Mary Robinson (President of Ireland)

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Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland, on Human Rights
International Journal of Humanities and Peace, Vol. 19, No. 1, Annual 2003
An Interview with Ireland's Mary Robinson
MacEoin, Gary.
Commonweal, Vol. 124, No. 5, March 14, 1997
Renewing the Commitment to the Rule of Law and Human Rights in the United States
Robinson, Mary.
Global Governance, Vol. 11, No. 1, January-March 2005
The Symbolic Power of Ireland's President Robinson
Bresnihan, Valerie.
Presidential Studies Quarterly, Vol. 29, No. 2, June 1999
An Irish Success Ready for Export
Ryan, Conor.
New Statesman (1996), Vol. 125, No. 4299, September 6, 1996
Women and the Irish Diaspora
Breda Gray.
Routledge, 2004
Librarian’s tip: "Mary Robinson and the Irish Diaspora" begins on p. 32, and "Icons of Irish Femininity - Negotiating Contradictory Legacies" begins on p. 54
Ireland: Historical Echoes, Contemporary Politics
Richard B. Finnegan; Edward T. McCarron.
Westview Press, 2000
Librarian’s tip: Discussion of Mary Robinson begins on p. 188
For Our Daughters: How Outstanding Women Worldwide Have Balanced Home and Career
Olivia Cox-Fill.
Praeger, 1996
Librarian’s tip: Discussion of Mary Robinon begins on p. 234
Ireland of Dreams
Walsh, Maurice.
New Statesman (1996), Vol. 126, No. 4357, October 24, 1997
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