NZIIA Publications

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Occasional Paper Series

No. 1   1987 Mary Boyd, New Zealand and Decolonisation, 34pp
No. 2   1987 Alan Clark, The Politics at Electoral Duality, 54pp
No. 3   1988 Barrie Macdonald, In Pursuit of the Sacred Trust: Nauru,
No. 4   1988 Peter Jennings, The Armed Forces of New Zealand and the
        Anzus Split, 107pp
No. 5   1988 Rita Ricketts fed), CER and Beyond, 37pp
No. 6   1990 Rita Ricketts (ed), The New Europe, 90pp
No. 7   1993 Steve Hoadley, New Zealand and Taiwan, 66pp


1987   John Henderson et al, New Zealand Foreign Policy 1945-85: A
       Bibliography, 83pp
1988   Bruce Bennett, New Zealand's Moral Foreign Policy, 134pp
1988   Brij Lal, Power and Prejudice, The Making of the Fiji Crisis,
1988   Malcolm Templeton, Top Hals Are Not Being Taken: A Short
       History of the N7 Legation in Moscow 1944-1950, 108pp
1989   Mark Pearson, Pope1 Tiger, Now Zealand's Part in SEATO 1954-1977
1991   Sir Ahster McIntosh et al, New Zealand in World Alfalfa, Volume
       1, 1945 57, 204pp (reprinted)
1991   Malcolm McKinnon (ed), New Zealand in world Affairs, Volume
       2, 19,57-72, 261 pp
1992   Steve Hoadley, The New Zealand Foreign Affairs Handbook,
       Second Edition, 178pp
1992   Steve Hoadley, The South Pacific Foreign Affairs Handbook,
1994   Malcolm Templeton, lies of Bleed and Empire: New Zealand
       Involvement in Middle East Defence and the Suez Crisis 1947-57,
1995   Steve Hoadley, New Zealand and Australia, Negotiating Closer
       Economic Relations, 134pp
1997   Steve Handle',/, The US-New Zealand Kiwifruit Dispute, 63pp
1999   Stuart McMillan, Bala Ramswamy, and Sir Frank Holmes, APFC in
       Focus: Views from New Zealand and Malaysia, 76pp
1999   Gary Hawke fed), Flee bade in the New Millennium, 86pp
1999   Peter Harris and Bryce Harland, China and America: the Worst
       of Friends, 48pp
2000   Bruce Brown (cd) New Zealand in World Affairs, Volume 3:
       1972-1990, 308pp
2000   Bruce Brown fed), East Timor: The Consequences, 105pp
2000   Stephne Hoadley, New Zealand United States Relations, Friends
       No Longer Allies
2001   Wellington Branch Study Group, Solomon Islands--Report of a
       Study Group

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