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V.S. Naipaul and the West Indies
Dolly Zulakha Hassan. Peter Lang, 1989
V.V. Vereshchagin: Artist at War
Vahan D. Barooshian. University Press of Florida, 1993
FREE! Vacation Days in Greece
Rufus B. Richardson. C. Scribner's Sons, 1903
The Vaccination Controversy: The Rise, Reign, and Fall of Compulsory Vaccination for Smallpox
Stanley Williamson. University of Liverpool Press, 2007
The Vaccinators: Smallpox, Medical Knowledge, and the "Opening" of Japan
Ann Jannetta. Stanford University Press, 2007
The Vaccine Controversy: The History, Use, and Safety of Vaccinations
Kurt Link. Praeger, 2005
Vachel Lindsay; a Poet in America
Edgar Lee Masters. Biblo and Tannen, 1969
Vaclav Havel: A Political Tragedy in Six Acts
John Keane. Basic Books, 2000
Vacuum Manipulation of Volatile Compounds: A Laboratory Manual Describing the Application of High Vacuum Technique in Experimental Chemistry
Robert Thomas Sanderson. J. Wiley & Sons, 1948
Vagueness: A Reader
Rosanna Keefe, Peter Smith. M.I.T. Press, 1996
Timothy Williamson. Routledge, 1996
FREE! Vailima Letters - Vol. 2
Robert Louis Stevenson, Sidney Colvin. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1902
Vain Endeavor: Robert Lansing's Attempts to End the American-Japanese Rivalry
Burton F. Beers. Duke University Press, 1962
Vale & Other Poems
A. E.. Macmillan, 1931
Vale: & Other Poems
A. E.. Macmillan, 1931
Valentin Rasputin and Soviet Russian Village Prose
David C. Gillespie. Modern Humanities Research Association, 1986
Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica: Abbreviated Voyages in Silver Latin Epic
Debra Hershkowitz. Oxford University, 1998
Valerius Maximus & the Rhetoric of the New Nobility
W. Martin Bloomer. University of North Carolina Press, 1992
FREE! The Valet's Tragedy: And Other Studies
Andrew Lang. Longmans, Green, and Co., 1903
Valiant Pilgrim: The Story of John Bunyan and Puritan England
Vera Brittain. Macmillan, 1950
Validation in Language Assessment: Selected Papers from the 17th Language Testing Research Colloquium, Long Beach
Antony John Kunnan. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998
The Validation of a Biographical Inventory as a Predictor of College Success
Anne Anastasi, Martin J. Meade, Alexander A. Schneiders, Fordham University. Fordham University, 1960
The Validation of Scientific Theories
Philipp G. Frank. Beacon Press, 1956
Validity Generalization: A Critical Review
Kevin R. Murphy. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003
The Validity of International Gold Movement Statistics
Oskar Morgenstern. Princeton University, 1955
Valley Forge: Making and Remaking a National Symbol
Lorett Treese. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995
Valley Forge: A Play in Three Acts
Maxwell Anderson. Anderson House, 1934
FREE! The Valley of Decision: A Novel - Vol. 1
Edith Wharton. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1902
FREE! The Valley of Fear: A Sherlock Holmes Novel
Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur I. Keller. George H. Doran, 1914
Valley of Opportunity: Economic Culture along the Upper Susquehanna, 1700-1800
Peter C. Mancall. Cornell University Press, 1991
FREE! The Valley of the Moon
Jack London. Macmillan, 1913
The Valley: A Story from the Heart of the Land
Michael McKernan. Allen & Unwin, 2009
Valperga, Or, the Life and Adventures of Castruccio, Prince of Lucca
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Stuart Curran. Oxford University, 2000
The Valuation and Investment Merits of Diamonds
Sarkis J. Khoury. Quorum Books, 1990
The Valuation of Technology: Business and Financial Issues in RandD
F. Peter Boer. Wiley, 1999
Value Added Reporting and Research: State of the Art
Ahmed Riahi-Belkaoui. Quorum Books, 1999
Value Added Reporting: Lessons for the United States
Ahmed Riahi-Belkaoui. Quorum Books, 1992
FREE! The Value and Destiny of the Individual: The Gifford Lectures for 1912 Delivered in Edinburgh University
B. Bosanquet. Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1913
Value and Strategy: Competing Successfully in the Nineties
Michael H. Shenkman. Quorum Books, 1992
Value-- and What Follows
Joel J. Kupperman. Oxford University Press, 1999
Value Creation and Branding in Television's Digital Age
Timothy M. Todreas. Quorum Books, 1999
Value in Social Theory: A Selection of Essays on Methodology
Gunnar Myrdal, Paul Streeten. Harper, 1958
Value in Social Theory: A Selection of Essays on Methodology
Gunnar Myrdal, Paul Streeten. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1958
Value Judgement: Improving Our Ethical Beliefs
James Griffin. Clarendon Press, 1997
The Value of Culture: On the Relationship between Economics and Arts
Arjo Klamer. Amsterdam University Press, 1996
The Value of Human Life in Soviet Warfare
Amnon Sella. Routledge, 1992
The Value of Marx: Political Economy for Contemporary Capitalism
Alfredo Saad-Filho. Routledge, 2002
The Value of Money
B. M. Anderson Jr.. Macmillan, 1926
FREE! Value of the Classics
Andrew F. West. Princeton University Press, 1917
Value Presuppositions in Theories of Human Development
Leonard Cirillo, Seymour Wapner. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1986
Value Theory and Business Cycles
Harlan Mccracken Linneus . Falcon Press, 1933
Value, Reality, and Desire
Graham Oddie. Clarendon, 2005
Value, Respect, and Attachment
Joseph Raz. Cambridge University Press, 2001
Value-Added Assessment in Practice: Lessons from the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System Pilot Project
Daniel F. McCaffrey, Laura S. Hamilton. Rand, 2007
Value-Added Records Management: Protecting Corporate Assets and Reducing Business Risks
Karen L. Sampson. Quorum Books, 1992
The Value-Added Tax: Key to Deficit Reduction?
Charles E. McLure Jr., Mark A. Bloomfield. American Enterprise Institute, 1987
Value-Based Management with Corporate Social Responsibility
John D. Martin, J. William Petty, James S. Wallace. Oxford University Press, 2009 (2nd edition)
Value-Based Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Corporate Growth and Shareholder Value
Peter Doyle. Wiley, 2000
Value-Directed Management: Organizations, Customers, and Quality
Bernard Arogyaswamy, Ron P. Simmons. Quorum Books, 1993
Value-Free Science: Ideals and Illusion?
Harold Kincaid, John Dupré, Alison Wylie. Oxford University Press, 2007
Values and Development: Appraising Asian Experience
Harold Lasswell, Daniel Lerner, John D. Montgomery. The Mit Press, 1976
Values and Ethics in the Practice of Psychotherapy and Counselling
Fiona Palmer Barnes, Lesley Murdin. Open University Press, 2001
Values and Ideals of American Youth
Eli Ginzberg, John W. Gardner. Columbia University Press, 1961
Values and Intentions: A Study in Value-Theory and Philosophy of Mind
J. N. Findlay. George Allen & Unwin, 1961
Values and Knowledge
Edward S. Reed, Elliot Turiel, Terrance Brown. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1996
Values and Public Policy
Henry J. Aaron, Thomas E. Mann, Timothy Taylor. Brookings Institutuion, 1994
Values and Teaching: Working with Values in the Classroom
Louis E. Raths, Merrill Harmin, Sidney B. Simon. Charles E. Merrill, 1978 (2nd edition)
Values and Valuing: Speculations on the Ethical Life of Persons
Graham Nerlich. Clarendon Press, 1989
The Values Campaign? The Christian Right and the 2004 Elections
John C. Green, Mark J. Rozell, Clyde Wilcox. Georgetown University Press, 2006
Values in a Universe of Chance: Selected Writings of Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914)
Philip P. Wiener, Charles Sanders Peirce. Doubleday, 1958
Values in Education: We're All Citizens Now
Jim O'Brien, Christine Forde. Dunedin Academic Press, 2005
Values in English Language Teaching
Bill Johnston. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002
Values in Sex Education: From Principles to Practice
J. Mark Halstead, Michael J. Reiss. RoutledgeFalmer, 2003
Values in Translation: Human Rights and the Culture of the World Bank
Galit A. Sarfaty. Stanford University Press, 2012
The Values of Change in Social Work
Steven Shardlow. Tavistock/Routledge, 1989
The Values of Economics: An Aristotelian Perspective
Irene Van Staveren. Routledge, 2001
The Values of Psychotherapy
Jeremy Holmes, Richard Lindley. Karnac Books, 1998 (Revised edition)
The Values of Science: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1997
Wes Williams. Westview Press, 1999
The Values of Veblen: A Critical Appraisal
Bernard Rosenberg. Public Affairs Press, 1956
FREE! Values, Immediate and Contributory, and Their Interrelation
Maurice Picard. The New York University Press, 1920
Values, Lifestyles, and Psychographics
Lynn R. Kahle, Larry Chiagouris. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1997
Values, Nature, and Culture in the American Corporation
William C. Frederick. Oxford University Press, 1995
Valuing An Entrepreneurial Enterprise
David B. Audretsch, Albert N. Link. Oxford University Press, 2012
Valuing Environmental Preferences: Theory and Practice of the Contingent Valuation Method in the US, EU, and Developing Countries
Ian J. Bateman, Kenneth G. Willis. Oxford University Press, 1999
Valuing Freedoms: Sen's Capability Approach and Poverty Reduction
Sabina Alkire. Oxford University Press, 2002
Valuing Nature with Travel Cost Models: A Manual
Frank A. Ward, Diana Beal. Edward Elgar, 2000
Valuing Nature: The Decline and Preservation of Old-Growth Forests
Douglas E. Booth. Rowman & Littlefield, 1994
Valuing Nature? Ethics, Economics and the Environment
John Foster. Routledge, 1997
Valuing the Closely Held Firm
Michael S. Long, Thomas A. Bryant. Oxford University Press, 2008
Valuing the Environment: Economics for a Sustainable Future
David Glover. International Development Research Centre, 2010
The Vampire in Nineteenth-Century English Literature
Carole A. Senf. Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1988
The Vampire Lectures
Laurence A. Rickels. University of Minnesota Press, 1999
Vampires: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil
Peter Day. Rodopi, 2006
Temporarily FREE! The Vampyre, and Other Tales of the Macabre
Robert Morrison, Chris Baldick. Oxford University Press, 1997
FREE! Van Bibber and Others
Richard Harding Davis. Harper & Brothers, 1892
Van Gogh 100
Joseph D. Masheck. Greenwood Press, 1996
Van Gogh and Gauguin: Electric Arguments and Utopian Dreams
Bradley Collins. Westview Press, 2001
Van Gogh, Paintings and Drawings: A Special Loan Exhibition, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, 1949-1950
Metropolitan Museum Of Art (New York, N.Y.). Metropolitian Museum of Art, 1949
Van Gogh: The Taste of Our Time
Albert Skira, Charles Estienne, S. J. C. Harrison. Skira, 1953
Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait; Letters Revealing His Life as a Painter
W. H. Auden, Vincent van Gogh. New York Graphic Society, 1961