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Man, Money, and Goods
John S. Qambs, William Snyder. Columbia University Press, 1952
Man, Morals and Society: A Psycho-Analytical Study
J. C. Flugel. International Universities Press, 1945
Man, Race, and Darwin: Papers Read at a Joint Conference of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Race Relations
Philip Mason. Oxford University Press, 1960
Man, the Maker: A History of Technology and Engineering
R. J. Forbes. Abelard-Schuman, 1958
Man, the Mechanical Misfit
G. H. Estabrooks. The Macmillan Company, 1941
Man, the State, and War: A Theoretical Analysis
Kenneth N. Waltz. Columbia University Press, 2001
Man, Time, and Fossils: The Story of Evolution
Ruth Moore. Alfred A. Knopf, 1961 (2nd Rev. edition)
Man, Time, and Society
Wilbert E. Moore. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1963
Man, Work, and Society: A Reader in the Sociology of Occupations
Sigmund Nosow, William H. Form. Basic Books, 1962
Man: the Bridge between Two Worlds
Franz E. Winkler. Harper & Row, 1960
Managed Care and the Evaluation and Adoption of Emerging Medical Technologies
Steven Garber, M. Susan Ridgely, Roger Taylor, Robin Main. Rand, 2000
The Managed Care Blues and How to Cure Them
Walter A. Zelman, Robert A. Berenson. Georgetown University Press, 1998
Managed Care: Made in America
Arnold Birenbaum. Praeger, 1997
The Managed Casualty: The Japanese-American Family in World War II
Leonard Broom, John I. Kitsuse. University of California Press, 1956
Managed Money: The Experience of Sweden
Erik T. H. Kjellstrom. Columbia University Press, 1934
The Management 500: A High-Octane Formula for Business Success
Dan Coughlin. American Management Association, 2009
Management Accounting in the Digital Economy
Alnoor Bhimani. Oxford University Press, 2003
Management Analysis in Public Organizations: History, Concepts, and Techniques
Ray C. Oman, Stephen L. Damours, T. Arthur Smith, Andrew R. Uscher. Quorum Books, 1992
Management and Business in Britain and France: The Age of the Corporate Economy
Youssef Cassis, Francois Crouzet, Terry Gourvish. Clarendon Press, 1995
Management and Change in Africa: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Terence Jackson. Routledge, 2004
Management and Labor in Imperial Germany: Ruhr Industrialists as Employers, 1896-1914
Elaine Glovka Spencer. Rutgers University Press, 1984
Management and Leadership in Nursing and Health Care: An Experiential Approach
Elaine La Monica Rigolosi. Springer, 2005
Management and the Worker
F. J. Roethlisberger, William J. Dickson. Routledge, 2003
Management Auditing: A Questionnaire Approach
Robert J. Thierauf. AMACOM, 1980
Management Buy-Outs and Venture Capital: Into the Next Millenium
Mike Wright, Ken Robbie. Edward Elgar, 1999
Management by Motivation
Saul W. Gellerman. American Management Association, 1968
Management Consultancy in the 21st Century
Fiona Czerniawska. Macmillan, 1999
Management Consulting: A Complete Guide to the Industry
Sugata Biswas, Daryl Twitchell. Wiley, 2002 (2nd edition)
Management Development and Education in the Soviet Union
Barry M. Richman. Michigan State University Press, 1967
Management Gurus and Management Fashions: A Dramatistic Inquiry
Brad Jackson. Routledge, 2001
Management in Russian Industry and Agriculture
Gregory Bienstock, Solomon M. Schwarz, Aaron Yugow, Arthur Feiler, Jacob Marschak. Oxford University Press, 1944
Management in the Industrial World: An International Analysis
Frederick Harbison, Charles A. Myers. McGraw-Hill, 1959
Management in the Public Service: The Quest for Effective Performance
John D. Millett. McGraw-Hill, 1954
Management in Transitional Economies: From the Berlin Wall to the Great Wall of China
Malcolm Warner, Vincent Edwards, Gennadij Polonsky, Danijel Pucko, Ying Zhu. Routledge, 2004
Management Malpractice
Craig R. Hickman. Platinum Press, 2005
The Management of Anxiety
Diana Keable. Churchill Livingstone, 1997
The Management of Archives
T. R. Schellenberg. Columbia University Press, 1965
Management of Corporate Communication: From Interpersonal Contacts to External Affairs
Robert L. Heath. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994
The Management of Human Resources in the Asia Pacific Region: Convergence Reconsidered
Chris Rowley, John Benson. F. Cass, 2004
The Management of Ideas in the Creating Organization
John E. Tropman. Quorum Books, 1998
The Management of Intangibles: The Organisation's Most Valuable Assets
Ahmed Bounfour. Routledge, 2003
The Management of International Enterprises: A Socio-Political View
Monir H. Tayeb. Macmillan, 2000
Management of New Technologies for Global Competitiveness
Christian N. Madu. Quorum Books, 1993
The Management of Non-Governmental Development Organizations: An Introduction
David Lewis. Routledge, 2001
The Management of Obesity and Related Disorders
Peter G. Kopelman. Martin Dunitz, 2001
Management of Organizations in Africa: A Handbook and Reference
J. Muruku Waiguchu, Edward Tiagha, Muroki Mwaura. Quorum Books, 1999
The Management of Peace Processes
John Darby, Roger Mac Ginty. St. Martin's Press, 2000
The Management of People in Mergers and Acquisitions
Teresa A. Daniel, Gary S. Metcalf. Quorum Books, 2001
Management of Professionals
Richard L. Shell. Marcel Dekker, 2003 (2nd edition)
The Management of Special Needs in Ordinary Schools
Neville Jones, Tim Southgate. Routledge, 1990
The Management of the Doctor-Patient Relationship
Richard H. Blum. McGraw-Hill, 1960
Management of the Federal Debt
Charles Cortez Abbott. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., 1946
Management of the Industrial Firm in the USSR: A Study in Soviet Economic Planning
David Granick. Columbia University Press, 1954
The Management of the National Debt of the United Kingdom, 1900-1932
Jeremy Wormell. Routledge, 2000
The Management of Your Government
Harold D. Smith, Eric Johnston. Whittlesey House, 1945
Management Problems of Corporate Acquisitions
Myles L. Mace, George G. Montgomery Jr.. Harvard University, 1962
The Management Skills Builder: Self-Directed Learning Strategies for Career Development
Ralph S. Hambrick. Praeger Publishers, 1991
Management Skills for New Managers
Carol W. Ellis. American Management Association, 2005
Management Systems and Organizational Performance: The Quest for Excellence beyond ISO9000
Martin F. Stankard. Quorum Books, 2002
Management Theory: A Critical and Reflexive Reading
Nanette Monin. Routledge, 2004
Manager 3.0: A Millennial's Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management
Brad Karsh, Courtney Templin. American Management Association, 2013
The Manager as Change Leader
Ann Gilley. Praeger, 2005
The Manager as Mentor
Michael J. Marquardt, Peter Loan. Praeger, 2006
The Manager as Politician
Jerry W. Gilley. Praeger, 2006
Manager Empowerment in China: Political Implications of Rural Industrialization in the Reform Era
Ray Yep. Routledge, 2003
Managerial and Technical Motivation: Assessing Needs for Achievement, Power, and Affiliation
Michael J. Stahl. Praeger Publishers, 1986
Managerial Ethics: Moral Management of People and Processes
Marshall Schminke. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998
The Managerial Mystique: Restoring Leadership in Business
Abraham Zaleznik. Harper & Row, 1989
The Managerial Presidency
James P. Pfiffner. Texas A&M University, 1999 (2nd edition)
The Managerial Revolution in Higher Education
Francis E. Rourke, Glenn E. Brooks. Johns Hopkins Press, 1966
The Managerial School: Post-Welfarism and Social Justice in Education
Sharon Gewirtz. Routledge, 2002
Managerialism and Nursing: Beyond Oppression and Profession
Michael Traynor. Routledge, 1999
Managers and National Culture: A Global Perspective
Richard B. Peterson. Quorum Books, 1993
Managers as Employees: An International Comparison of the Changing Character of Managerial Employment
Myron J. Roomkin. Oxford University Press, 1989
A Manager's Guide to Coaching: Simple and Effective Ways to Get the Best out of Your Employees
Brian Emerson, Anne Loehr. AMACOM, 2008
The Manager's Guide to Competitive Intelligence
John J. McGonagle, Carolyn M. Vella. Praeger, 2003
The Manager's Guide to Competitive Marketing Strategies
Norton Paley. Thorogood, 2005 (3rd edition)
Manager's Guide to Contingency Planning for Disasters: Protecting Vital Facilities and Critical Operations
Kenneth N. Myers. Wiley, 1999 (2nd edition)
Manager's Guide to Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management
David M. Dozier, James E. Grunig, Larissa A. Grunig. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995
The Manager's Guide to Financial Statement Analysis
Stephen F. Jablonsky, Noah P. Barsky. Wiley, 2001
A Manager's Guide to Hiring the Best Person for Every Job
Deanne Rosenberg. Wiley, 2000
The Manager's Guide to HR: Hiring, Firing, Performance Evaluations, Documentation, Benefits, and Everything Else You Need to Know
Max Muller. AMACOM, 2009
The Manager's Guide to HR: Hiring, Firing, Performance Evaluations, Documentation, Benefits, and Everything Else You Need to Know
Max Muller. American Management Association, 2013 (2nd edition)
A Manager's Guide to Improving Workplace Performance
Roger Chevalier. AMACOM, 2007
The Manager's Guide to Maximizing Employee Potential: Quick and Easy Strategies to Develop Talent Every Day
William J. Rothwell. American Management Association, 2010
A Manager's Guide to PR Projects: A Practical Approach
Patricia J. Parsons. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003
The Manager's Guide to Rewards: What You Need to Know to Get the Best For--And From--Your Employees
Doug Jensen, Tom McMullen, Mel Stark. American Management Association, 2007
Managers in Distress: The St. Louis Stage, 1840-1844
William G. B. Carson. St. Louis Historical Documents Foundatio 1949, 1949
Managers Learning in Action
David Coghlan, Tony Dromgoole, Pat Joynt, Peter Sorensen. Routledge, 2004
Managers of Virtue: Public School Leadership in America, 1820-1980
David Tyack, Elisabeth Hansot. Basic Books, 1982
The Manager's Pocket Calculator: A Quick Guide to Essential Business Formulas and Ratios
Michael C. Thomsett. American Management Association, 2011
Managers, Part of the Problem? Changing How the Public Sector Works
Camaron J. Thomas. Quorum Books, 1999
Managing "Command and Control" in the Persian Gulf War
Mark D. Mandeles, Thomas C. Hone, Sanford S. Terry. Praeger Publishers, 1996
Managing Agrodiversity the Traditional Way: Lessons from West Africa in Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Related Natural Resources
Edwin A. Gyasi, Gordana Kranjac-Berisavljevic, Essie T. Blay, William Oduro. United Nations University Press, 2004
Managing AIDS in the Workplace
Sam B. Puckett, Alan R. Emery. Addison-Wesley, 1988
Managing American Wildlife: A History of the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Dian Olson Belanger. University of Massachusetts Press, 1988
Managing An Alliance: The Politics of U.S.-Japanese Relations
I. M. Destler, Priscilla Clapp Haruhiro Fukui. The Brookings Institution, 1976
Managing Archaeology
Malcolm A. Cooper, Antony Firth, John Carman, David Wheatley. Routledge, 1995
Managing Business Collections in Libraries
Carolyn A. Sheehy. Greenwood Press, 1997
Managing Business Complexity: Discovering Strategic Solutions with Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation
Michael J. North, Charles M. Macal. Oxford University Press, 2007