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Strolling Players & Drama in the Provinces, 1660-1765
Unknown, 1939
John Ferguson. Catholic University of America Press, 1991
Strong Arts, Strong Schools: The Promising Potential and Shortsighted Disregard of the Arts in American Schooling
Charles Fowler. Oxford University Press, 1996
Strong Hermeneutics: Contingency and Moral Identity
Nicholas H. Smith. Routledge, 1997
Strong Institutions in Weak Polities: State Building in Republican China, 1927-1940
Julia C. Strauss. Clarendon Press, 1998
Strong Man of China: The Story of Chiang Kai-Shek
Robert Berkov. Houghton Mifflin, 1938
Strong Managers, Weak Owners: The Political Roots of American Corporate Finance
Mark J. Roe. Princeton University Press, 1994
Strong Medicine: The Ethical Rationing of Health Care
Paul T. Menzel. Oxford University Press, 1990
Stronger, Surer, Bolder: Social Change and International Development
Ruth Nita Barrow, Eudine Barriteau, Alan Cobley. University of the West Indies Press, 2001
Structural Adjustment and African Women Farmers
Christina H. Gladwin, Center for African Studies University of Florida. University of Florida Press, 1991
Structural Adjustment and Ethnicity in Nigeria
Eghosa E. Osaghae. Nordic African Institute, 1995
Structural Adjustment and the Environment
David Reed. Westview Press, 1992
Structural Adjustment and Women Informal Sector Traders in Harare, Zimbabwe
Rodrick Mupedziswa, Perpetua Gumbo. Nordic African Institute, 1998
Structural Anthropology
Claude Levi Strauss, Claire Jacobson, Brooke Grundfest Schoepf. Basic Books, 1963
Structural Anthropology
Claude Lévi-Strauss, Claire Jacobson, Brooke Grundfest Schoepf. Basic Books, 1963
Structural Aspects of Cell Physiology
Society for Experimental Biology. Academic Press, 1952
Structural Economics
Thijs Ten Raa. Routledge, 2004
Structural Equation Modeling with Lisrel, Prelis, and Simplis: Basic Concepts, Applications, and Programming
Barbara M. Byrne. L. Erlbaum Associates, 1998
Structural Flaws in the Middle East Peace Process: Historical Contexts
J. W. Wright. Palgrave, 2002
Structural Forms in the French Theater, 1500-1700
Darnell Roaten. University of Pennyslvania Press, 1960
Structural Geology for Petroleum Geologists
William L. Russell. McGraw-Hill, 1955
Structural Idealism: A Theory of Social and Historical Explanation
Douglas Mann. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2002
Structural Knowledge: Techniques for Representing, Conveying, and Acquiring Structural Knowledge
David H. Jonassen, Katherine Beissner, Michael Yacci. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1993
Structural Macroeconometrics
David N. Dejong, Chetan Dave. Princeton University Press, 2007
Structural Reforms without Prejudices
Tito Boeri, Micael Castanheira, Riccardo Faini, Vincenzo Castanheira. Oxford University Press, 2006
Structural Stability in An African Context
Robert Kappel, Andreas Mehler, Henning Melber, Anders Danielson. Nordic African Institute, 2003
Structuralism and Semiotics
Terence Hawkes. Routledge, 2003 (2nd edition)
John Parker. Open University Press, 2000
The Structure and Administration of Education in American Democracy
George D. Strayer. Educational Policies Commission., 1938
Structure and Change in Economic History
Douglass C. North. W. W. Norton, 1981
The Structure and Dynamics of U.S. Government Policymaking: The Case of Strategic Minerals
Ewan W. Anderson. Praeger Publishers, 1988
Structure and Function in Criminal Law
Paul H. Robinson. Clarendon Press, 1997
Structure and Function in Primitive Society, Essays and Addresses
A. R. Radcliffe-Brown. Cohen & West, 1952
The Structure and Function of Muscle
G. H. Bourne. Academic Press, 1960
Structure and Functions of Fantasy
Eric Klinger. Wiley-Interscience, 1971
The Structure and Government of the Carpenters' Union
Morris A. Horowitz. Wiley, 1962
Structure and Meaning in Tonal Music: Festschrift for Carl Schachter
L. Poundie Burstein, David Gagné. Pendragon Press, 2005
Structure and the Social Studies
William T. Lowe. Cornell University Press, 1969
The Structure of Allegory in the Faerie Queene
A. C. Hamilton. Clarendon Press, 1961
The Structure of American Federalism
M. J. C. Vile. Oxford University Press, 1961
The Structure of British Industry
Peter Johnson. Unwin Hyman, 1988 (2nd edition)
The Structure of Collective Bargaining: Problems and Perspectives
Arnold R. Weber. Free Press of Glencoe, 1961
The Structure of Conflict
Clyde H. Coombs, George S. Avrunin. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1988
The Structure of Criminal Procedure: Laws and Practice of France, the Soviet Union, China, and the United States
Barton L. Ingraham. Greenwood Press, 1987
The Structure of Cuban History: Meanings and Purpose of the Past
Louis A. Pérez Jr.. University of North Carolina Press, 2013
The Structure of Horace's Odes
N. E. Collinge. Oxford University Press, 1961
The Structure of Human Personality
H. J. Eysenck. Methuen, 1953
The Structure of Learning: From Sign Stimuli to Sign Language
R. Allen Gardner, Beatrix T. Gardner. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998
The Structure of Learning: From Sign Stimuli to Sign Language
R. Allen Gardner, Beatrix T. Gardner. L. Erlbaum Associates, 1998
The Structure of Liberty: Justice and the Rule of Law
Randy E. Barnett. Clarendon Press, 1998
The Structure of Long-Term Memory: A Connectivity Model of Semantic Processing
Wolfgang Klimesch. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994
The Structure of Metaphysics
Morris Lazerowitz, John Wisdom. Routledge and Paul, 1955
The Structure of Morale
J. T. MacCurdy. Cambridge University Press, 1943
The Structure of Personal Characteristics
David M. Romney, John M. Bynner. Praeger Publishers, 1992
The Structure of Police Organizations
Robert H. Langworthy. Praeger, 1986
The Structure of Portuguese Society: The Failure of Fascism
Diamantino P. Machado. Praeger Publishers, 1991
The Structure of Power in America: The Corporate Elite as a Ruling Class
Michael Schwartz. Holmes & Meier, 1987
The Structure of Psychological Common Sense
Jan Smedslund. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1997
The Structure of Slavery in Indian Ocean Africa and Asia
Gwyn Campbell. Frank Cass, 2004
The Structure of Social Theory
Anthony King. Routledge, 2004
The Structure of Soviet History: Essays and Documents
Ronald Grigor Suny. Oxford University Press, 2003
The Structure of Spanish History
Américo Castro, Edmund L. King. Princeton University Press, 1954
The Structure of Tone
Zhiming Bao. Oxford University Press, 1999
The Structure of Values and Norms
Sven Ove Hansson. Cambridge University Press, 2001
The Structure of Wages in Latin American Manufacturing Industries
Jorge Salazar-Carrillo, Juan J. Buttari, Francisco J. Ortega, Adalberto Rocha García. University Presses of Florida, 1982
The Structure of Wages: An International Comparison
Edward P. Lazear, Kathryn L. Shaw. University of Chicago Press, 2008
Structure, Process, and Party: Essays in American Political History
Peter H. Argersinger. M. E. Sharpe, 1992
Structured Writing II: Using Inspiration Software to Teach Essay Development
Kathleen McMurdo. International Society for Technology in Education, 2004
Structures and Beyond
Adriana Belletti. Oxford University Press, 2004
Structures of Agency: Essays
Michael E. Bratman. Oxford University Press, 2007
Structures of American Social History
Walter Nugent. Indiana University Press, 1981
Structures of Appearing: Allegory and the Work of Literature
Brenda Machosky. Fordham University Press, 2013
Structures of Control in Health Management
Rob Flynn. Routledge, 1992
Structures of Power: Essays on Twentieth-Century Spanish-American Fiction
Terry J. Peavler, Peter Standish. State University of New York Press, 1996
Structures of the Jazz Age: Mass Culture, Progressive Education, and Racial Discourse in American Modernism
Chip Rhodes. Verso, 1998
Structuring the State: The Formation of Italy and Germany and the Puzzle of Federalism
Daniel Ziblatt. Princeton University Press, 2006
Struggle and Purpose in Postwar Japanese Unionism
Michael H. Gibbs. Institute of East Asian Studies, 2000
Struggle and Survival on Wall Street: The Economics of Competition among Securities Firms
John O. Matthews. Oxford University Press, 1994
FREE! The Struggle between President Johnson and Congress over Reconstruction
Charles Ernest Chadsey. Columbia University Press, 1896
FREE! The Struggle for a Free Stage in London
Watson Nicholson. Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1906
The Struggle for Aboriginal Rights: A Documentary History
Bain Attwood, Andrew Markus. Allen & Unwin, 1999
Struggle for Africa
Vernon Bartlett. F. A. Praeger, 1953
The Struggle for Algeria
Joseph Kraft. Doubleday, 1961
The Struggle for American Independence - Vol. 1
Sydney George Fisher. Books for Libraries Press, 1971
Struggle for Asia
Francis Low. Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., 1955
Struggle for Asia
Francis Low. Praeger, 1955
The Struggle for Community
Allan David Heskin. Westview Press, 1991
The Struggle for Democracy in Chile
Paul W. Drake, Iván Jaksić. University of Nebraska Press, 1995 (Revised edition)
The Struggle for Democracy in Latin America
Charles O. Porter, Robert J. Alexander. Macmillan, 1961
The Struggle for Democratic Politics in the Dominican Republic
Jonathan Hartlyn. University of North Carolina Press, 1998
The Struggle for Dignity: Mining Communities and the 1926 Lock-Out
John McIlroy, Alan Campbell, Keith Gildart. University of Wales Press, 2004
The Struggle for Equal Adulthood: Gender, Race, Age, and the Fight for Citizenship in the Antebellum United States
Corinne T. Field. University of North Carolina Press, 2014
Struggle for Equal Opportunity: Dirt Farmers and the American Country Life Association
Orrin L. Keener. Vantage Press, 1962
The Struggle for Germany, 1914-1945
Lionel Kochan. University Press, 1963
The Struggle for Germany
Drew Middleton. Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1949
The Struggle for Human Rights in Latin America
Edward L. Cleary. Praeger Publishers, 1997
The Struggle for Indochina, 1940-1955
Ellen J. Hammer. Stanford University Press, 1966
The Struggle for Kashmir
Michael Brecher. Ryerson Press, 1953
The Struggle for Labour's Soul: Understanding Labour's Political Thought since 1945
Raymond Plant, Matt Beech, Kevin Hickson. Routledge, 2004
The Struggle for Life: A Psychological Perspective of Kidney Disease and Transplantation
Lyndsay S. Baines, Rahul M. Jindal. Praeger, 2003