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War and Memory in the Twentieth Century
Martin Evans, Ken Lunn. Berg Publishers, 1997
War and Nationalism in China 1925-1945
Hans J. Van De Van. RoutledgeCurzon, 2003
War and Peace Aims of the United Nations
Louise W. Holborn. World Peace Foundation, 1943
War and Peace in Southern Africa: Crime, Drugs, Armies, and Trade
Robert I. Rotberg, Greg Mills. The Brookings Institution, 1998
War and Peace in Soviet Diplomacy
T. A. Taracouzio. The Macmillan Company, 1940
War and Peace in the Baltic, 1560-1790
Stewart P. Oakley. Routledge, 1992
War and Peace: Perspectives in the Nuclear Age
Ulrich Goebel, Otto Nelson. Texas Tech University Press, 1988
FREE! War and Peace: The Evils of the First and a Plan for Preserving the Last
William Jay. Oxford University Press, 1919
War and Peace
Leo Tolstoy, Louise Maude, Aylmer Maude, Henry Gifford. Oxford University Press, 1998
War and Politics in Cambodia: A Communications Analysis
Sheldon W. Simon. Duke University Press, 1974
FREE! The War and Preaching
John Kelman. Yale University Press, 1919
War and Punishment: The Causes of War Termination and the First World War
H. E. Goemans. Princeton University Press, 2000
War and Self-Defense
David Rodin. Clarendon Press, 2002
War and Society in Early-Modern Europe: 1495-1715
Frank Tallett. Routledge, 1997
War and Society in Imperial Rome, 31 BC-AD 284
Brian Campbell. Routledge, 2002
War and Society in the Greek World
John Rich, Graham Shipley. Routledge, 1995
War and Society in the Roman World
John Rich, Graham Shipley. Routledge, 1993
War and Society in the Seventeenth Century
George Clark. University Press, 1958
War and State Building in Medieval Japan
John A. Ferejohn, Frances Mccall Rosenbluth. Stanford University Press, 2010
War and the Christian Conscience: How Shall Modern War Be Conducted Justly?
Paul Ramsey. Duke University Press, 1961
War and the City
G. J. Ashworth. Routledge, 1991
FREE! The War and the Coming Peace: The Moral Issue
Morris Jastrow. J.B. Lippincott Company, 1918
War and the Environment: Military Destruction in the Modern Age
Charles E. Closmann. Texas A&M University Press, 2009
The War and the Future: An Address by Thomas Mann
Thomas Mann. The Library of Congress, 1944
War and the Future: Italy, France and Britain at War
H. G. Wells. Cassell, 1917
War and the Illiberal Conscience
Christopher Coker. Westview Press, 1998
War and the Minds of Men
Frederick S. Dunn. Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1950
The War and the Russian Government
Pavel P. Gronsky. Yale University Press, 1929
War and the State in Early Modern Europe: Spain, the Dutch Republic, and Sweden as Fiscal-Military States, 1500-1660
Jan Glete. Routledge, 2002
War at a Distance: Romanticism and the Making of Modern Wartime
Mary A. Favret. Princeton University Press, 2010
War at Every Door: Partisan Politics and Guerrilla Violence in East Tennessee, 1860-1869
Noel C. Fisher. University of North Carolina Press, 1997
War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Tibet
Eric S. Margolis. Routledge, 2000
War before Civilization
Lawrence H. Keeley. Oxford University Press, 1997
The War between Mentalism and Behaviorism: On the Accessibility of Mental Processes
William R. Uttal. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000
War Bird: The Life and Times of Elliott White Springs
Burke Davis. University of North Carolina Press, 1987
FREE! War Book of the University of Wisconsin: Papers on the Causes and Issues of the War by Members of the Faculty
University of Wisconsin, Willard G. Bleyer. University of Wisconsin, 1918
FREE! War Borrowing: A Study of Treasury Certificates of Indebtedness of the United States
Jacob H. Hollander. Macmillan Company, 1919
War by Other Means: Building Complete and Balanced Capabilities for Counterinsurgency
David C. Gompert, John Gordon IV. Rand, 2008
War Ceremony and Peace Ceremony of the Osage Indians
Francis La Flesche. U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1939
The War Come Home: Disabled Veterans in Britain and Germany, 1914-1939
Deborah Cohen. University of California Press, 2001
War Comes Again: Comparative Vistas on the Civil War and World War II
Gabor Boritt, Stephen E. Ambrose, Michael C. C. Adams, Ira Berlin, Robert V. Bruce, D'Ann Campbell, Richard Jensen, Don E. Fehrenbacher, Howard Jones, Gerald F. Linderman, Peter Maslowski, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Russell F. Weigley. Oxford University Press, 1995
War Comes to Quaker Pennsylvania, 1682-1756
Robert L. D. Davidson. Columbia University Press, 1957
FREE! War Costs and Their Financing: A Study of the Financing of the War and the after-War Problems of Debt and Taxation
Ernest Ludlow Bogart. D. Appleton & Company, 1921
War Crimes Law Comes of Age: Essays
Theodor Meron. Oxford University Press, 1998
War Crimes: Confronting Atrocity in the Modern World
David Chuter. Lynne Rienner, 2003
War Debts and World Prosperity
Harold G. Moulton, Leo Pasvolsky. The Brookings Institution, 1932
The War Decade: An Anthology of the 1940s
Andrew Sinclair. Hamilton, 1989
War Elephants
John M. Kistler. Praeger, 2006
War Epidemics: An Historical Geography of Infectious Diseases in Military Conflict and Civil Strife, 1850-2000
M. R. Smallman-Raynor, A. D. Cliff. Oxford University Press, 2004
War Experiences in Rural Germany, 1914-1923
Benjamin Ziemann, Alex Skinner. Berg, 2007
War Finances in the Netherlands up to 1918
M. J. Van Der Flier. The Clarendon Press, 1923
The War for America: 1775-1783
Piers Mackesy. University of Nebraska Press, 1993
The War for Independence and the Transformation of American Society
Harry M. Ward. UCL Press, 1999
War for Profit: Army Contracting vs. Supporting the Troops
Charles M. Smith. Algora, 2012
The War for South Viet Nam, 1954-1975
Anthony James Joes. Praeger, 2001 (Revised edition)
The War for South Viet Nam, 1954-1975
Anthony James Joes. Praeger, 1990
War for the Every Day: Generals, Knowledge, and Warfare in Early Modern Europe, 1680-1740
Erik A. Lund. Greenwood Press, 1999
The War for the German Mind: Re-Educating Hitler's Soldiers
Arthur L. Smith Jr.. Berghahn Books, 1996
The War for the Heart & Soul of a Highland Maya Town
Robert S. Carlsen, Martín Prechtel. University of Texas Press, 1997
The War for the Public Mind: Political Censorship in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Robert Justin Goldstein. Praeger, 2000
The War for the Public Mind: Political Censorship in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Robert Justin Goldstein. Praeger Publishers, 2000
The War Governors in the American Revolution
Margaret Burnham Macmillan. Columbia University Press, 1943
War Heroes: True Stories of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients
Kent DeLong. Praeger Publishers, 1993
War in European History
Michael Howard. Oxford University Press, 2001
War in Heaven
Charles Williams . Pellegrini & Cudahy, 1949
War in Human Civilization
Azar. Gat. Oxford University Press, 2006
War in Palestine, 1948: Strategy and Diplomacy
David Tal. Frank Cass, 2003
War in Social Thought: Hobbes to the Present
Hans Joas, Wolfgang Knöbl, Alex Skinner. Princeton University Press, 2013
War in the Age of Enlightenment, 1700-1789
Armstrong Starkey. Praeger, 2003
FREE! The War in the Air: And Particularly How Mr. Bert Smallways Fared While It Lasted
H. G. Wells. Macmillan, 1922
War in the Early Modern World
Jeremy Black. Westview Press, 1999
War in the Hebrew Bible: A Study in the Ethics of Violence
Susan Niditch. Oxford University Press, 1995
The War in the Pacific: From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay
Harry A. Gailey. Presidio Press, 1995
War in the Twentieth Century
Willard Waller. Dryden Press, 1940
War in Worcester: Youth and the Apartheid State
Pamela Reynolds. Fordham University Press, 2013
War Land on the Eastern Front: Culture, National Identity and German Occupation in World War I
Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius. Cambridge University Press, 2004
War Letters, 1862-1865, of John Chipman Gray ... and John Codman Ropes ... with Portraits
John Chipman Gray, John Codman Ropes. Houghton Mifflin, 1927
War like a Wasp: The Lost Decade of the 'Forties
Andrew Sinclair. Hamish Hamilton, 1989
War Makes Men of Boys: A Soldier's World War II
Katherine I. Miller. Texas A&M University Press, 2013
The War of 1812: The War That Both Sides Won
Wesley B. Turner. Dundurn, 2000 (2nd edition)
The War of 1812: Past Justifications and Present Interpretations
George Rogers Taylor. D. C. Heath, 1963
The War of 1812: America at War
Miriam Greenblatt. Facts on File, 1994
The War of 1812
David S. Heidler, Jeanne T. Heidler. Greenwood Press, 2002
The War of 1812
Francis F. Beirne. E.P. Dutton, 1949
The War of 1898: The United States and Cuba in History and Historiography
Louis A. Pérez Jr.. University of North Carolina Press, 1998
War of Another Kind: A Southern Community in the Great Rebellion
Wayne K. Durrill. Oxford US, 1994
A War of Individuals: Bloomsbury Attitudes to the Great War
Jonathan Atkin. Manchester University Press, 2002
War of Numbers: An Intelligence Memoir
Sam Adams. Steerforth Press, 1994
The War of Our Childhood: Memories of World War II
Wolfgang W. E. Samuel. University Press of Mississippi, 2002
The War of Saint-Sardos (1323-1325): Gascon Correspondence, and Diplomatic Documents
Pierre Chaplais. Offices of the Royal Historical Society, 1954
FREE! War of the Classes
Jack London. Regent Press, 1905
The War of the Dispossessed: Honduras and El Salvador, 1969
Thomas P. Anderson. University of Nebraska Press, 1981
The War of the Doomed: Jewish Armed Resistance in Poland, 1942-1944
Shmuel Krakowski, Orah Blaustein. Holmes & Meier, 1984
The War of the Sexes: How Conflict and Cooperation Have Shaped Men and Women from Prehistory to the Present
Paul Seabright. Princeton University Press, 2012
The War of the Soups and the Sparks: The Discovery of Neurotransmitters and the Dispute over How Nerves Communicate
Elliot S. Valenstein. Columbia University Press, 2005
The War of the Unstamped: The Movement to Repeal the British Newspaper Tax, 1830-1836
Joel H. Wiener. Cornell University Press, 1969
War of the Worlds: Cyberspace and the High-Tech Assault on Reality
Mark Slouka. Basic Books, 1995
The War of the Worlds
H. G. Wells. Signet Classic, 1986
War of Visions: Conflict of Identities in the Sudan
Francis M. Deng. Brookings Institutuion, 1995
A War of Words in the Discourse of Trade: The Rhetorical Constitution of Metaphor
Philip Eubanks. Southern Illinois University Press, 2000