Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi. Vounous, C.F.A. Schaeffer's Excavations in 1933: Tombs 49-79

Article excerpt

ANNE-ELIZABETH DUNN-VATURI. Vounous, C.F.A. Schaeffer's excavations in 1933: Tombs 49-79 (Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology Vol. 130). xx+319 pages, 33 figures, 113 plates, 2 colour photographs, tables. 2003. Jonsered: Paul Astrom; 91-7081-191-1 paperback.

KJELL MALMGREN with PAVINE H. MERRILLEES. Klaudhia-Tremithos: a Middle and Late Cypriote Bronze Age site (Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology & Literature Pocket-Book 159). 205 pages, 7 figures, tables, 46 plates. 2003. Jonsered: Paul Astrom; 91-7081-109-1 paperback.

ARNE FURUMARK & CHARLES M. ADELMAN with PAUL ASTROM, NILS-GUSTAF GEJWALL & HANS HEMMING VON DER OSTEN. Swedish excavations at Sinda, Cyprus: excavations conducted by Arne Furumark 1947-1948 (Skrifter Utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Athen 4[degrees] 50). 244 pages, 103 figures & plates, 24 tables. 2003. Stockholm: Swedish Institute in Athens; 91-7916-046-8 (ISSN 0586-0539).

The big Bronze Age cemetery at Vounous has drawn scholars' attention for years. Vounous concisely accounts for and describes the rock-cut tombs and the finds, including large and diverse pottery assemblages. …