Military Tribunals

Selected full-text books and articles on this topic

The Military Commissions Act of 2006: An Analysis of the Treatment of Hearsay Evidence and Witness Confrontation
Kurland, Abigail S.
International Journal of Punishment and Sentencing, Vol. 3, No. 2, July 2007
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Terrorists: An In-Depth Analysis of the Government's Right to Classify United States Citizens Suspected of Terrorism as Enemy Combatants and Try Those Enemy Combatants by Military Commission
Schaffer, Amanda.
Fordham Urban Law Journal, Vol. 30, No. 4, May 2003
Questioning the Jurisdictional Moorings of the Military Commissions Act
Corn, Geoffrey S.
Texas International Law Journal, Vol. 43, No. 1, Fall 2007
What to Do with Bin Laden and Al Qaeda Terrorists? A Qualified Defense of Military Commissions and United States Policy on Detainees at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
Anderson, Kenneth.
Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Vol. 25, No. 2, Spring 2002
Extending Hamdan V. Rumsfeld to Combatant Status Review Tribunals
Christensen, Brian M.
Brigham Young University Law Review, Vol. 2007, No. 5, September 1, 2007
Queries from Quirin: Guantanamo Tribunals and the Separation of Powers Doctrine
Korpi, Tanja.
The William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal, Vol. 14, No. 4, April 2006
Scope of Presidential Power: Military Commissions - America's Domestic War Crimes Court
Hemingway, Thomas.
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting-American Society of International Law, Vol. 100, Annual 2006
When Justice Goes to War: Prosecuting Terrorists before Military Commissions
Orentlicher, Diane F.; Goldman, Robert Kogod.
Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Vol. 25, No. 2, Spring 2002
Terrorism on Trial: The President's Constitutional Authority to Order the Prosecution of Suspected Terrorists by Military Commission
Evans, Christopher M.
Duke Law Journal, Vol. 51, No. 6, April 2002
Military Tribunals and Legal Culture: What a Difference Sixty Years Makes
Goldsmith, Jack L.; Sunstein, Cass R.
Constitutional Commentary, Vol. 19, No. 1, Spring 2002
The Military Commissions Act, Coerced Confessions, and the Role of the Courts
Margulies, Peter.
Criminal Justice Ethics, Vol. 25, No. 2, Summer-Fall 2006
Doing Justice during Wartime: Why Military Tribunals Make Sense
Sofaer, Abraham D.; Williams, Paul R.
Policy Review, February 2002
Enemy Aliens
Cole, David.
Stanford Law Review, Vol. 54, No. 5, May 2002
Precedents for Military Tribunals Date to 1846
Steers, Edward, Jr.
The Washington Times (Washington, DC), December 29, 2001
Waging War, Deciding Guilt: Trying the Military Tribunals
Katyal, Neal Kumar; Tribe, Laurence.
The Yale Law Journal, Vol. 111, No. 6, April 2002
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