or Death: The Story of Thomas Hardy, Showmaker, and John Cartwright, Landowner, in the Early Struggles for Parliamentary Democracy
Ray Hemmings. Lawrence & Wishart, 2000
Liberty under the Soviets
Roger N. Baldwin. Vanguard Press, 1928
Liberty vs. Equality
William F. Russell. Macmillan, 1936
Liberty, a Path to Its Recovery
F. A. Harper. The Foundation For Economic Education, 1949
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
James Fitzjames Stephen. Liberty Fund, 1993
Liberty, Property, and Privacy: Toward a Jurisprudence of Substantive Due Process
Edward Keynes. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996
Liberty, Virtue, and Progress: Northerners and Their War for the Union
Earl J. Hess. Fordham University Press, 1997 (2nd edition)
Liberty: Its Meaning and Scope
Mordecai Roshwald. Greenwood Press, 2000
Everette Dean Martin. W.W. Norton & Co., 1930
Carl J. Friedrich, American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy. Atherton Press, 1962
Libraries and Librarianship in China
Sharon Chien Lin. Greenwood Press, 1998
Libraries and Librarianship in India
Jashu Patel, Krishan Kumar. Greenwood Press, 2001
Libraries, the Internet, and Scholarship: Tools and Trends Converging
Charles F. Thomas. Marcel Dekker, 2002
The Library and the Workshop: Social Democracy and Capitalism in the Knowledge Age
Jenny Andersson. Stanford University Press, 2010
Library Binding Manual
Louis N. Feipel, Earl W. Browning. American Library Association, 1952
Library Materials and Services for Teen Girls
Katie O'Dell. Libraries Unlimited, 2002
A Library of Literary Criticism: Modern American Literature
Dorothy Nyren . Frederick Ungar, 1960 (3rd edition)
The Library of Qumran, on the Essenes, Qumran, John the Baptist, and Jesus
Hartmut Stegemann. W.B. Eerdmans, 1998
Library Research Guide to Psychology: Illustrated Search Strategy and Sources
Nancy E. Douglas, Nathan E. Baum. Pierian Press, 1984
FREE! The Library
Andrew Lang. MacMillan, 1892 (2nd edition)
Libretto for the Republic of Liberia
M. B. Tolson. Twayne Publishers, 1953
Libricide: The Regime-Sponsored Destruction of Books and Libraries in the Twentieth Century
Rebecca Knuth. Praeger, 2003
The Libro de las Profecias of Christopher Columbus
Delno C. West, August Kling. University of Florida Press, 1991
Libya since Independence: Oil and State-Building
Dirk Vandewalle. Cornell University Press, 1998
The Libyan Arena: The United States, Britain, and the Council of Foreign Ministers, 1945-1948
Scott L. Bills. Kent State University Press, 1995
Libya's Post-Qaddafi Transition: The Nation-Building Challenge
Christopher S. Chivvis, Keith Crane, Peter Mandaville, Jeffrey Martini. Rand, 2012
Libya's Qaddafi: The Politics of Contradiction
Mansour O. El-Kikhia. University Press of Florida, 1997
A License to Steal: The Forfeiture of Property
Leonard W. Levy. University of North Carolina Press, 1996