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The Retreat from Race: Asian-American Admissions and Racial Politics
Dana Y. Takagi. Rutgers University Press, 1992
Retreat from Truth
G. R. G. Mure. Blackwell, 1958
The Retreat to Commitment
William Warren Bartley. Knopf, 1962
Retreat to the Reich: The German Defeat in France, 1944
Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.. Praeger, 2000
Re-Treating Religion: Deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy
Alena Alexandrova, Ignaas Devisch, Laurens Ten Kate, Aukje Van Rooden. Fordham University Press, 2012
Retreating the Political
Simon Sparks, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jean-Luc Nancy. Routledge, 1997
Retributivism Has a Past: Has It a Future?
Michael Tonry. Oxford University Press, 2011
The Retrieval of a Legacy: Nineteenth-Century American Women Inventors
Denise E. Pilato. Praeger Publishers, 2000
Retrieving Political Emotion: Thumos, Aristotle, and Gender
Barbara Koziak. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000
Retrospace: Collected Essays on Chicano Literature, Theory, and History
Bruce-Novoa. Arte Publico Press, 1990
Retrospect and Prospect in the Psychological Study of Families
James P. McHale, Wendy S. Grolnick. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001
FREE! Retrospect of Western Travel - Vol. 1
Harriet Martineau. Saunders and Otley, 1838
Retrospect, An Unfinished Autobiography, 1848-1886
Arthur James Balfour. Houghton Mifflin Co., 1930
Retrospect: The Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. Viscount Simon
John Allsebrook Simon. Hutchinson, 1952
FREE! Retrospections of An Active Life
John Bigelow. The Baker & Taylor Co., 1909
A Retrospective Exhibition of Sculpture by Paul Manship, February 23-March 16, 1958
Paul Manship. Smithsonian Institution, 1958
The Return of Germany: A Tale of Two Countries
Norbert Muhlen. H. Regnery Co., 1953
FREE! The Return of Sherlock Holmes
A. Conan Doyle, Charles Raymond Macauley. A. Wessels Company, 1907
FREE! The Return of Tarzan
Edgar Rice Burroughs. Grosset & Dunlap, 1915
Return of the "L" Word: A Liberal Vision for the New Century
Douglas S. Massey. Princeton University Press, 2005
The Return of the Armadas: The Last Years of the Elizabethan War against Spain, 1595-1603
R. B. Wernham. Clarendon Press, 1994
Return of the Buffalo: The Story behind America's Indian Gaming Explosion
Ambrose I. Lane. Bergin & Garvey, 1995
Return of the Dragon: China's Wounded Nationalism
Maria Hsia Chang. Westview Press, 2001
The Return of the God of Wealth: The Transition to a Market Economy in Urban China
Charlotte Ikels. Stanford University Press, 1996
The Return of the Mentor: Strategies for Workplace Learning
Brian J. Caldwell, M. A. Carter. Falmer Press, 1993
FREE! The Return of the Middle Class
John Corbin. C Scribners sons, 1922
The Return of the Native
Thomas Hardy. Signet Classic, 1959
FREE! The Return of the Soldier
Rebecca West. The Century Co., 1918
Return to Armageddon: The United States and the Nuclear Arms Race, 1981-1999
Ronald E. Powaski. Oxford University Press, 2000
Return to Diversity: A Political History of East Central Europe since World War II
Joseph Rothschild, Nancy M. Wingfield. Oxford University Press, 2000
Return to Goli
Peter Abrahams. Faber and Faber, 1953
Return to Greatness: How America Lost Its Sense of Purpose and What It Needs to Do to Recover It
Alan Wolfe. Princeton University Press, 2005
Return to Laughter
Elenore Smith Bowen. Victor Gollancz, 1954
Return to Nature? An Ecological Counterhistory
Fred Dallmayr. University Press of Kentucky, 2011
Return to Power: A Report on the New Germany
Alistair Horne. F. A. Praeger, 1956
The Return to Reason
John Daniel Wild. H. Regnery Co., 1953
The Return to Scripture in Judaism and Christianity: Essays in Postcritical Scriptural Interpretation
Peter Ochs. Paulist Press, 1993
Return to the Center: Culture, Public Space, and City Building in a Global Era
Lawrence A. Herzog. University of Texas Press, 2006
Return to the Fountains: Some Classical Sources of American Criticism
John Paul Pritchard. Duke University Press, 1942
Return to the Nep: The False Promise of Leninism and the Failure of Perestroika
Oscar J. Bandelin. Praeger, 2002
Returning (To) Communities: Theory, Culture and Political Practice of the Communal
Stefan Herbrechter, Michael Higgins. Rodopi, 2006
Returning Cycles: Contexts for the Interpretation of Schubert's Impromptus and Last Sonatas
Charles Fisk. University of California Press, 2001
The Reunification of China: PRC-Taiwan Relations in Flux
Lai To Lee. Praeger, 1991
Reusing Online Resources: A Sustainable Approach to E-Learning
Allison Littlejohn. Kogan Page, 2003
The Rev. Dr. John Walker's Report on the Hebrides of 1764 and 1771
Margaret M. McKay. John Donald, 2004
Revaluation: Tradition & Development in English Poetry
F. R. Leavis. Chatto & Windus, 1936
Revealing Art
Matthew Kieran. Routledge, 2004
Revealing Masks: Exotic Influences and Ritualized Performance in Modernist Music Theater
W. Anthony Sheppard. University of California Press, 2001
Revealing Prophets: Prophecy in Eastern African History
David M. Anderson, Douglas H. Johnson. James Currey, 1995
Revealing the Corporation: Perspectives on Identity, Image, Reputation, Corporate Branding, and Corporate-Level Marketing: An Anthology
John M. T. Balmer, Stephen A. Greyser. Routledge, 2003
Revealing the Inner Worlds of Young Children: The MacArthur Story Stem Battery and Parent-Child Narratives
Robert N. Emde, Dennis P. Wolf, David Oppenheim. Oxford University Press, 2003
Revelation and the God of Israel
Norbert M. Samuelson. Cambridge University Press, 2002
Revelation and Violence: A Study in Contextualization
Walter Brueggemann. Marquette University Press, 1986
FREE! The Revelation of John: A Historical Interpretation
Shirley Jackson Case. University of Chicago Press, 1919
Revelation Restored: Divine Writ and Critical Responses
David Weiss Halivni. Westview Press, 1997
Revelation, Resistance, and Mormon Polygamy: The Introduction and Implementation of the Principle, 1830-1853
Merina Smith. Utah State University Press, 2013
Revelation: The Human Drama
Stan A. Lindsay. Lehigh University Press, 2001
Revelation: From Metaphor to Analogy
Richard Swinburne. Clarendon Press, 1992
A. J.P. Garrow. Routledge, 1997
The Revelations of St. Birgitta of Sweden - Vol. 2
St. Birgitta, Denis Searby. Oxford University Press, 2006
Revelations: American History, American Myths
Nathan Irvin Huggins, Brenda Smith Huggins. Oxford University Press, 1995
Revenge of the Aesthetic: The Place of Literature in Theory Today
Michael P. Clark. University of California Press, 2000
Revenge of the Forbidden City: The Suppression of the Falungong in China, 1999-2005
James W. Tong. Oxford University Press, 2009
The Revenge of the Past: Nationalism, Revolution, and the Collapse of the Soviet Union
Ronald Grigor Suny. Stanford University Press, 1993
The Revenger's Tragedy
Cyril Tourneur, Lawrence J. Ross. University of Nebraska Press, 1966
Revenue Sharing and the City
Walter W. Heller, Richard Ruggles, Lyle C. Fitch, Carl S. Shoup, Harvey E. Brazer, Harvey S. Perloff, Richard P. Nathan. Resources for the Future, 1968
Revenuers & Moonshiners: Enforcing Federal Liquor Law in the Mountain South, 1865-1900
Wilbur R. Miller. University of North Carolina Press, 1991
FREE! The Reverberator
Henry James. MacMillan, 1888
Reverence for Life: Albert Schweitzer's Great Contribution to Ethical Thought
Ara Paul Barsam. Oxford University Press, 2008
Reverence: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue
Paul Woodruff. Oxford University Press, 2002
Reverend Beecher and Mrs. Tilton: Sex and Class in Victorian America
Altina L. Waller. University of Massachusetts Press, 1982
A Reversal of Fortunes? Women, Work and Change in East Germany
Rachel Alsop. Berghahn Books, 2000
Reverse Discrimination
Barry R. Gross. Prometheus Books, 1977
Reversible Destiny: Mafia, Antimafia, and the Struggle for Palermo
Jane C. Schneider, Peter T. Schneider. University of California Press, 2003
Reversing Discrimination: The Case for Affirmative Action
Gerald Horne. International Publishers, 1992
Reversing the Tide: Priorities for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Central Asia
Joana Godinho, Adrian Renton, Viatcheslav Vinogradov, Thomas Novotny, Mary-Jane Rivers, George Gotsadze, Mario Bravo. World Bank, 2005
Review and Reflection: A Half Century of Labor Relations
Cyrus S. Ching. B.C. Forbes, 1953
FREE! A Review of Edwards's "Inquiry into the Freedom of the Will": Containing I. Statement of Edwards's System. II. The Legitimate Consequences of This System. III. An Examination of the Arguments against a Self-Determining Will
Henry Philip Tappan. J.S. Taylor, 1839
A Review of Food Marketing to Children and Adolescents: Follow-Up Report
Jon Leibowitz, J. Thomas Rosch, Edith Ramirez, Julie Brill, Maureen Ohlhausen. United States. Federal Trade Commission., 2012
Review of Gun Safety Technologies
Mark Greene. United States. Department of Justice. National Institute of Justice, 2004
Review of Sociology: Analysis of a Decade
Joseph B. Gittler. John Wiley & Sons, 1957
A Review of the Natural Resources of the African Continent
Unesco. UNESCO, 1963
A Review of the Principal Questions in Morals
Richard Price, D. Daiches Raphael. Clarendon Press, 1948
A Review of the Research Material on Teacher Recruitment and Retention
Cassandra Guarino, Lucrecia SantibaÑez, Glenn Daley, Dominic Brewer. Rand, 2004
A Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses: Stress - Vol. 4
Grant N. Marshall, Lois M. Davis, Cathy D. Sherbourne, David W. Foy, Lisa H. Jaycox, Leslie Morland. Rand, 2000
A Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses: Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents - Vol. 5
William S. Augerson. Rand, 2000
A Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses: Oil Well Fires - Vol. 6
Dalia M. Spektor. Rand, 1998
A Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses: Depleted Uranium - Vol. 7
Naomi H. Harley, Ernest C. Foulkes, Lee H. Hilborne, Arlene Hudson, C. Ross Anthony. Rand, 1998
A Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses: Pyridostigmine Bromide - Vol. 2
Beatrice Alexandra Golomb. Rand, 1998
A Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses: Pesticides - Vol. 8
Gary Cecchine, Beatrice A. Golomb, Lee H. Hilborne, Dalia M. Spektor, C. Ross Anthony. Rand, 1998
A Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses - Vol. 1
Lee H. Hilborne, Beatrice Alexandra Golomh. Rand, 1998
Reviewing Legal Education
P. B. H. Birks. Oxford University, 1994
Reviewing the Arts
Campbell B. Titchener. Erlbaum Associates, 1998 (2nd edition)
Re-Viewing the Cold War: Domestic Factors and Foreign Policy in the East-West Confrontation
Patrick M. Morgan, Keith L. Nelson. Praeger, 2000
Virginia Woolf. Hogarth Press, 1939
Revised Lives: Walt Whitman and Nineteenth-Century Authorship
William Pannapacker. Routledge, 2004
Revising Herself: The Story of Women's Identity from College to Midlife
Ruthellen Josselson. Oxford University Press, 1996
Revising Life: Sylvia Plath's Ariel Poems
Susan R. Van Dyne. University of North Carolina Press, 1993
The revision of the Stanford-Binet scale: An Analysis of the Standardization Data
Quinn McNemar. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1942
Revisionary Gleam: De Quincey, Coleridge, and the High Romantic Argument
Daniel Sanjiv Roberts. Liverpool University Press, 2000