Message from ACUPP-APUCU

Article excerpt

The Association of Canadian University Planning Programs / Association des programmes universitaires canadiens en urbanisme is very pleased to have been one of the 'midwives' for the launch of this scholarly publication on planning in Canada. This grand event follows many years of debate about the appropriate balance to strike in Plan Canada between academic and professional articles. Through the foresight of CIP President David Palubeski conditions were opened for resolution of this debate, and the solution at which we have now arrived provides for two distinct publications, each of which plays a particular role in providing information and fostering debate about planning among professionals, academics and the broader community.

In working toward this solution, ACUPP asked Jill Grant, Andrejs Skaburskis and Ian Skelton to survey the academic community in Canada, investigate publications options, and recommend an approach that would enjoy broad support. Their report contributed to the establishment of a partnership between CIP, the Canadian Journal of Urban Research and ACUPP which we hope will continue for many years to come. …